A Poem by Gary McDonald

Inspired by the Rob Thomas song 'Her Diamonds' about his wife's illness.

That which never ends only serves her pain
vented through these diamonds on my floor
a mirror for my soul to share the same
crumble my knees I just can't take no more.

The curve of her back, a weight upon my heart
pulling me down beside her quilted breath
to taste her diamonds of a strangled art
as I stare so helpless at her latent death.

I clasp her hand so tight tonight
to be for her the rock she needs
as thoughts of what this lost fight
will leave inside for me to bleed.

We're saved, for now as daylight breaks
no more diamonds falling on my floor
as mellow colour holds her face
and we can smile again, just once more.

© 2010 Gary McDonald

Author's Note

Gary McDonald
Thanks Lynne for giving me the idea.

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very nice flow...the rhyme in S4 L1/3 is a little bit of a stretch for me...I like the breaks...the flow

Peace, R

Posted 13 Years Ago

Well a brilliant piece of work, to describe your love as a treasure is really romantic and it makes the piece shine.

Posted 13 Years Ago

heart-wrenching. brilliant work(:

Posted 13 Years Ago

Your word usage/flow is beautiful, other than that, I sit in awe.

Posted 13 Years Ago

Beautiful, tragic .. poetry for the heart and all it means.

'and we can smile again, just once more.; - felt that, your poem's reminded me and made me feel again.

Posted 13 Years Ago

A beautiful poem as all men wish to be the rock all others break upon and the port within the storm it is very well crafted I am partial to the rhyme scheme of it and use a similar one of my own

Posted 13 Years Ago

it touched me to the core of my heart though i have never heard the song,,,so full of longing,,,a tender plea,agony,passion and craving,,,seeing her wasting away,,,its all tears,,,diamond tears,,,

Posted 13 Years Ago

You've created a world for us, filled with a love that is deep and lasting.. clinging fiercely for hope. What beautiful language... what meaningful words.. Such an amazing, lyric piece that inspires the heart to find this kind of love.

Posted 13 Years Ago

I immediately thought of the song that inspired this upon reading the title.
That aside, the content of your poem is brilliant. The flow and feeling is great!
Enjoyed reading your work.

Posted 13 Years Ago

Oh My young Poet Brit..
You did wonderful.. Simply wonderful. Very nice flow, meaning is such a heartfelt one.
I am really liking this and am very proud of what you did with just a wee hint.
(Plus you love the song, dont you?)

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on January 15, 2010
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Gary McDonald
Gary McDonald

Crawley, West-Sussex, United Kingdom

Do not love for the love of another, nor seek the sights already sought, live for the lives of the many, and your days will in time be taught. Gary I'll be swinging in from time to time, but.. more..


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