69 in the nurses office

69 in the nurses office

A Chapter by Andre Lamy

Justin finds out Toby likes him and wants to show him exactly how much.


The class bell rang and Justin was jerked awake from an excellent dream in which Toby the grade twelves blond haired blue eyed hunk had been f*****g him hard with his c**k. Justin started to gather his books and then became aware of some one standing beside his desk and looking down at him. He looked sideways and saw non other then Toby the hunk himself. Justin jumped excitedly, he looked up into what Justin was sure the face of an angel. He stared at Toby for a few seconds until he noticed he was holding Justin's history book.

“Is this yours?” Toby smiled an angelic smile and Justin stopped and stared at him for a few more seconds. Since Toby didn't even seem to notice Justin existed never mind come up to him and speak to him, this was a moment that had to be savored.

“Uh, yea thanks” Justin finally stammered grinning sheepishly and took the textbook out of Toby's hand

“Welcome” Toby said and nodded as he continued packing up his own things rite behind Justin

how had he missed that when the class started, Justin wondered as he stood up. He looked around the class room, every one was getting their things together as well. The teacher Mr. Blackwell was standing over his desk. As Justin finished packing up Mr. Blackwell looked up

“Remember that report is due next Monday” he said

Justin stopped and looked around at his class mates and then at the black bored. There was nothing there about any report. He then looked around the desk to see if any handouts had fallen to the ground: he found none.

“Uh Mr. Blackwell what report are you talking about?” Justin looked up only to see Mr. Blackwell had gone.

The only other person left in the room was Toby and Justin was to shy to ask him, Toby was the kind of popular boy in school that you didn't just go up and ask him for the assignment. He would have to go to the teachers lounge and ask Mr. Blackwell there.

As he was walking towards the door he felt a hand on his shoulder, after the shock of having the cutest boy touch him Justin turned around to face Toby.

“Here is the assignment he was talking about.” Toby handed Justin a red handout.

“describe and discus the religious rituals of the Inuit.” Justin read aloud then realized Toby was still standing there and looked up “oh thanks, um when did we start the chapter on the Inuit?”

Toby laughed “Today, while you were sleeping” his eyes were playful and Justin dared to hope even flirty.

“Oh, yea well Mr. Blackwell doesn’t exactly bring history alive for me” Justin started to leaf through the textbook

“Chapter five page one hundred and eighty six. Yea he's boring as hell but I've always loved history” Toby said smiling

“Thanks” Justin said grinning sheepishly again and marking the page he said “that's cool I’m more into... other things. Did you want this back?”

“Your welcome” Toby said “ that's mysterious sounding and no you can keep it. I already wrote down all the info in my notebook.”

There was a clatter from the hallway and a large boy named Tim appeared in the doorway and scoffed

“What are you doing with this little grade Ten F****t dude?” Tim asked Toby who abruptly moved back.

“Nothing just about to leave” Toby's smiled had disappeared fast and he was now looking at Justin as if he was scum on his shoe.

“Move f*g your in his way” Tim said

“Yea...move you little f****t” Toby's expression had gone from flirty to disgusted
Justin turned around and made for the door that Tim was blocking “move fucktard I’m late for gym.”

“Ooh, he thinks he's all tough. As if a little p***y like you could beat me up” Tim jeered

“Just let the little f*g go, we can get him some other time we’re late for soccer practice” Toby said this time his voice sounded annoyed.

Tim moved but stuck out his foot and Justin fell face first into the hallway where his stuff went flying everywhere. Tim laughed and stepped over him then ran down the deserted hallway calling back as he ran “Meet you in the change room dude.” then turned the corner.

Justin, tears starting to well in his eyes over the hurt he felt, used his hands to prop himself up so he was kneeling.

“Ouch, s**t!” a pain went through his knee.

“Here let me help you” Toby was at Justin's side bending down a hand under his arm.

“F**k off!” Justin pushed him away and tried to stand up but he couldn’t put weight on his knee

“Look I’m sorry, if i hadn't played along he wouldn't have left you alone” Toby said his voice sounded sincere and his eyes looked it to. But Justin wasn’t to be fooled by a good actor, the disgust in his voice and face had seemed very real. He brushed the tears away so Toby didn't see them.

“Yea rite like I’m gonna believe that” he tried to get up again, this time he succeeded but only until he put weight on his right knee. he almost went down and would have if Toby hadn't held him up with a hand under his arm. Justin pushed him away again then used the wall to keep him self up.

“If you are telling the truth which I highly doubt. Why didn't you use a different word?” Justin asked

Toby looked down ashamed “I know, I’m sorry. He wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't used....that....word”

“Why, you have never even noticed me before I’ve always been way below your radar. Eve when he specifically stops your little group in the hallway to make fun of me. You always busy yourself in your little s**t of of a girlfriend Stacy.”

Justin was breathing heavy and glaring at Toby who was slightly aghast at his outburst but mostly he looked sorry.

“You're right. I’m really sorry. I shouldn’t have used those words and I shouldn’t have let him bully you all these years” Toby looked at Justin and in his eyes Justin could see genuine remorse and the same kind of goofy expression he himself used when he was secretly staring at Toby. “look let me help you to the nurses office and then if you still hate me I’ll leave you alone and you can completely ignore me the rest of your life”

Justin smiled despite himself and nodded.

“Ok, put your arm around my shoulders” he said

“Wait what about my stuff?” Justin asked

“S**t, I forgot. I’ll get it for you” he bent over and gathered Justin's things as he did Justin couldn't help but to look at his perfectly shaped a*s. When he was finished Toby straightened up he put Justin’s things in his own back pack. Then with a knowing smiled stood beside Justin and helped him put his arm around his shoulder.

They started to walk down the hallway, Justin was thoroughly enjoying being this close to Toby as he could feel his strong muscles and feel the heat coming off his body. They were half way to the nurses office when Justin realized he was starting to grow in his pants. He looked down hastily and sure enough there was a slight bump in his pants. With his free hand he tried to cover it but not look like he was covering it.

When they got to the nurses office it was empty, Toby helped him over to the examining room. Inside there were four beds all separated by a curtain.

“You know it just occurred to me that I have never been in the nurses office or the examining room. Our High School must have a lot of injuries to have this many beds.” Justin said

“Mostly they are used when there’s a bunch a kids sick with the flu.” Toby laughed and then helped Justin over to the bed closest to the door.

Just as Justin sat on the bed Toby tripped over the wheel and fell onto him pushing him back onto the bed. Justin gasped as Toby rubbed against his hard c**k and his injured knee. Toby stared at him shock in his eyes and a smile playing on his lips. He adjusted himself slightly and Justin felt something hard poking him in the leg.

“Excuse me boys do you need something?” a voice from the door jarred them and they quickly were apart both red in the face.

“I'll wait outside” Toby said and walked out. Both hands covering his crotch

The nurse, who's name was Mrs. Cobb stood in the door way trying to hide a smile “How can I help you Justin. Did that Tim hit you again?” she said walking over to him and turning his face this way and that. Justin regularly appeared in the Nurses examination room usually with injuries inflicted by Tim.

“No he tripped me and my knee must have gotten bruised when I fell. It hurts to put weight on it”

Mrs. Cobb looked at it frowning the whole time.

“Well you won't be able to do much physical activity for a few days, and I’d put some ice on it. You have gym now right?” Mrs, Cobb asked

“Yes” Justin said and hoped she would tell him he couldn’t go

“I'll wright Coach Stuart a note” she said “you stay here for the period and then go to the class you have after gym. I’ll get you an ice pack”

she walked out of the room and Toby walked in. “So?”

Justin who's boner was still at full mast smiled awkwardly “I get to miss gym”

“And that's a good thing?” Toby asked

“Very good, I hate gym” Justin said

“Really? I love it” Toby said as he took Justin's books out of his back pack and handed them to him.

“Well yea, Toby the famous soccer star would love a class where he is always the hero” Justin teased and placed the books over his boner.

“You make me sound conceited” Toby said as Mrs. Cobb came in with an icepack

“Keep this on your knee the whole period and it should be good enough to walk on when the bell goes. Do you have a class to go to Toby?” she said

“No, I have a spare. If it's ok I’m gonna hang out here with Justin.”

“That's fine” she tried to hide her smile as she walked out, closed and locked the door behind her.

Justin carefully lifted his left leg onto the bed and then tried the injured one and gasped. Toby put down his bag and helped slowly lift it onto the bed and then grabbed the ice pack and placed it on Justin's knee gently.

They looked at each other and didn't need words to figure out what they wanted to do. Toby moved the book that was placed over Justin's hardon and placed his hand on Justin's dick. Justin grabbed toby's shirt and pulled him closer. Their lips met and they kissed slowly at first but sped up as Toby caressed Justin's c**k. Justin opened his lips wider and Toby's tongue met his. Toby's other hand came up to rest against Justin's cheek and moved into his hair. Justin used his hands to explore under Toby's shirt. His chest was smooth and silky, his six pack and pecs felt magnificent and powerful.

Justin found Toby's n*****s and tweaked them until he was both moaning and they were hard. Toby pulled away and looked into Justin's eyes with want and need but also a sparkle. Breathing heavily Toby bent down and kissed Justin's neck while now slowly jacking off his c**k through his pants.

“Oh god yes” Justin said and moved his hand to Toby's tented crotch and started to copy him. “I've never done any...f**k yes...thing like this before.”

“Me either, oh god don't stop. here” he unzipped his pants and unbuttoned them and pushed them down underwear and all. His c**k stood up, it looked six inches long and about an inch around. It was cut and the pink head was leaking pre-cum. “At least I've never done anything like this...with a guy”

Justin was at a loss for words, Toby seemed to understand this and began kissing him again and guided his hand to his c**k. Justin started to jack it off at once, meanwhile Toby was undoing Justin's pants and pushing them down. Then suddenly he felt the cool air on his c**k and Toby's warm hand right after that.

“Oh god yes” Justin gasped. It was the greatest feeling ever. So much better then his own hand.

Toby pulled away and sniggered “you like that?”
“Yes!” Justin said and laid there as Toby jacked him off. He completely forgot about Toby's c**k.

Toby reminded him by walking to the head of the bed and lowered it so that Justin's head was right at the level of Toby's c**k. He looked up at Toby “I've never done that either”

“Its ok just take in as much as you can” Toby said

Justin wanted to take it all in and make him feel as good Toby had made him feel. So he did, he shoved Toby's dick in his mouth all the way down to his balls. He gagged and Toby quickly withdrew his c**k.

“Breath through your nose” Toby said “and go slower”

Justin tried again slower this time he also suppressed the gag reflex and breathed through his nose. Toby moaned and pulled out then grabbed the back of Justin's head and pushed him back down.

“Oh god your good at this Justin” Toby moaned and pulled his dick out of Justin's mouth. He bent down and kissed him then took off his shoes and shook his pants off. He then climbed onto the bed and positioned himself over Justin so that they could suck each others c**k.

Justin's view was blocked by Toby's balls which had fallen into his eyes. He knew what to do though once he felt Toby's dick at his mouth.

“Oh god yes” Toby said and then went down on Justin.

After a few seconds they had a rhythm going and then suddenly they both came. Justin slurped and swallowed Toby's big load as fast as he could. When Justin came it was the greatest orgasm he had ever had. Wave after wave of pleasure seeped through him and load after load of cum came out. During his moans he worried if this would freak Toby out and cause him to run away. Toby didn't though, if he in fact had never taken a load of cum he didn't show it. He swallowed all of Justin's load without pause and then slumped down on the bed breathing fast. Justin moved Toby's dick to the side of his face and let out a long contented sigh.

“That was awesome. I would never have guessed you had never done this before if you hadn't told me” Justin said

“Same with you” Toby said back

Toby got off the bed and then laid back down with his head the same end as Justin's.

“Well we have half an hour till the next class, what do you wanna do?” Toby asked

They both looked at each other and then down to their dicks which were beginning to get hard again.

“As if you really have to ask” Justin said as he leaned in and kissed Toby softly on the lips.

© 2012 Andre Lamy

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Andre Lamy
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Added on December 15, 2012
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Andre Lamy

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