3 Ballads

3 Ballads

A Poem by Gedalya

^ Autumn 2013.

Come what may:

My face, it may change with time.
But this heart of mine, it will remain true-
To the one and only, you.
Sweet ballads and chamber tunes,
Wrap me in low tones, to match this lone mood-
As my heart is caged by bones.

Whoever goes through life fast, lives on tomorrow;
Ever last.

It’s plain, as to why I grieve.
My hearts on my sleeve, it is a tattoo-
Echoing my love for you.
Joyous sun be swept by rain,
And reign over me, flood earth, as my tears-
Stream; blurring all that I see. . . 

Whoever lives in the past, lies down in sorrow;
Ever last.

Ode to denial:

-I see you stand beside me,
From the corner of my eye;
How I wish I could not see!

-So close that we nearly touch,
And yet so far away, I-
Feel nothing and yet so much;

-I can’t help but feel this way,
That I am yours to deny;
A toy that never sees play.

-An angel with wings of gold,
Broken; unable to fly. . .
Falling, with nothing to hold.

The world at whole:

If this world was intended for two,
Then, I shall reserve this seat for you.
And, should it prefer to disagree,
I shall still reserve a place for thee.

Oh, ‘tis thou presence which vacates my soul. . .
Instilling the fear of lacking control. . .

Peel away the layers of this clay,
Behold, an alter of gold inside.
Witness, for it marks where you can’t stay;
A remnant, forever, by my side.

Oh, ‘tis the absence of thy vibrant soul. . . 
Which has stained my sight of the world at whole. . . 
A loyal dog:

Here we are, church bells ringing,
Midnight Summer Dream’s playing;
every songbird singing.

Now, I watch our daughter walk,
The aisle with flowers in hand,
While our Rabbi waits to talk.

Here you come, in veil of white,
Coming, my way as a dream;
With your eyes shining so bright.
Silence rabbi, let me speak!
And, you woman hear my vows!
Are they not the words you seek?
You, and only you my wife,
I shall give half of my heart;
share the rest of my life.

And I give, my imperfection,
Make you my one attention,
And give all my affection.

Now it comes, to ‘Yes, we do’
The most memorable kiss,
And a subtle: ‘I love you‘

Finally love, we are one!
So, let us find peace because
Our life has now - just begun.

White Oleander:

Little seed, I watch you grow.
You’ve blossomed without blemish.
Your petals as white as snow.

Oh, such joy is spring season,
The morning dew, new colors;
That give my life a reason.

I live for you and I’ll give to you:
My name, my love- and all that I own.
Flesh of my flesh, and blood of my blood;
Your name, your love- my own hands have sewn.

My dear, White Oleander: You shall never be alone.

Little child, I love you so.
You’re my coveted treasure.
And the only truth I know.

June, a remnant of beauty,
A polished stone to guard;
That is my solemn duty.

I live for you, I’ll give up for you:
My fame, my lust- for all that shines like gold. 
Flesh of my Flesh, my blood, sweat, and tears. . .
My fame, my lust- I’ll break their iron mold.

My dear, little Leandra: I will carve this oath in stone!

© 2014 Gedalya

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Added on January 24, 2014
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