3 Poems of Satire

3 Poems of Satire

A Poem by Gedalya

^ Autumn 2013.

The Poet & The Muse:

Coffee stained papers,
And yellow fingers.
Oral stone tapers;
Melancholy lingers. . .

Hips like ocean waves,
This nymph pulls me in,
Then pushes me down;
Such devious sin. . .

Melodies have tired,
And sketches expired.
Friendships once desired:
They were hired, they were fired. . .

Caught a butterfly,
So I thought at least.
I chased her around,
How her fruits they tease. . .

People come and go,
Feelings never show,
Passer bys they know;
Time with me, moves slow. . .

Reached out to touch her,
But my hands went through.
No one knows neglect,
The way that I do. . .

My hair: turning grey,
Falling out, such dismay.
Suffocated by clay,
That twists and melts away. . .

Lady, let me be,
I don’t want you ‘round.
Your chains are broken,
I’m no longer bound.

Memories faded,
My past out-dated, 
Am I what’s jaded?
Life’s overrated. . .

I’ve smelled vanilla,
I’ve seen colors, I’ve. . . 
tasted Passion-fruit.
I once felt alive. . .

An Industry of Perdition:

Mad, law-less Apes
Without fur,
Dragon flies. . .
Wings of steel,
Cyclops brow,
Fiends, rule the skies.

A land 
In pain
By ignorant. . . 

Towers spring forth 
From the ground,
To the sky,
Like trees. . .
Their branches,
Of smoke and fog, 
Borne, by the breeze.

The mark 
Of Cain 
Covers. . . 
The entire 
Earth. . .

Tiny beetles 
Cover slabs,
Of black,
Through the maze. . .
Rubber legs,
Strolling along,
While, in a daze.

Abundant Fry!
no room. . . 

Filled with coal,
Lime-green seas. . .
These all scream,
Echoing the sound,
Of, Adam’s seed.

Cry. . . 
Is still, 
All around us. . .

The House of Cards:

A couple stands beneath the stars,
Commotion stirs into debate.
Their stripes showing as plaintive scars,
For all to see their dirty slate.

The husband leads a life of play,
While the wife works her life away.
Their lives are needless disarray;
Their marriage, has been left astray. 

Their children and their home’s a mess,
For all they ever do is fight.
Their children lost in loneliness, 
Running the streets, throughout the night.

If only they could make amends,
Compromise, as when they were friends.
Then all of the chaos would suspend,
But they won’t change: so it won’t end.

© 2014 Gedalya

Author's Note

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I honestly thought it was amusing, the way you grouped three poems together, and yet the middle one had such a different structure; nestled between sonnets. If you were going to keep the three grouped like this, I would almost be tempted to actually 'satirically' mention as such. I particularly liked the first stanza of the first poem, a good way to get people's attention, and keep them reading.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

I wish you were the devil sitting on my right shoulder, at least then I could laugh myself into a se.. read more
Nusquam Esse

8 Years Ago

Imagine what my devils are like... the one of my right tells me to burn things to the ground, while.. read more

8 Years Ago

LoL. You have a point, I find it humorous that a man can be both his own master and slave.
You use truth and mystery in your writes and that is commendable. Very interesting bundles of truth and pain of humanity. Bravo......................

Posted 8 Years Ago

Yeah, I only bundled them to get them up and going quicker. I'll unscramble their brains, and let them have their own exposure. lol
I appreciate your feedback, by the way.

Posted 8 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


8 Years Ago

Hearing from a great poet like you is really a great pleasure.:)

8 Years Ago

I tip my hat to you. I'm really enjoying having encountered you, there is so much depth in your poet.. read more

8 Years Ago

I feel very blessed and honored,dear friend.
I have no suitable words to reciprocate your comp.. read more
These poems are splendid.
Love their amazing rhymes and meanings.

Could you post them separately?
I think,they deserve individual consideration.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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