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This is one of the stories I finished by early July. The idea came from the stuff that has been in my mind for quite a while in late June. It's a short story anyway. Enjoy reading!




          Hi! I’m Jacqueline " Jacqui for short. And let me share my very first romance with you. It started with a shout of his name.

          It was a late afternoon one time in February, when six of my really good friends were going off from our whole-day malling " shopping galore, food trip, and the best part, boy-hunting!

          They were taking turns shouting names on the road which was fun. And yeah, just them… I’m a killjoy (KJ), I know. Well, there were owners of some random-shouted names who looked back at us and asked, “yeah?” Well, roll eyes, rampa, and off we go!

          We just kept on laughing our heads out, especially when an older woman who looked a lot like a black octopus claimed a name and shouted which spoke of irritation, “do you have problems with me, guys?!” and she got my sweetest response, “we don’t, Ms. Octopus. So shut up and get lost!” What we did next? Roll our eyes bonggaciously, whip our hair and walk like we own the way.

          And they asked me to do the same, since I didn’t join them right from the very start.

          I agreed, but before I did, I thought of a boy’s name whom I never met yet. Wayne.

          “Wayne! Hey Wayne!” I shouted, and for a moment, nothing seemed to happen.

          But as I looked around, behind me, there was a guy who must be three years older than me that looked back and flashed me the pair of eyes in question.

          Behind him is The Giant Fountain. He’s there, standing so tall, and he’s coming closer to me.

          “You called me?” He asked with a masculine voice that really turned me on. I mean, which sounded nice to my ears.

          Well, I tried to be sarcastic by asking him as well, “Are you Wayne?” with an eyebrow raised.

          “Yes, I am.” He vaguely answered. “Do you need something anyway?”

          “Oh, no, nothing at all… We’re just wasting our time.” I said plainly and frankly, and I saw him smiling at that.

          “Next time, don’t do that. You are bothering others, unless it’s me.” And the tap of his hand on my shoulder was like… Oh My Gosh! Over my sixteen years of pleasurable existence, this is the very first time that I felt electricity all throughout my gorgeous body!

          “Guys, I think I have to go,” said my friend Natalie, and before I could react, others also said their alibis to leave and did so before even a word came out of my mouth.

          “What’s your name, anyway?” asked Wayne which made me realize we’re still with each other.

          “I’m Jacqueline, simply Jacqui…” I answered with a lip smile, and he moved his hand from my shoulder which felt like being electrically shocked again.

          “Nice meeting you, Jacqui!” He said with a bright smile and reached his hand out to me.

          But I just nodded my head and ignored his shake-hand-offer because I couldn’t tolerate those “some weird things” that had been going on inside me which were so damn weird! So I excused myself, “I " I think I have to go.”

          Then I turned around and ran towards my way, but doing so made me trip and I fell to the ground. He helped me up, but I rejected his nice offer and when I stood, I ran again.

          Well, I heard him say loudly, “See you next time, Jacqui!” And I didn’t look back. I was so embarrassed!




          Days passed, weeks, and even months since that embarrassing incident with Wayne. And every night, I just can’t get him off my mind until I fell asleep, which were usually very late.

          I told my best friend, Bette, about these, but she just teased me, “you must be in love!”

          Well, I don’t think so, so I countered. “I am not. This must be just a crazy infatuation.”

          And it spread across the classroom so I was branded as “The Girl who’s infatuated with Mr. Mystery Guy” by my classmates.

          Night came and the thought of meeting Wayne again occupied my mind, so I went to the place where I first met him for good " the town square. I could still clearly remember the giant fountain on the midst of the square where I met him.

          I took my seat on the circular bench rounding the fountain, positioned myself face-to-face with the splashing waters. I tossed a coin and it made a small sound as it submerged, and I silently wished to see Wayne again. I never really believed in wishes, but I still did. Many things could change, anyway… like my beliefs.

          About half an hour passed, I noticed that nothing really happened with my wish, and I was greatly disappointed. When I saw that many people were scattered around the square, something lingered on my mind. It’s time to get some attention.

                So, I shouted the name “Wayne!” loudly and when they all looked at me, I acted innocently as if nothing happened, as if I did nothing, as if I also search for where the sound came from.

          Minutes later, I felt someone’s aura beside me, and it felt so familiar, that when I turned my head to face whoever it was, he also did and I was greatly surprised!

          “It’s you, Jacqui!” He said with a tone of exasperation as he brightly smiled.

          “W " Wayne…” I gasped. I couldn’t believe it! And for a while, my belief that wishes do come true came back to life. I felt the strange beats of my heart.

          “We meet again.” He said, also couldn’t believe that we did meet again.

          “I’ve been looking for you…” I didn’t know how those words came out of my mouth.

          “Really?” He asked. “I’ve been looking for you, too.”

          And a laugh came from us. But it felt like my heart got dented with I realized that he was joking all along " to ride on with me.

          But that night, we continued something we’ve had. It went on with a shout of his name.

          We became closer since that night, exchanged contacts, became really good friends " or maybe his worth has always been more… and I learned that he was an orphan, that he was striving hard to support himself as he could not depend on anybody. He had stopped studying after he graduated, since right after that big event was the loss of his parents and sister " his family, to be exact, in a road accident two years ago.

          And as we grew closer each day, I became more and more comfortable whenever I’m with him rather than being with other people that were close to me that I have always been the real me when we’re together. Maybe this is what they call love, it’s a magical fantasy.

          He once mentioned that he sees his sister in me " stubborn, naughty and strong-willed. And he even mentioned how his sister loved white roses.

          From that day onwards, he started hugging me every time, oh-so-tight which felt really different every now and then. And so I also learned to show my sweet and warm side " I learned to lie on his shoulder, make him lie on my lap, and hug him back. One time, when we hugged and he just let go, I took note of something unusual that I just barely feel. The feeling in which you realize that the beat of your heart is rhythmically the same with his…

          We were very open to each other, but I still kept a secret from him " and that was the fact that I’m already falling for him " that I love him. Or maybe he was also keeping secrets from me?

          But everything has an end, like this romance " our love story. It simply has to.




          It was one late afternoon in December of the same year. And he sent me a message telling me that he needed someone to talk to. So I did.

          We met at the same place we always did meet " The Giant Fountain. I guess that land mark had been the witness of this romance from the very start.

          As I saw him with heavy red eyes and the bright smile gone " turned into the curve of sadness, I felt something painful and heavy in my chest. For the first time, I hug him really, really tight, not caring if he felt the race of my heartbeat whenever I’m with him. I just simply want that sadness to go away.

          And when I let go, I smell the alcohol from his mouth. He’s maybe drunk.

          “What’s wrong, Wayne?” I asked him. “Tell me…”

          “I just want to talk to you, Jacq.” He simply answered.

          Maybe fresh air could help a lot as he talked to me, so I take him by the hand " but he held mine instead, and filled the spaces between my fingers with his. And we both walked as we swayed those firmly intertwined hands of ours.

          “I miss my sister so much.” He said and a tear fell down from his eye as he looked blankly ahead. Swear, seeing him like that seemed to tear my heart into pieces. “And I miss mom and dad, so much too. I wonder how they are doing right now.”

          “They’re all okay and they’re watching you from the other side, Wayne.” I said to comfort him, and he turned his head to face me. Those heavy red eyes seemed to have that force that I couldn’t bear looking at him and I felt the spice and chill in the corners of my eyes.

          “Ever since they left me, I have never felt being complete…” He said. “I just want to go to where they are now. There’s nothing left for me here in this world.”

          How about me, Wayne? I thought. Don’t you know how much you mean to me?

          But I couldn’t voice out my thoughts.

          We stopped, and we’re on the sidewalk of the road. There were speedy cars passing by, but the road was not as busy as it used to be during early hours, as it was turning into evening.

          His grip tightened, and I looked at him to see if he’s okay. He was covering his face, and I know the he sobbed.

I remember that one time he mentioned that his sister loved white roses. Maybe, if I could find some and give him, it would help him soothe the pain he felt. And I see blooming white roses on the lawn of the small house across the road. Maybe… if I got even just one, it’d ease the pain.

          “Just wait here, Wayne…” I said, and we let go of our hands, but when I ran across the road, I tripped and fell to the ground. How unfortunate it was that a speeding bus was coming my way!

          I tried to stand up, but the pain on my knee pinned me on the ground. I got my kneecap broken! I knew what’d happen next, so I just closed my eyes and I thanked God for the wonderful life I’ve had. And one thing I regretted was the fact that I didn’t have the chance to say to Wayne that I loved him.

The next thing I heard was the loud sound of the horn of the bus, and I felt the loving pair of hands that carried me away that I felt nothing at all even if I heard the loud crashing sound.

          Maybe that was the pathway to the other life, where you feel nothing at all.

          But when I opened my eyes, it greatly surprised me.

          I saw Wayne just a meter away from me, lying on the ground, with blood on his forehead and drips of those coming from his lips. The bus was stopped, and the passengers and the driver all went out of the bus and gathered around Wayne and me.

          It took a while before I realized everything that had happened, and when I realized those, tears just kept falling from my eyes and I sobbed hard. Wayne saved me, at the cost of his own life!

          I rushed to him, dragging myself as I crawl towards him. He might be still breathing. He should be! “Wayne!” I shouted as I reached him and I taste the salt of my tears that fell from my eyes to my mouth. “Wayne!” I called out again as I move him. “Don’t leave me, Wayne!”

          I saw his hand slowly move, and it took mine, filling the spaces between his fingers with mine for the last time. I move a little closer to him, and biting my lip, I face him as I made him lie on my lap. I felt really bad seeing him in that state " his heavy eyes, weakly opened and his face was still.

          “Jacqui… I just want to tell you, that right from the start, I have been looking for you, too.” He spoke very slowly. And that was so much for a surprise that something heavy could be felt in my heart and streams of tears came rushing from my eyes. “It was no joke; I was just shy back then.”

          I couldn’t speak, because of my heavy emotions. My eyes were speaking for me, instead.

          “And I just want to tell you, before it’s too late… that I love you. Not because I see my sister in you, but because it’s the way you make me feel.” He said very slowly yet clearly again which greatly shocked me. So, he had been keeping secrets from me from the start as well!

          “Now, I think it’s time for me to go. My parents and my sister must have heard my prayers and they even let me go to them, by saving you " my last act of proving that I love you.” He said in the same manner and I couldn’t take it anymore.

          He closed his eyes then, whispered “I love you” once more, and lost his life in my arms.
          I embraced him really tight as I kept on sobbing, reminiscing every memories we’ve had, and with heavy emotions, I gather every force I have left in me and finally let out a shout of his name.

          And this romance, it ended with a shout of his name.

  But I never had the chance to say I loved him.

© 2014 Prime

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It's a great cliffhanger but I have to agree with Turquoise Unicorn about the plot. Keep it up though!

Posted 5 Years Ago

This story seemed shorter and more to the point than the other ones you have written, which is a good thing.
Your stories all seem to have great characters, setting, and imagery, but they all have the same basic plot: Person 1 has a crush on Person 2, isn't exactly sure if Person 2 likes them, but in the end, Person 2 dies and reveals to Person 1 that they really did love them.
Perhaps you could try and vary your plots? Just some constructive criticism.

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

Oh, thank you for that review, Turquoise Unicorn. Well, that's really me. Because I am really fond o.. read more
Turquoise Unicorn

6 Years Ago

If you think of one really good story idea, you could always write a book. That's what I'm doing, an.. read more

6 Years Ago

That's great, then. :D Well, I'm just waiting for the right moment now, but I am still undecided if .. read more
This was a very good story, though of course sad. I hope your teachers encourage you to keep writing and developing your skill. Many great authors began selling short stories at your age. You could head in that direction if its your desire.

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

Haha. Thank you @Sue Hart. Umm, writing is just my hobby anyway. I write just for fun so I really do.. read more
Sue Hart

6 Years Ago

Eventually it could pay for the luxuries of life.

6 Years Ago

Yup, it sure could. I'll think about it. :D

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