A Story by Gen

A short story following the life of "a being", it's Creator.

When I was created, my Creator was very happy. His face lit up when he realized I was alive. My body of wood, my heart of water, my soul of fire, and my mind of wind. 
I was grateful.
When the first night came, I was afraid. The world I was so young to, had sudden grown dark. Creator comforted me. 
He said "The night will part but we must know it to be grateful of the light." 
I am grateful for I was nothing.
When the first moon came, I was naive. Full of joys and games to play. Creator and myself played many games, but he always had something to teach me along the way. 
He said "This is knowledge, but to be able to share it with you, is called Wisdom." 
I am grateful for he was so wise.
When the first winter came, it was cold and I was hungry. Creator share everything with me. 
He said "You hurt as I do, and you hunger the same. This is how we're equals. We never have to be alone." 
I am grateful for He saw me for how I was.
When the first spring came, I was overwhelmed with happiness. I befriended the creatures of the forest. The things the flew and the beings the swam. 
Creator said "Make friends everywhere and for no reason. I've never made a single enemy by being honest, paying my debt, and minding my manners. 
I am grateful for I have many homes.
When the first illness came, Creator never slowed down. I helped him as much as I could but alas he was so strong. 
He said "Even I too have much to learn. Learn with me, never be afraid to ask for help." 
I am grateful for I am humble.
When the last moon came, Creator was very sick. We spoke about many things. Life, Art, Adventures, Hopes, Dreams. He was very happy for me. 
He said "Never let the water dry up, or the fire go out. Nourish the wood and remind as curious as the wind." 
I am grateful for he has shown me the Dark as well as the Light.
When the last night came, there was no fear. All whom heard his name even once gathered. We celebrated a life's tale. A magnificent harrowing story of strength in the face of evil. Compassion in the shadow of hatred. Wisdom when all you hear is knowledge. 
Creator said "He is nothing special for we are the same as He."
I am grateful for I too am capable of great things
When the last words were spoken, it the shattered the silence. The night was so dark. I cried so loud. He said "I love you so much and for you...I am truly grateful."

© 2019 Gen

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Added on February 12, 2015
Last Updated on February 28, 2019
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