Mud Puppet

Mud Puppet

A Poem by Zack Burton

Conformity? Break the mold.

There are so many flakes on the ground this time of year
Flakes of dirt, not snow, nor frozen chunks of rain
Crusty as that fat kid's nose back in the fourth grade
Try to remember the fourth grade, now

You used to sit in the room, icicle-still behind your desk
Floor, freezer-cold, stern like permafrost beneath your feet
I know how you felt back then, still feel like today
(Because you're sitting in your office all the same)
Like clay in the knotted fist of God
Crunching, kneading
There's never an end to it
No matter how long you live and how much you fight
The big b*****d's still doing it
Squishing the f**k out of you
It's just like they say back in grade school: "Every day you learn something new"
Every day you take a new squeeze, rhyme a new line
Back then you loved rhymes, wrote little acrostics chocked full of them
But now you done lost the patience for them
Dirt-poor dumbass sitting in your office chair
Ice-cold AC blowing CFCs in your face

Don't you just want out of the cycle?
Listen to yourself
You're just frozen their, mouth stiff with frostbite
Pound your feet on the dusty trail again
And be just like me
No rhythm
No rhyme
A mud pioneer

© 2011 Zack Burton

Author's Note

Zack Burton
Thanks to all reviewers.

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beautiful writing. So thank you for that. I myself dont appreciate the use of swear words, but that is of my own opinion, and I can subsitute in words.
I can not fully understand this poem, I was never in school in the fourth grade. So I can not relate exactly to your saying, and yet, I understand.
People are frozen, and they need to break free of the rings that society builds around them.
I know I dont really fit in, wonder if its the same thing.
Anyways thank you for writing.
Blessed be.

Posted 10 Years Ago

dipped in the frost of societal expectations~ the jack n jill frosts watch Spot Run like souls on idle~ everything is set out for them in life~ the comfort of being a piece of automated sculpture at the price of cathartic maturation~ the caterpillars stay frozen in coccoons~ but there are still butterflies breaking the silk~ =)~
powerful currents run each line you've penned here~

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Zack Burton
Zack Burton

Felicity, OH

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