The Crashing-Down

The Crashing-Down

A Poem by Zack Burton

An interesting poem about the plausible effects of rebellion.

What mortal defies me?
The ailing god spoke
Before he was sickly
So many he smote
He lived not in heaven
He lived not in hell
None knew where to find him
Until his lone angel fell

The scum of the earth!
Now gather around, and I will quench your mirth
The god of the heavens
Once high in the sky
Is now sick with sadness
And soon he shall die!

He watched full of terror
As they rose to his bed
And slicing their daggers
They took off his head
And the legends they tell now
So full of their lies
Of how they killed their own god and
Took over the skies

Now watch as the lord
Does bleed out his weight
So filled with our madness
Our sin and our hate
How long we have waited!
How long we have tried!
We thought this would happen
Long after we died!

And the black-night-ed heavens
Came crumbling straight down
And the long-perfect mountains
Were torn to the ground

What's happening?
Our everything!
The beauty, the life
Now all of it's gone
Replaced with our strife

The rebellion was halted
The bloodletting stopped
Though God's only head
Was already through-chopped
And now without heaven
To govern the earth
The people we lost
Their initiative, cursed

And so goes the moral that will never be true
Never go forth and govern what must govern you

© 2011 Zack Burton

Author's Note

Zack Burton
Thanks for all the reviews. Sorry I posted yet another long poem, I'll eventually post a short one to lighten everyone's load.

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This is a wonderful poem! Don't worry about length. Content is much more important.

Posted 11 Years Ago

This is an excellent poem, Zack.. love the imagery, the Rhythm and Rhyme.. Great subject matter with a wonderful moral at the end.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on April 25, 2011
Last Updated on April 25, 2011


Zack Burton
Zack Burton

Felicity, OH

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