Eyes Closed

Eyes Closed

A Story by George Coombs

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Eyes Closed

He closed his tired eyes thankfully. This would be the last time. Freedom soon. Mist hung over trees like a cloak of obscuring gentleness. There were trees of varying kinds. The ground was carpeted with flowers of different colours and shades. Bird song sprinkled the quiet and cool air.

The man continued on. This was the life of spirit, he was glad to be free. Gradually the mist cleared, he located a clearing bathed in a gentle blue light. Someone stood there, who seemed to have been waiting. Still birds sang in air that was cool as a gentle touch.

Who are you?” the man asked

I am your angel”

My angel”

The angel had shoulder length shining white hair, his young face glowed in the gathering light.

Yes, I have been beside you all through your life. I come now to conduct you to your waiting next life”

I am dead then?”

There are those who call it that, yes, yet life is a continuing pilgrimage where the soul can open and flower”

The soul?”

Yes, the true you, look at this...” A glowing golden cord appeared in the man's


hand “This is the sacred cord of love, it links life that has gone before with the life that is to come. Let us go on”

Yes, please lead the way”

Simply close your eyes”

The man closed his eyes. When he opened them he was beside a shining waterfall where water slowly trickled into a lake causing lovely quiet ripples. A lovely peace, unearthly and enveloping. All around the lake stood people draped in shining coloured robes; he could see all the colours of the rainbow.”

Let us go among them” he angel suggested

They walked forward. There were lovely shining, smiling faces. Among them were his parents, brother, many relations and friends. He quietly went into his mother's waiting arms.

Welcome home son” she said

The angel came to them. All of the shining people gathered round.

My dear ones” he began “Your loved one has come home, now he too will know the peace, joy and freedom of life in the spirit.” He raised his hands “ Now may the blessing of our mother/father God the founder of unending light continue with you all throughout eternity. I will leave you now but will most assuredly return.”

Before you go...” said the man


What is your name?”

Well, I am known as Michael” he began “Yet around here names matter very little as you and the others will finds you evolve ever onward. Farewell for now...”

George Coombs -494 words

© 2018 George Coombs

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Added on April 23, 2018
Last Updated on April 23, 2018
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George Coombs
George Coombs

Brighton and Hove, Southern, United Kingdom

I am a retired lecturer from Hove in Southrn England. I write poetry, stories, essays and also draw and paint more..