Star-crosssed Lovers

Star-crosssed Lovers

A Poem by Dillon "Gerald" Steele

I love you and you don't even know


You give me mixed feelings

I am a blender of emotion

I can't control the way I feel about you

but there are other tugs and pulls in my life right now

that seem more important

like the fact that I have college

how will you feel when i'm 3000 miles away

how will you feel even if i'm 30 miles away

I don't think that you'd love me then

if you can't even love me now

30 seconds away.

How will I control my emotions

when i'm out at a party

will I want to kiss that random girl?

or will I just want to kiss you?

Who will I call when my day is bad

my roommate?

or the only person I feel comfortable talking to

when my world has crumbled around me.

You make the sun come out

when tornadoes and hurricanes roam my mind

you always were able to make my stomach

explode with butterflies

you and your big eyes

that somehow taunted me

like every time I saw them they invited me

just like your hugs.

How will you feel when I leave

Will you break down and cry

cause I know I'm probably going to

because I won't only be losing the person I love,

I’ll be losing my best friend too.

© 2014 Dillon "Gerald" Steele

Author's Note

Dillon "Gerald" Steele
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Added on November 24, 2014
Last Updated on November 25, 2014
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Dillon "Gerald" Steele
Dillon "Gerald" Steele


I am 17 and I write poetry usually heartbreaking or inspirational. I have a poetry book being sold titles These Things Happen. more..