Chapter 5

Chapter 5

A Chapter by GhostGirl

The rain from last night has left quietly, and sitting on my front porch I marvel over the events that had taken place last night.
After I had left the note on Laure's front step, I had ran away down the stairs (there was an elevator but I didn't see a point anymore as her house was only on the second floor) in fear of what was to come if she wasn't the author of the note. Sure, it had been anonymous, but other than me, who would she possibly suspect of leaving such a pathetic note like that?
But as I made my way down the stairs as fast as I could (I wasn't a good runner and basically sucked at all sports), my foot caught on the edge of the step and my body was flung forwards upon the cold granite ground in front of me. I shrieked in surprise, then quickly covered my mouth with my hand as I realized it would alert the people in this building. After all, it was already quite late. 
I gathered up my things best I could and tried to crawl to a standing position when the door above me opened a crack. Light faintly spilled out over the thresh-hold and a familiar face peeked out to wander around. Noticing me, Laure hurried over. I couldn't help blushing, having been found in such an awkward situation. Would she arrest me for stalking her? 
"S-sorry," I stammered, "I just came here to leave something... You shouldn't come! It's okay! I'm okay, I mean. I'm so sorry--"
Laure cut me off breezily. "No worries. Let's get you inside to warm you up."
Tears of gratitude almost spring from my eyes but I willed them to stay put in concern of what Laure would possibly think. As she lead me into her house, her eyes scanned over the note I left earlier. My breathe caught, and I noticed a small change in her usual demeanor, but she just sighed and picked it up. I worried if she were mad, but if she was, she didn't show it.
Inside the comfort of her house, she handed me a cup of warm water and told me to sit down. I placed myself on the wool sofa opposite her, and she draped a colorful cloth over my shaking body without any apparent emotion on her face.
"Thank you," I half-whispered, "it's not so cold anymore. Thank you so much."
Laure just nodded and stared absent-mindedly at the table.
"Really, you shouldn't have gone through so much trouble for me," I said again, unsure if those were the right words but feeling a need to say something, anything at all."Why would you act so kindly towards me? I'm so pathetic."
Laure looked up then, and as her gaze met mine, I couldn't help but notice her beautiful eyes with their long lashes, her curved nose, and the full, seductive lips. 
"You're the first person I ever loved," she said, more emotion in her voice than usual.
I almost faint and will myself to pronounce the words "I'm far from perfect, I'm not worthy of your love--"
"I know you are," she said, "and I love you for that. I acknowledge your imperfection, but also your difference. Unlike any other person."
She leaned towards me then, and for a fleeting second I thought she was going to place her lips on mine. But then she lingered, and so do I. My gaze fell to my lap again, and she leant back, almost reluctantly. 
That moment was almost perfect in its silence and acknowledgment. 
And it would be, if not for the pounding of my heart as I relive the scene from earlier, of Monique laughing with her boyfriend. I feel like I always ruin things.
After that I had left, and as Laure held the door open for me the chill returned, but not as strongly as before. I look back once into her eyes, taking in every detail of her face, wishing I could do more to her than simply look, but I wasn't about to ruin things.
No, not this time, with someone I actually have a chance with. 
I wrap my scarf around my neck and head down the stairs, alone again. 

© 2022 GhostGirl

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Added on December 19, 2022
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