The Meet

The Meet

A Chapter by Jazique


 The air through my wings and the sun hitting them in the air: I always felt so free and where I belonged when I was in the wide open sky. My flock and I had just come back from my mother Dr. Martinez from our last rescue mission. Since then I had no clue where we should go but, we had all the time in the world to think where to go next. What we needed to do was to get some food before we starved first. We had stolen a whole new credit card before leaving my Mom so we would be able to get some real food without manipulation. “Okay you guys I see a town ahead, so were drop down nearby this forest and walk our way toward some food okay,” I said to everyone.

          “Yes, food!” Iggy and Gazzy said in union as if we hadn’t eaten in days.  Fang just remained Fang, well Angel wasn’t as happy I guess because Total’s not here but, I didn’t want her wondering the streets of Paris by herself (incase you’re wondering where Total our talking dog sidekick wonder is, he’s getting ready in Paris to marry his soul mate Akila) and well Nudge I think she’s day dreaming about the food with that slight drool on the side.

         So after a few more minutes we landed tucking in our wings and searching the surrounding area for suspicious characters like erasers.  We were all clear as I got nods from everyone  and also in case you wondering what’s happening with me and Fang its nothing with me trying to lead and all and him managing his blog.  So we walked together in silence as we kept our eyes peeled while the kids enjoyed themselves. 

      There were a lot of shops in the area that were really only found in small town and nothing from what we saw when we were in Miami. Eventually on our lovely walk we were captured by the great smell of pizza. So lifted by the smell we entered the shop and were seated in red booths by a window and it only took a few minutes for a waiter to come by and take our orders “We’ll have 2 large meat lovers, 1 veggie pizza, 4 Hawaiian specials, 2 plain cheese pizzas and 6 orders of lemonade,” Of course the waiter looked at us like ever other waiter dose, are you nuts!

          “O..k..ay..” the waiter stuttered as he took down the order and walked away. All we had to do now is wait and hopefully with no complaints.


Ankika’s team…

"Ankika...are we almost there yet?" My sister Yeta asked. She wouldn't stop complaining about how long we had been traveling. I sighed and shook my head and continued walking. I walked a few paces of ahead, but her tracks stopped. I turned back to look at Yeta who was now lying on the ground. I screamed and ran to her. She was warming up really fast. I called water to me and splashed some on her face. Her eyes opened slowly.

     "Sorry...I'm just really tired and hungry," she whispered. I nodded and lifted her up into my arms. She was so light. I was so busy with trying to arrive at the town that i had forgotten that my sister was young and would need more rest and time to catch her breath. I snuggled Yeta close to me and continued our journey.

     The town wasn't as far as i thought. I hid away my wings and woke Yeta up. She mumbled to her self. I sighed and kept carrying her. There was a nearby pizza place up ahead. Yeta's favorite food was pizza and this was the exact town i was looking for. Yeta was very still and her breathing was shallow. I was beginning to worry about her health. I knew she was too young to be coming with me but there was no place that I could leave her. She started squirming in my arms.  I tried to calm her down but she wouldn't relax. She quivered and changed into multiple things like a slide show. I hid in the alley and laid her down.

     "Yeta, relax. Wake up!" I shook her until she went back to her normal self. She opened her eyes but didn't look like her usual self.

     "I'm sorry...again. I need food," she mumbled. Lately Yeta was having these weird dreams that caused her to change in her sleep. I grabbed her hand and we walked in together. She smiled a big grin at a group of kids sitting over at a table. The waitress led us to the table right next to theirs. I sighed and sat down with my back towards the other s. Yeta sat and stared at them all.

     "Don't stare. It isn't nice." she paid no attention to me. I turned around and she was looking at a the youngest girl in the group. The girl stared at her with out blinking. When the other girl noticed what was going on she whispered something to the young girl who blinked suddenly and put her head down. Yeta finally snapped out of it and looked back at me. She was beginning to have shadow marks under her eyes. She chugged her glass of water and laid her head down on table. I sighed once again and patted her hand. She started shaking and shifting again. The kids behind me gasped. I pulled Yeta out the booth and ran outside into the forest. I slowly set her down against a tree.

     "Who are you?" the girl from the place said behind me. I turned to face this new on coming threat and tensed up in front of my sister......




© 2011 Jazique

Author's Note

Authors: Alewis and Unique (Jasmine)
* if you want to read Unique W.A.R you going to need to read this

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Only one review on this chapter? I SHALL CHANGE THAT! :O

This wasn't bad! :D I personally think the story could have flown a little better. I just didn't really feel absorbed in the story when I read it :( I think it's missing a few bits and pieces here and there. How was the weather? Don't people in paris speak french? If they spoke english as a second language, make sure to mention they had an accent. These mistakes can be easily fixed with a reread. Other than that, I liked it! Keep going ;)

Posted 10 Years Ago

Well done. I enjoyed this. Nice flow.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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My name is Jasmine meaning Flower I love about anything that has to do with creativity like art, reading and now WRITING so I hope you enjoy my creativity as much as I enjoy writing it!=D .. more..

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