No man's land

No man's land

A Chapter by Jazique

      I looked at my twin brother and our friend Delisha. We were on our way to find some place to set up a camp and live at. Shaun and I were kicked out because we sort of caused trouble when we touch hands. I remember it like it was yesterday when we were getting thrown out the house.

     He won’t stop yelling. We meant no harm by going out late. Mother was sitting in the chair crying her eyes out. Dad was yelling at Shaun and calling him disrespectful names. We stood side by side and let dad vent his anger at us. I sighed when he crossed the line by calling us a disgrace to the family. I didn't know Shaun was furious when I grabbed his hand to pull him away. At our touch, Father bursted into flames. Mother screamed and yelled at us to leave and never come back.

   "Earth to Crystal. Are you there?" Delisha was waving her hand in my face. I blinked and noticed I was just standing behind them. I shook my head and smiled at her. She gave me a confused look and ran back to Shaun.

     "You okay Crystal?" He asked. I nodded and ran up to them. He squeezed my shoulder and gave me a half smile. He knew I was remembering out incident. It hurt him to think about it. It almost haunted him like a ghost. He would shout in his sleep about how he was sorry he murdered our father even though it was both of us together. The forest was quieter than usual. I looked around and noticed there were no animals out today. It was strange.

We continued walking until we reached the end of the forest. The clearing was the most beautiful thing i had ever seen in my life. There was a waterfall off in the distance flowing into the river. The land was covered in grass blowing in the wind. Butterflies were everywhere. This place was perfect for our new home. I ran ahead and laughed with joy. I fell back into the grass and closed my eyes. I heard Shaun and Delisha run up after me. They both stood over me shaking their heads. I just grinned at them and sat up.

   "So you think this a good place?" Delisha asked.

  "I know it’s a great place. I mean just look at the place it has all the space we need!" I shouted. We could seriously build like a mansion with all this land. I had never seen something like this before. Shaun was silent staring off into the distance. I followed his gaze and saw something flapping in the wind. It looked like a flag. We all walked closer to get a better look and I was right. The flag had a F on it in black. I looked at the others if they knew what it meant. They both shrugged.

  "I wonder whose flag this belongs to," Shaun said.

  "Maybe someone came here before us and marked it as their territory," I told him. He nodded. And pulled the flag out of the ground and tossed it to the side.

  "Ummm... I don't think that was a good idea Shaun," Delisha said. I nodded in agreement.

  "Well finders keepers. They should be here then to actually claim instead of leaving a flag with no buildings or tents." He said. I just shooked my head and turned around.

   "Where are you going?" Delisha asked. I bent over and picked up some wood peices and turned back to them.

"Getting to work," I said. Shaun smiled and began picking up wood with me.

Demon view

   It’s been a few weeks now since I’ve been on my own again. I mean by yourself all you have is your thoughts and your thoughts only contain three things and that’s when will you get your next meal, where are you going, and how much longer can you survive on your own? Right now though the only thing on my mind was where was I going? “Who are you?” I heard from a distance.

Concentrating with my hearing it was coming from in front of me. From what I saw there had to be at least over six people but, I wasn’t sure and nor was I about to find out. So just as I was about to head the opposite way someone appeared before me. He was tall probably around six feet, strawberry blonde hair, and pale blue eyes that gave off the appearance that he may be blind. So if by chance that was true I stayed very still hopping that he wouldn’t be aware that I was here then all of a sudden he kicked his leg in the air doing a round house kick but, luckily I missed it by hair. Some thing told me he knew I was here.

“Who are you?” Iggy asked.

   I had to think quickly and answer. I was no comba texpert compared to this guy and since they say those who can not see can hear well there was no chance that I could out run this. I was going to really need to lie my way out of this. “My name is Tay,” Lie one.

  “What are you doing in the woods?” Iggy asked with a suspicious look on his face as he was in a stance that showed he was ready for anything.

    “I was camping near by but, I lost my way,” lie two.

    “Oh, well sorry about that,” Iggy said relaxing his arms a little bit but, not fully.

   “That’s okay and I guess I’ll be on my way now,” the truth.

   “Okay, bye,” Iggy said as I walked past him going the way I came from as he watched me with his eyes. Made me think my lying game was losing its touch as  I didn’t fully believe that he believed me and I knew for a fact that he was lying when he said sorry.

    As long as I got away though I’m fine and it looks like being raised by a bunching of lying parents paid off again. I guess if you’re lied to that you’re not adopted, that your mom is coming back, that she is getting clean, that you didn’t kill her, and that you never meant to hurt me physically or emotionally will actually turn you into the best liar you can be.

© 2011 Jazique

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man i just had to reveiw this. I liked how it flowed together and i cant wait to work on the next chapter with you great work us :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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My name is Jasmine meaning Flower I love about anything that has to do with creativity like art, reading and now WRITING so I hope you enjoy my creativity as much as I enjoy writing it!=D .. more..

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