A Chapter by Jazique

Maximum ride ....

  “So who are you?” I asked again as the girl in front of me tensed up in protection of the little girl behind her and I did the same of my flock behind me.

    “That’s none of your business,” she said gritting her teeth against one another as if she was trying to remain calm. Made me wonder what she could do.

      “I saw her change her identity in the restaurant; what was that?” Angel asked looking at the girl on the ground but, yet talking to the older one.

      “Again none of your business,” she said really trying to keep her cool now and that’s when Iggy started running past them. She was almost in attacking position when she realized that he was going past her and on.  I would have been worried myself if it weren’t for the fact that I trusted the Ig man with my life and that I thought I saw a movement in the trees myself but, not trying to loose my concentration I gave my attention back to our two lovely ladies.

      “I think it is our business.”

      “If you think that you must be stupider then you look. Now my sister and I are about to go and you follow us I promise you; you will regret it,” she said as she grabbed her sisters hand and that started off north toward where Iggy was coming back from. He seemed lost but, he came back to stand with us as if maybe we had a plan but, to be honest I didn’t. There was something different about these girls.

      When they were a least a foot away but, still in sight I turned around to the flock, “So Angel who were they or what are they?”

       “I’m not sure; it was like they were blocking me from their minds so I couldn’t get in and find out anything; it was weird,” Angel said lost in thought; she seemed a little mad though as to think someone could keep her out. That would be something to keep in handy to me though; since thoughts are most private and I’ve had to show Angel that fine line a lot lately.

    “Well what about you Iggy? What did you find out their?”

      “Their was this guy from the sound of his voice, his name was Tay and he says he was camping and he just got lost but, I have a hard time believing that only do to the fact that this forest is notorious for bear attack. If not for that though I would have believed him; even if he told me that is was gogo tooth fairy. Something about his voice was so truthful but, other then that; nothing out of the ordinary,” Iggy said looking at me still thinking about that recent encounter and I was to kind of.

       “Well since there seems to be something freaky going on here I think we should investigate. There might be a school near by here and we might be able to help free some people and get some information so were going on two hunt. Group one is Iggy, Gazzy, and Nudge; you guys are going to follow Tay. So Iggy find out where he went and Fang and Angel you are coming with me to follow those two. So let’s go and we’ll meet up back at the restaurant and if anyone goes out of state come back and for help circle the sky like the hawks taught us.” After that we all spitted up either on feet or taking flight; just before I took head start I had this headache and a flash of a little girl appeared in my head with blonde hair and a fierce look with the voice saying “ Sugar, Spice, and everything nice”


Yeta & Ankika  .... 

     "Are they still following us?" Yeta asked gasping for air. I stopped and glanced around. There was noone sround but us. I looked at my sister who was getting paler by the minute. I checked her pulse which was acclerating but that was because we were busy running.

     "Yeta I want you to change into something small and just run," I pointed to her left. She instantly started shaking her head.  I sighed and swore i heard something from behind us.

     "Ankika. I don't want to be alone," she whispered. I sighed again and hugged her tightly against me. I just wanted to keep her safe from those strangers. A twig snapped from behinf and i lifted my sister up and ran again. Thats when I heard them following us. Yeta tried to peek from behind my shoulders but I wouldn't let her. There was three of them following and I tried to shake them.

     "Use your powers Ankika," Yeta yelled. I stopped to turn around sitting my sister down. I waved my arms and called air to me. A gust of wind picked up and I pushed our followers back. I heard them fall back. I turned around and Yeta was gone.

     "Yeta!" I called her name, but there was no answer.

     "Did you lose your sister?" The girl asked me. I hissed and turned around to face them. It was the 6 yr old from the palce and the guy with black wings. I sighed again and shook my head.

     "Thats none of your buisness," I snapped. I kept avoiding eye contact looking for my sister.

     "It is my buisness if you and her are a threat," she snapped. I rolled my eyes and stepped back.

     "You seriously do not wanna make me mad. All I want is my sister back. She is sick and needs food in her system quickly," I admitted. The boy didn't look convince. From the corner of my eye a small little bear walked out from behind the tree. I knew it was Yeta by her eyes. She was hiding. I motioned for her to come to me. She slowly walked over. I heard the little girl gasp and they all tensed up. Yeta turned back to her original self.

     "She's a shape-shifter!" the girl shouted out.

     "I'm feeling faint again. I want to go home Ankika," Yeta whined.

     "So your name is Ankika?" the boy asked. I nodded.

     "I just want to help my sister Yeta." I repeated. The oldest girl stepped forward and I tensed up just a little. She looked down at Yeta and took something out of her pocket. It was a candy bar. Yeta took it and ripped it open and stuffed it down her throat. She grinned hugely. Her color came back just little and she perked up.

     "I'm Yeta. We are traveling from far away. Whats your name?" she asked.

     "I'm Maxium Ride but my friends call  me Max for short. This is Fang and Angel. Are you okay?" Max asked. Yeta shook her head.

     "I'm sick and need food to keep up my strength or else I'll pass out," she responded.

     "Okay come with us and we can get both of you some food," she said. I nodded slowly wondering how much i could trust these people. "By the way I'm sorry we accused of being bad or what not. I just have to protect my friends,"

     I nodded in agreement. "Thats how I feel about Yeta." She smiled and the 5 of us walked back the way we came.

© 2011 Jazique

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Author's Note

(Unique and Alewis Co-Authors.) What do you guys think?

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ahhh i made a mistake when i say "it was the 6yr old and boy with black wings" i forgot to mention max in that sentence....:P i gotta proof read my writing more lol but once again we make a good team :)

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My name is Jasmine meaning Flower I love about anything that has to do with creativity like art, reading and now WRITING so I hope you enjoy my creativity as much as I enjoy writing it!=D .. more..

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