A Chapter by Jazique

A few days later  

     "Yo Crystal!" I jumped out from my bed and Delisha was standing over my bed. It was still dark outside. I glared at her.

     "What?" I asked mad because she woke me up. She grinned at me showing me a field of flowers with birds chirping all around. I began to feel all warm and happy and childish. I heard her laugh and she came back to view. I laughed along with her and got out the bed.

     "We need to get back to work and finish this place up," she said. I gave her a confused look and glanced around. We had been working our butts off the last couple of days and managed to get at least half done thanks to me and Shaun's power combined. It was easier and more convenient. We hadn't heard or seen the owners of the flag and we didn't care at all. I got dressed quickly and met the others out side. Even though it was pretty dark, the moon shined bright in the sky. I smiled quietly to myself and started working again.

     "Hey sis. How did ya sleep?" Shaun asked me snickering; I stuck my tongue at him.

     "Just great since your little girlfriend woke me up," I teased. He turned a bright red and continued working. Delisha jumped to my side and punched me in the arm.

     "He is not my boyfriend Crystal," she pouted. I had to hold my laughter and turned serious.

     "I know he isn't but you two are somewhat obvious," I told her. She just rolled her eyes and got back to work. I never understood why they wouldn't admit that there was something between them. I sighed. Shaun knows that I know he likes her. He always stares at her and smiles when she is around. Oh well. I guess should be helping them.


     The next morning I was awaken by people yelling back and forth with each other. I walked out side and noticed there were at least eight people confronting Delisha and Shaun. I jumped down next to my brother and tensed up. One girl in front was speaking and she was trying to keep black wings calm but it wasn't working.

     "This was our land!" he shouted. My brother snorted.

     "Well all you did was leave a flag; that wasn't really a smart idea, now was it?" Shaun taunted. I put my hand on his shoulder. We were out numbered and I didn't want to start a fight especially when there were two six year olds around. I noticed one was really pale. She looked almost dead. I immediately relaxed and spoke up.

      "What's wrong with her?" I pointed to the young girl. As soon as I asked the question, her head popped up. She was really cute. Her eyes were a sparkly dark green. She looked very tired and like she was going to pass out. When if use to live with my parents I recognized the way she looked. She had to be diabetic or have low blood pressure. Either way she needed help.

      "I'm tired," her voice broke in the end. I ran back into the hut and grabbed some of the sandwiches i had made and came back down.

      "Give this to her. I know where to get her some medicine from, but I'll need your permission first." I tossed the sandwiches to the girl in front who gave them to the young girl. She smiled with each bite.

     "I'm Max, Maximum Ride. This is my flock Fang, Nudge, Iggy, Gasman, Angel, Ankika, and Yeta." she pointed them out. Shaun and Delisha waved and gave them reassuring smiles.

     "It looks like we may have to get to know each other a little better," I said. Yeta jumped down looking a lot better. She ran up and stood in front of me.

     "We should! I like your necklace! It is very pretty and, and, and." she stopped confused and looked to her left. I followed her gaze and there was another person coming this way. He was taller and maybe younger than me. I looked at Yeta who was staring at me again.  Her eyes were distant as if she was remembering something.

     "Demon?" Ankika asked as if he was dead. He glanced up at her and smiled.

     "Tay?" Iggy I suppose said.

     The boy grinned wickedly before saying, "Long time no see Ankika and you made friends." Oh boy this was going to be ugly.

Demon POV

    Ankika was somewhat of a child hood friend; I  had met her before Yeta was born and we use to talk about how to get rid of Yeta before she arrived but, now it seems like Ankika would protect her with her life.

   “Hold it this guy said his name was Tay?” Iggy said

    “Really? Playing those games still Demon?” Ankika asked toward me with a smirk on her adorable face.

    “You know me, I sure can lie with a straight face but, not as well as you.”

      “You didn’t need to know,” Ankika’s face went tense with seriousness in the air.

       “I beg to differ, I had ever right to know.” What she did to me and how she just got up and left and she’s telling me I had no stink’n right. Someone definitely has too much air in their head.

       “Hello? Were still here people,” some blonde haired girl said.

        “Yeah you are but, I’m not.” After that I took off back into the forest leaving this little fun fest of rejected children behind. When I thought I was a good enough distant from them I stopped and took a breather. I mean this was the most active day I’ve had in a good while; then I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around and it was Ankika. “What do you want?’

       “Want you to loose the attitude and come with us,” she said with that serious look again as her hand laid on her hips.

         “And just why in the world should I do that?”

         “Because you need to hear what their going to say and (voice gets low) I missed you,” Ankika said.

         “Huh? What did you just say?” Oh my gosh did she just say what I think she just said?

          “You need to hear what their going to say and (voice gets low again) I missed you,” She repeats.

         “No seriously I can’t hear the last part speak louder.” She did say what I think she said!

          “I missed you,” Ankika said looking at the ground as it also looked as if her cheeks are turning red too.

         “Awe you missed me.” I was gloating now with a huge smile on my face; my girl missed me.

         “Shut up,” she said trying to avoid me again. I walked over to her though and wrapped my arms around her and hugged her. I think I’ve gotten taller then her but, her hair was still able to tickle my nose and before I knew it she put her arms around me too and for just a few seconds we hugged which, felt like forever. 

       “I missed you too Ana.”

© 2012 Jazique

Author's Note

Alewis & Jazique

Hope you guys enjoy and please serious comments that could help.

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i-loved-it! it worked so welll together :) im glad it took a while but it was worth it :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

The piece was good I liked it, there are a few spelling mistakes but that can be fixed when re-read

Posted 10 Years Ago

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My name is Jasmine meaning Flower I love about anything that has to do with creativity like art, reading and now WRITING so I hope you enjoy my creativity as much as I enjoy writing it!=D .. more..

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