A Chapter by Jazique

Maximum ride POV

   Ankika and Demon had returned back to the area and we had all walked into the home that really was no man’s land or government but, I like to see it as whatever I want it to be.

   “So what now? There are twelve kids outside in the woods and all under the legal age?”

    “I’m really just a nomad to be honest,” Demon said leaning against the wall next to Ankika and Yeta.

     “We weren’t doing anything in particular either,” Ankika replied.

     “Us either,” said Delisha who was helping Crystal make everybody something for lunch.

     “Well Max there is something I heard earlier when we arrived but, I didn’t see any good time to tell you,” Angel said standing behind Gazzy and Iggy.

     “Like what? What exactly have you not told me yet Angel?”

     “Well you see I heard screams from underground and I think that means there might be a school here,” Angel said as she twirled her hair with  her finger as if wasn’t curly enough.

     “Oh, okay.”

     “What’s the School?”  Shaun asked.

      “Oh the school is a wonderful place where kids are mutated, stuck with needles, like in dog crates, and at time hunted down. They also have fun mazes that can shock and treat you like a rat, men and woman in white suits that, and a bunch of other kids that are blood thirst dogs or were and could be robots. One way or another it’s where you go to die,” Iggy says without being phased by what he just said.

     Wave of silence

     “So here’s the plan and you guys if you ever snap out of it listen and pay attention. We’re going to infiltrate that school and get those kids out of their and hopefully they can live whatever they have left. Also if possible gather some information about us and what their planning. All of this will go down tomorrow night because we have all had a long and tiring day and it is best that we do this all at night because we will need the nights cover for this mission.  Any questions? No? Good.”

Ankika and Yeta POV


    So now there were twelve kids all together. I was leaning against the wall with Demon and Yeta listening to Max talk about this so called "school". It wasn't anyplace that I'd ever want to go to learn at. As she finished telling us what we were going to do all I was thinking was that I needed to do was take care of my younger sister.

     "Ankika...are we going to help them save the kids tomorrow?" Yeta asked.

     "She has a good point Ana...how can we trust them?" Demon asked. I rolled my eyes.

      "First of all Demon...there is no us. You run solo remember? But to answer Yeta's question, yea we are going to go help them. You can do as you please Demon since you never followed anyone's rules but your own." Yeta was staring at me with a confused look.

      "So I think I'll stay and there will always be an us; Ankika...you know that." he walked away leaving it at that.

      "Ana...do you trust Demon?" Yeta whispered. All I could do was shrug. I didn't want Yeta snooping around in that mess between me and Demon, but her question had me truly thinking. That moment in the woods was special. Demon and I had a thing since we were young. I never stopped caring about him until Yeta was born.

     "I don't know Yeta, but we need to get some rest. Let's go."


The next morning I was awoke to Demon sitting on my bed. When I grumbled he just smiled at me. I sat up and smiled back him. I remember when he would always be there when I woke up from anything. He never left my side even for a minute.

     "Where's Yeta?" I asked.

     "Outside training with Angel. She was woken before I even came in here." Yeta had taken a liking to Angel since they were close in age. I was glad she had someone to relate to besides me.

     "Oh yea the rescue mission is tonight...well I suppose I should be getting up to see what's going on." He nodded and stepped out the room to give me some privacy. I glanced outside and I spotted only Yeta and Angel. They were to the farthest of the land Yeta was changing into different things. I walked back to my room. I was starting to stress out. I didn't want Yeta to be part of anything, but at some point she was going to learn how to fight. Yeta isn't weak in the first place. It's my over protectiveness that’s get in the way of everything. If she had to Yeta could kill anything in her pathway.

     As I was getting dressed that’s when I heard the screams. I quickly ran outside and everyone was huddled whispering together.

     "What’s wrong?" I asked. Demon walked towards me and whispered.

     "Angel and Yeta are gone...they just vanished. Max says they were probably kidnapped and taken to the school." All I managed to hear was that Yeta was gone then I blacked out.


© 2012 Jazique

Author's Note

Alewis & Jazique

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My name is Jasmine meaning Flower I love about anything that has to do with creativity like art, reading and now WRITING so I hope you enjoy my creativity as much as I enjoy writing it!=D .. more..

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