A Chapter by Jazique

    Ankika POV


 “Ankika…Ankika..,” I heard Demon’s voice whispering to me. I tried to remember what happened but, it was so hard then it hit me. She’s gone. Tears started running down my eyes, my body began to shake, and I just started crying so hard. I think I was mumbling something to but, my heart hurted so much.

     “Ankika Max said before she blocked out that we will get them back,” Demon said holding me.

        “Max blocked out too?”

       “Yeah, Fang says it has something to do about this voice in her head,” Demon explained as he seemed a little lost himself.

         “A voice?”  


Max POV [dream]

          I was running but I was not alone there was something in my arms. I didn’t have time to look back there were dogs, m-geeks, and white coats after me. I didn’t know why beside the obvious but probably something to do with the thing in my arms but I still didn’t look down. I was dodging every rough branch, running over every shark stick, and stepping over every pointy rock until I heard crying. I looked all around until I noticed it came from my arms it was a baby. I now knew why I was running now. As I kept running I had to skit to a halt. It was a cliff. I was about to whip out my wings until I noticed they were already bandaged. So I couldn’t fly and the enemy was right in front of me and all that went through my head was not anger or terrified. It was determination of protecting this baby. But one instant I was protecting a baby and another [Reality] I was muffling my scream in my hands. Everybody was gathered around me looking all worried and even Ankika was up worrying under her eyes that looked like they’ve been crying for ages. “Were not waiting till tonight.”

             “But you said it would be best at night,” Crystal said.

              “I know what I said but, I will not spend one last second knowing that those two aren’t here but, instead being poked and such and Yeta she doesn’t even belong their and if we don’t get her out now she might night make it to night.,” I said all serious but, looking at Ankika to reassure her we will get her back tonight.

                “How are we going to get their though?” Delisha asked from a corner of the room.

                 “Well I could probably help with that,” Demon said with a devious smirk. “Just give me 10 minutes.” And with that Demon was gone to do whatever and we planned to be ready by the time he came back. Okay so Fang you’ll take the first floor with me…”

                   “Hold it I’m coming with you,” Ankika said sitting up.

                    “Us too,” Shaun said.

                    “And get in the way because please tell me what you can do when blood thirst dogs are putting their razor sharp teeth are at your neck.

                     “Well actually their’s something’s we haven’t told you,” Crystal said.


                       “Well you see Shaun has the power to make you tell the truth and nothing but, the truth because he always tells the truth, Crystal has vision; we don’t know what point in time they come from but, usually helpful when they come, and me I don’t like to use mine,” Delisha said stepping out of the room.

                      “What can she do,” Iggy asked.

          “Delisha is an illusionist. What she makes comes alive, it may not stay long but, what every it dose can leave permanent damage since the first time she manifested something she put her dad in a coma by accident. Even though what she dose is not real the pain, touch, smell and all are very real,” Shaun said.

             “Wow ,” Nudge said.

              “What about you Ms. Ankika; you have to have a power to go on this field trip.”

            “I control the four elements,” Ankika mumble.

              “No way! You control the elements!” Iggy screamed out the world to hear apparently.


                 “I don’t use mine either though,” Ankika said.

                “Well listen up folks. You  will either use these mysterious  gifts or stay home and miss the action. Any takers?”

                “I’m in,” Fang said.

                “Let’s lock and load,” said Iggy

                  “Let’s save Angel,” Gazzy said.

                 “I,” said Shaun.

                 “Of, course,” said Ankika.

                 “Okay,” Crystal said.

                    “I’ can’t,” Delisha said from the kitchen. “I know I should help but, I barely know this power and the only time it showed it ugly face was when it hurted someone I loved and I won’t let that happen again.”

                       “I understand. That means you’ll play nurse okay.”

                          “Alright, good luck; I think I can hear Demon and what ever he stole.”
                         “She’s rights. Let’s go people.” We all headed out and I could see out the corner of my eyes that Shaun and Delisha were hugging goodbye. I though Delisha and Crystal were the friends but, this isn’t what I was thinking about when I felt Fang grab my held and held it tight.

                           “Like the ride people?” Demon asked.


                          “A tank!” Gazzy said enthusiastically.

                          “You do realize were trying to sneak up on people right?”

                            “How did you even get a tank?” Fang asked.

                          “Well let’s just say my lies flow,” Demon said. “And as for the sneak attacks don’t worry I’ve got a plan.”

                            “Whatever, let’s get going. Flock were hitting the skies and Crystal, Shaun, and Ankika you guys can hit it with Demon.” So the flock and I opened up our wings and hit the open sky with a running start. I noticed at the ground when we were up that the everybody was staring at us mouth wide open. Did we forget to show them our wings? Max.(The Voice)

                    Oh not you again.

                    Max you need to pay attention because things are going to get real bad

                   How bad?

                    Real bad.

                    Well thank you captain obvious. And just as quick as the conversation; he was gone and the school was in view. How bad could this get?





© 2012 Jazique

Author's Note

Alewis and Jazique plublication

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whoa this was really good, but there were a few grammar mistakes and spekkings like "my held" should be "my hand" but still it was really good i cant wait for more

Posted 10 Years Ago

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My name is Jasmine meaning Flower I love about anything that has to do with creativity like art, reading and now WRITING so I hope you enjoy my creativity as much as I enjoy writing it!=D .. more..

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