Always concomitant

Always concomitant

A Story by Gideon X. A. Elson

Just nonsense I wrote pondering some of life's questions

Sometimes you'll feel lost in this word. In the moments of overcast and shadow. The wind picks up and the scent of the air changes like that a cold front preceding a thunderstorm. These moments can invoke a primal feeling in our gut. Often referred to as the winds of change. But sometimes the wind comes without the change, and the world may feel unnatural. Often really we may find ourselves in the throws of speculation or contemplation or even reflection guessing at the mysterious and arcane powers that shape the world around us. Moments of confusion or clarity and periods of bewilderment accompanied by confounding disorientation can leave us tumultuous in the seething maelstrom of the days social discourse. One may spend their hours questing the ways of this world and the motives of our peers but is it productive? Will we ever gain the wisdom we seek? Or achieve some semblance of peace or acceptance? Can you ever gain an understanding that in and of itself gives you a sense of purpose or meaning? Possibly. Without purpose is there any chance of a life with substance? What is life? Void and hollow without death. Ironic really, that death, which itself may leave one feeling void and hollow, without which life itself, which is aligned with hopes and aspirations, would be rife with apathy and indifference. Often, perhaps always one can find that the things you love or that give one comfort such as beauty, only carry their meaning when accompanied by their opposites. Life and death, love and hate, beauty and destruction, good and evil... what are any of these things without their opposite always there concomitant.

© 2022 Gideon X. A. Elson

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Like fields left fallow for a season, their must be that period when we seemingly produce nothing. Our hearts appearing barren, wait. And it is often a dark time that can feel as if we must cry out, "My God! Why have you forsaken me?"
But when the season changes, we become more productive and alive then we have ever been. For in that long, silent time, nutrients have returned to the soil. Our souls have become stronger.
Life must indeed be balanced. Well written, my friend. And most wise.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on January 8, 2022
Last Updated on January 14, 2022
Tags: Life, pondering, questions, feelings, clarity


Gideon X. A. Elson
Gideon X. A. Elson

Keytesville, MO

I'm nobody important, but I do find life more bearable when I create things be it writing poetry, music, photography or rambling nonsense. I like to write in rhyme and meter, though must admit emphasi.. more..