Contrast of good and evil

Contrast of good and evil

A Poem by Gideon X. A. Elson

There is in fact no good without evil, life and death, Beauty and destruction, love and hate. One alone can not exist, let alone be reckoned by logic without the other.

Winter has come, withdrawal the sun.
and with it warmth, of summer days.
Winter come, and autumn be done.
Natural law, the tree obeys.

Though it's been said, and I agree.
Variety, the spice of life.
Truth in these words, I hope you see.
For this must include passion, strife.

Tolerable, I find her chill.
Allthough, she is not here to stay.
Excessive cold, can break the will.
Still grown familiar, to her way.

Must it be, the will of seasons
Always change, rigid, never be.
Though I suppose, have these reasons.
For therein, is where grows, the tree.

For death it seems, all things intended.
and this one thing, I cannot stand.
loved ones and I, be divided.
Be it death, or duties, demand.

Few things that I, regard with such.
A most lowly, sense of disdain.
for want only, to feel their touch.
On my skin, as summer's rain.

There is no good, without evil, life without death.
No beauty, without destruction
Love seems without hate, bereft.

Coldness is the absence of heat.
Without the other, can't exist.
for one alone, is to be effete.
And combined they must consist.

© 2022 Gideon X. A. Elson

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There is is symbol in Eastern philosophy: Yin and Yang. A simple disk with a half white half black pattern. It represents good in evil, evil in good. All things in balance. You show this symbol in your words. Wiccans likewise believe there is a balance to the universe. Without the rest of winter even the gods fail. Well done. Do much in so few words.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Winter has always been a season compared to death and darkness. Because the sunlight is weak and the days are short, people go through depression and turn inward, almost like crossing the Abyss. Very good piece.

Posted 1 Year Ago

You capture yin and yang in powerful images. The balance of life that Man has so badly disturbed... Our society pays the price daily. Well written.

Posted 1 Year Ago

There is no good, without evil, life without death.
No beauty without, destruction
Love seems, without hate, bereft.

This is so truthful, I really enjoyed this write.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Gideon X. A. Elson

1 Year Ago

Thank you!

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Added on January 14, 2022
Last Updated on January 14, 2022
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Gideon X. A. Elson
Gideon X. A. Elson

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