Pool of bliss

Pool of bliss

A Poem by Gideon X. A. Elson

I convey here how love can be misleading in its birth, we think not on the future of how this state can wound us but revel in the moment,

Romantic love is an inconstant and volatile affair,
And fair it does not seem to be,
For how could something so fulfilling,
Induce in concert feelings of,

Joy and sorrow, promise and despair,

Perhaps not solely the birth of love,
I speak of when these words are conveyed,
But also it's death and so for it's loss,
For in a moment of ultimate bliss,

We feel not the painful parts of love,
And are decieved there in that moment,
For how could our minds be on the future,
We see not the effects in whole,

But in loves net we have been snared,
And unknown to us when it will be,
That loves net will tear our skin,
And pull us from the waters of bliss,

Gasping and wretching in a poison atmosphere,
Despair abound, if in fact we can not overcome,
Although in love once more we can be reborn,
Renewed and wiser to the ways of life,

But alas so beguiling love can be,
That we will seek the net again with a constant disposition,
For nothing sweeter has found our lips,
Than the bliss of a new found love,

Those warm waters aromatic and intoxicating,
Lure us back like a sirens song,
We find them welcome and cry out in joy!
For we hope to never again leave this pool.

© 2022 Gideon X. A. Elson

Author's Note

Gideon X. A. Elson
Well I finished it and it was one of the hardest writes I've ever had! But it's good to know how heavily in the past I relied on rhyme! Trying to write a poem with out it almost felt unnatural! Haha

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I like this poem all lines with their inner meaning, great feelings, deep thoughts within reality. Inspiration will be for all those broken hearts to start a new life with new found love. It looks you are writer with mildness in expressing feelings without condemning anyone. Of all your poems this poem looks so sweet to look and feel and also to read, nice words you have chosen.
Nothing sweeter to lips, new born love, ultimate bliss, cry out in joy, reborn, wiser and all words.
Great work, you must use this poem for publishing people will get inspired.

I agree in all lines, it’s little confusing what you are trying to say, maybe you need to say like this,
A romantic love with promise will overcome sorry and make you joyful. This must be your climax of the story then it would give hope to lovers that there will not be a despair.

I don’t know I just felt like that. It’s your feelings and there maybe few people who will like the ending and all lines.

One more constructive feedback, I see all in your poems who have chosen sensible words that are not raw and not kind of mechanical. This is making your writing exceptional in my perception.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Gideon X. A. Elson

1 Year Ago

Thank you very much for the review! I must inquire further towards your last comment about my choice.. read more

1 Year Ago

I have seen few writers use scientific words which look raw. For non-mechanical, words like 'mesh an.. read more
Aye, love. The constant muse of poets. And yes, it seems like we always dive in again, no matter how many times we get snared.
Well done.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Gideon X. A. Elson
Gideon X. A. Elson

Keytesville, MO

I'm nobody important, but I do find life more bearable when I create things be it writing poetry, music, photography or rambling nonsense. I like to write in rhyme and meter, though must admit emphasi.. more..