A Poem by Kenzi Griffin

Everyone says "move on
He's not worth your tears"
But they do not see what she sees.
They see a boy who played with her heart. 
And then just dropped it, shattering it like glass.
A boy who doesn't know what love is.
But she sees a man who knows how to love a girl.
And shows her she's special. 
A man who treats a girl with utmost care, 
And tries to understand her.
But still, he left. 
She tried so hard to be who he wanted
But failed to succeed. 
Yet still, despite the pain she bears because of it,
She loves him with everything she has.
And always will, even if it kills her. 
She knows everyone wishes she'd move on,
But something holds her back.
She still wears his gift, and always will
To prove her love for him has not died.
And never will for as long as she lives.
She puts a smile on her face,
As she goes throughout the day.
But at night, when all is quiet
Crying can be heard as a broken girl voices her pain.
"It will all get better" they say
But the broken girl doesn't believe those words,
She cannot see how things can get better,
When she has been left lonely.
By the one she truly loves.
But still she acts throughout the day,
And still she weeps throughout the night.

© 2013 Kenzi Griffin

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one doy you will look back on this and be like.. " man ...! i was such a drama queen!" .... seriously .. lol

Posted 7 Years Ago

Kenzi Griffin

7 Years Ago

xD it's just what was going through my mind

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Added on October 4, 2013
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Kenzi Griffin
Kenzi Griffin


I love writing. I write poems and stories. I love to sing. Most of my poems are based off of feelings and experiences. I'm a girl and my favorite color right now is purple :) I am in love with pop roc.. more..