Sail Away Ye Ol' Lover

Sail Away Ye Ol' Lover

A Poem by G!o

Inspired by Jack Sparrow!!

Hearken t' me plea me fair beauty
I 'ave given ye me heart each time th' yellow sun rises
I 'ave ignored me mateys advice t' keep away from ye
'cause ye wonder in me mind than a cap'n lost at sea
Now no rum can quench th' pain o' ye ignorin' me
No wenches or bootey can feel th' void ye create in me
Let me ask ye, do ye find pleasure in me torture?
So sail away ye ol lover lest I drown 'n die in these waters

I loved it when I watched ye from a distance
Fer me feelin's towards ye were safely concealed
But ye said ye 'ave had yer spyglass upon me too
That from a distance ye were afeared ye were fallin' fer me
I sailed t' yer shore scourin' fer ye t' stretch ye me hand
Canât ye see I care nah fer me treasures but fer yer heart?
'tis harsh upon me t' pretend everyday that donât care about ye
Afore ye sink this galleon o' mine, sail away ye ol lover o' mine

How can ye be so beautiful yet so blind me ole lover?
How can ye pay attention yet nah hear a single word I speak?
'tis yer beautiful pebble colored eyes that I wants t' look into
'tis yer fair silk skin that I wants t' feel against mine
But Iâm jus' a smelly pirate wit' his rotten heart in jar
Always scourin' th' faces o' th' sea lookin' fer pleasures
Instead o' skewerin' me wit' yer frosted love
Bid me good-morrow 'n sail away ye ol lover


© 2012 G!o

Author's Note

Okay i was watching Pirates of Caribbean and something hit me as i enjoyed the fancy Jack Sparrow...i thought how would it be if Jack Sparrow was heart broken? So this was inspired by the character and i wanted to try my hand on something out of ordinary...a heart broken pirate. Cheers and jolly Christmas ahead...

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a fun read
and made me wonder how hard it was to speak piratese
and still sound loverly
well done
and I am glad to see the adventuresome soul still sails the high seas in today's world!

Posted 6 Years Ago

I lives this...I pictured jack sparrow while reading before I got to the end...

Posted 6 Years Ago

haha...totally loved it gio...good change up! :)
wud like to see johny performing dis himself

Posted 6 Years Ago

Ho Ho Ho and a bottle of rum - a poem with a style that exactly fits the content, the sign of a versatile and talented poet - Excellent.

Posted 6 Years Ago

lol I would love to see you read this out loud. Silly Sparrow

Posted 6 Years Ago

Jack may well have uttered a line or two like these. I'll buy into them. Well done.

Posted 6 Years Ago

I can freely imagine Sparrow talking these lines of the poem

Posted 6 Years Ago

Ha! Gio this is brilliant! A great twist on something completely unexpected! You have an amazing talent and you it seems you can turn your hand to anything! I love it! It made me smile very muchly!

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

Lol thank you very much...i really enjoyed writing this, it must be one of my best i've penned this .. read more

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Well i love reading and i love writing and like any other writer i just want to be heard...i have a story to tell and few scars to show. I am just a boy trying to stay anonymous in this world where ev.. more..

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