I Dream in Color

I Dream in Color

A Story by Gleek4ever21

I wrote this for my english class.

I am dreaming now. Always dreaming. The kids around me are too. But theirs a difference. A difference between me and them, I know I'm asleep. The others around me, limbo has become their world. Black and white. That is all they know. Of course if they were to wake up, things would be in color again. Would they ever wake up? Would I?
I hear a rumbling around me. Around my unconscious body. I can hear voices. Hear what they are saying, "This one, this one here, he is the one with the dreams we cannot control." It was a woman talking. Well, I think it was a woman, listing to a conversation while in sleep is like trying to hear someone when your underwater. 
"I think we have to throw him out." The could be woman sighed. What?! Throw me out?! I'm not some broken computer! Yet, maybe in their minds I am. Just some lab experiment. God, these people are really sick! No, you know what, 'people' seems like too much of a civilized word. I think animals suits them better. I'm 12 years old! And what does 'throw out' even mean? Are they going to kill me? Put a bullet through my heart? Slit my throat? 
The only things these animals are right about is they cant control my dreams! They have been trying to get us all to dream in black and white, but it wont work on me. I dream in color. Thats how I know I'm dreaming. Everything is too bright. Like neony. When people dream in black and white they think its real because sometimes, especially in this day and age, things can seem black and white. Dull, lonely, sad. When my little brother died I had to see an eye doctor because I swore, the first few months of his death I couldn't see any color. No amount of good things could could shine light, shine color on my life.
I felt myself being moved. No! I don't want to die! Wake up! I told myself. Wake up! As I tried to break free of my never ending dream the neon colors started to blend into each other, creating a yellow sun, bursting hot flaming colors into my eyes. AHHHHHH!!!!!! It hurts! Then my eyes fluttered open. Never have I been so unhappy to awake. I was being set on fire! I fell off the operating table they had put me on and started to roll around on the floor. The flames finally died out. Then I did what any sensible person would have done. I stood up, and ran like hell. I ignored the pain and tried to keep myself focused on running. Remembering the tongues of flames crawling up my legs. Remembering these animals set me one fire. The rage I felt at them coursing through my veins hotter than the fire, that was enough to keep me going and before I knew it, I was outside breathing the cool fresh air, running with bare feet on the rough cement side walk.
I'm not sure how long I ran, but eventually I collapsed from exhaustion and pain. When I woke up, I was on a couch in someone's home. Apparently a man was taking his dog for a walk and found me. After I woke up on his couch I didn't stay long. I had to keep moving. I know they are after me. I never stay at one place for more than a night. I camp out at strangers houses and if I can't find somebody willing to let me sleep on there couch I find a cozy place under a tree. 
Once somebody asked me why I run, and I answered, " Because I dream in color." 

© 2011 Gleek4ever21

Author's Note

Why do you think the 'animals' want kids to dream in black and white.

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this is kindaaa confusing......

Posted 11 Years Ago

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interesting, what great did your teacher give you?

Posted 11 Years Ago

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piss off! Like i would tell you!, didn't you just read what I put above?, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hi! I'm 13! I'm a gleek!!! Watch it you freak! See, hahahaha, I got the rhyme in me! Which is why you should read my poems and stories! more..