Parris Isle

Parris Isle

A Chapter by Glen Yumang Manese

A. K. A. Filipino American Dream Series I: Unscripted © 2013
Written by Glen Yumang Manese 
A. k. a. (F. A. D.) Filipino American Dream


Parris Isle © 2013

“Through these portals pass prospects for America’s finest fighting force--United States Marines”

March to this. X8

Get on my yellow foot prints!                                                     

Platoon, attention!                                                 

Right face, forward, march!                                   

You’re left, right, left, right!                                   

Platoon, halt!                              

I will count the cadence.               
You will count the repetitions.                  

Starting position, move.           

O Rah, Marine Corps.                                                                               

1, 2, 3, 1   

1, 2, 3, 2                      

Recruit, what’s your major malfunction!?!                                                           

I don’t know, sir!                                                    

What’s, and I, recruit!?!                                             

This recruit does not know, sir!                                

There’s, no I in team!

March to this. X8

I remember that day, every waking moment.                                  
Will I survive or fail with torment?                                   
Every moment is a moment.                                                            
Each move is a move.                                                                             
We started with 126 some boys.                                            
Looking like a bunch of toys.                                                
Finish with 56; we were all in the mix.      
Became men, what our country needs us to be:              
The few, the proud, the U. S. M. C.                               
All walks of life trying each day to strive.                  
Become a static you better have some drive.                                       
A witness watches all the others dropping.                   

You felt like you were dying, each day you keep doing.                  

Will to survive, motivation and dedication.                               

Failure was not going to be consumption.      

I means loser and team means the exception.

March to this. X8

They say if you look far enough; you find yourself.                        
Feel a delusion in a state of confusion.                                             
Look in front of mirror at me, guess he is me. 

Explanation begins with me.                                                          

Who is going to be a true me?                                                         
When I’m sad, he’s laughing at me.                                           
When I’m laughing, he’s just stares at me.                   
What does him thinking of me, he’s opposite of me? 

Not going to give him that option.                                                 

Forget he’s just my temptation.    

Alone must fix this curse, forget seven year curse.         

I standby too long, verses are an expression.                             

Words come out, shout out loud without hesitation.    

I’m going, going to break mirror.                                    

Hold tool in my fist, time to throw the freaking hammer!

Won’t miss is your company not this time or any.                      

Sound of my voice gives me a choice.                                               

Got to be set free, time to start being me.                     

Let my voice out, all can hear me shout!                                        

Pass through mirror, rip him out!                                 

Send my message, time to make a passage.                    

Take back my soul; he’s taken too long my toll.                    

Time has come to cash my payroll.                                          

Wanted me to be a doctor or lawyer, question noble profession.     

No doubt is an honorable suggestion, eager makes that confession. 

Tire of listening to family tradition.                                     

I want to be heard to the world on that condition.                              

I need them to listen in on me.                                              

So I know; I can be set free.                            

Feel like a shadow hovers over me.                            

Open a window; so I can see atmosphere in the real me.

A call gives my words rhyme or reason.                                           

Give me to the voices, let me make that choice.

March to this. X8

13 weeks of hell, I can relive to tell.                                             
Yelling, yelling, and yelling in my face.                                                
All times embracing willpower to be a Marine.          
Lock down on Parris Isle in quarantine.                                                 
I want off this isle.                                                                     
There’s only one way out.                                               
Choose to be here.                                           
Stuck is in the middle of nowhere.                                                       

We started together.                                                                

We’re going to finish together.                                    

You have to earn the right.                                                                

A force is in readiness to fight.                                     

Dedicate a value to be true.                                   

They don’t call you Jarhead for nothing!                  

You are what they make you.                                                    

Nothing is out of something.

March to this. X8

Felt a moment of peace in the military.                                
Just to come back feels like a freaking secretary!                   
Back in this confinement called a cemetery.                         
Everything is back to basic freaking chemistry!         
Taking care of what really means to me.                                         
Hold back a dream, got to scream.                                      
A battle we share with mother’s cancer continues to the end.
Nothing will amend.                                
Repay gratitude my way; an attitude justified, until her dying day. 
She is what gives me meaning to rhyme.                                      
My reason and strength to move on like Superman.                         
Hard to breathe with every breath intake seems to rush out.   
Feel kryptonite runs through my veins; I shout feeling all her pains. 
I wish I could trade places; life has gone 9 graces.                         
Now, here trying to make sense in all of this.                              
I’m still here all in a mix; time has come to make a fix.                      
I shout again; let the pain out.                                                               
All that bothers me, everything seems to go against me.           
Mirror tells everyday laughing at me.                                                     
I want to start laughing.                                                                    
So he can just stare back at me.                                                      
Truth hurts me in this false imprisonment.                                    
I will be judge of me, imprisonment is my resentment.            
Grasp tool in my hand, a job isolates keeps me at bay.                 
Dead end road must make way.                                                        
Toss the freedom hammer!                                                            
Words are my voice to shatter mirror.                                         
Never be one called inferior.                                                       
I’m a Marine subject to none.                                      
This must be my battle against me, I chose to be one.
They all can laugh at me; who am going to be a true me?            
They all can try to break me; only I know the real me!

March to this. X8

Recruit, why did you join the Marines?                                            

Sir, release the viper from within!                                             

What’s the Marines Corps motto?                                  

Semper Fidelis:  Always Faithful, to God, Family, Corps and Country.

March to this. X8

© 2016 Glen Yumang Manese

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The glimpse into military life in this one was very interesting to me, as I really don't know much about it. I also like how you set up the rhythm at the beginning with the counting. Well done.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Glen Yumang Manese

6 Years Ago

It's not for everyone...but I enjoyed my time serving...I wanted to give this a back round accompani.. read more
Ashira Macy

6 Years Ago

That is pretty cool, you could probably post a video with the music for it if you wanted, have seen.. read more

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