Woolly Mammoth

Woolly Mammoth

A Chapter by Glen Yumang Manese

Woolly Mammoth


Drape sun around the moon empathize.

An incomplete sentence of ours lingers.

Through the years if only, your words set.

A syntax error fixed this vanished juncture.

Adventures missed our paths crossed. 

Lost in time froze a Woolly Mammoth.

Extinction unyielding tears us apart.

Even now, the feelings do not fade.

Science fiction no longer holds rule.

Monster unleashed from the abyss.


Temptations plethora offends this merger.

Cambric shirt glorifies epidermis.

Impossibility is a grand gesture.

A song fit for lovers’ task.

Engineer a bond will develop.

A cusp bears no recognition.

Triumph ceases a formidable contempt. 

Exempt by potency cast this excerpt.

Erupts the ground calls this execution.

Failed attempts do not scatter gloom.


Sea currents rush a magnitude.

Flood a land East of Eden.

Fight on by others claim.

Toil strength gives no victory.

Days turn nights without rest.

Tug of war coils no retreat.

Deplete hostel condition worthy.

Fortify cause relish the heart.

Shun them all with the wrath of God.

Still our outing is inchoate.


Creatures oust of righteousness.

Foresee a plot an end of time.

Illuminate serpent’s eye give truth.

Capture awe effect mesmerize.

Purge sins conserve their flesh.

Sacrifice forty days & forty nights.

Elapse pestilent for justifiable actions.

Gaiety seems an echo exalt.

Declare resolve within this gathering.

Shed our hide for purity is overt.


Stand before recline now as an artifact.

Remains restore capacity.

Die merely outer coating.

Incarceration was last calling.

Perish 40000 years a life sentence.

Cryonics was a fatal resolve.

Genesis transforms resurgence.

Philosophies are no longer quiescent.

Rebirth has found a new age.

Rites of passage now take effect.


Time expires not the moment.

Write down a formulation.

Set course where blind eyes merge.

Deafen eardrums cry out salvation.

Cast a new dawn for a light of hope.

Faith has carried far a divine force.

Love is not a unit measure.

Tell all who can hear aloud.

Speak wisdom knows no bounds.

Long are the lyrics of this union.


Heavy a payload does bind.

Night sky was a welcome sigh.

Isolation is a bleak tolerance.

Patience is so long a stint.

Stuck is in solitary position.

Coldness of space cannot destroy.

Blood of my ancestor lingers within.

Layers of lost do not truly fade.

Lay dormant an existence.

Persistence resides vein of depth.


Pour out now for the world.

Awaken a sleeping giant.

Imprisonment was righteousness.

Caress this newfound retreat.

Heart regains again to actions.

Destination has no boundaries.

Limitation is the acceptance.

Mind is a wasteland of recyclables.

Fight hard reinvent a novel theory.

Cast away the old with a hypothesis.


Our time dilation is not the same.

One stands still & the other moves.

Do not savor the Ice Age, but go forth.

Poetic words carved long gone.

Caves dwell in them of these relics.

History repeats these noble tasks.

Forbid the past, let go of the silence.

Morse code is dots & dashes.

Ziz is the wings of expansion.

Leviathan is a mere seahorse.


Behemoth lies in waiting.

Release the beast requires belief.

A philosophy gains the upper hand.

A quill is an instrument of aesthetics.

Beauty does not last perpetually.

Design as attainable works of art.

Doctors of a cure hold the prescription.

Write down the ethical authenticity.

Grasp this venture for the moment…

Thinkers of men do dream…the impossible.

© 2016 Glen Yumang Manese

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