Excerpt 10.

Excerpt 10.

A Chapter by Glen Yumang Manese

Through the Eye of the Lens.

Excerpt 10.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: FREEDOM. My friends or enemies who wish to listen. This notion, in which we live by. A common creed as brethren as oxygen. This air filled with other elements of pollution. You are privilege to have at your disposal. A basic foundation with a skyline view above your head. Borders to the north and south secure added protection. From east to west an ocean of vastness. Stop for a moment; realize the importance. For in this freedom; we toil among ourselves and cast judgment. From how this was taken from another to compliment our livelihood. An era has passed and we prevailed as the conquer. Otherwise, you would not have this freedom. Law and order would be much different. In what you are accustom as liberty to roam this great country of ours. You cast condemnation to the reality of the principles. Divide the nation into two loaves of bread. Still this is the America, for which we stand. One nation under God. Even with those who choose otherwise to accept. You are free to be here or go elsewhere; for that matter. The cost of such definition must not be forgotten. Those who shed blood and sacrifice to give us this right. But the passage to wage war cannot be blamed. For war knows neither who won or lost. Nor does resentment feelings of what is right; a given verdict. There is only a conclusion of who goes on to make the claims of freedom. History will be written by those standards. Not by the one who has lost the battles. If so, you would not be here. This address to write plainly in black and white. Might not be the accepter of their beliefs had the turnout been another. The pursuit to the values of our cause. You must defend; in order to keep this notice. If you apply the idea this is your savior. We can repent the past. What is done is done. Actions now will fall to deaf ears. You cannot allow your freedom to be taken. For if you do; accept the next best choice. Because one way or another this can happen. The door of opportunity was locked; someone took the courage to open the doors of our salvation. Say what you may; your freedom depends on that existence alone. Once they see the emptiness; you cherish as everyday. They will acquire freedom; and judge the rules of law and order. And not look back at you. For that freedom no longer abides by them. Last we spoke you and I were free. Are you still the foundation of America? Or a follower of the regime; for which our country stands for FREEDOM...

© 2020 Glen Yumang Manese

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If we forget freedom. She will be lost forever.
"For that freedom no longer abides by them. Last we spoke you and I were free. Are you still the foundation of America? Or a follower of the regime; for which our country stands for FREEDOM..."
The above lines, we must ask ourselves. I am worry for my country. The children have become sheep, believing in the media and believing they are a separation between the poor black and poor white. We need the old ways. Work hard, education and seek the good life. Where you can stand strong on your own feet. No government help. Thank you Glen for sharing the amazing chapter.

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A.K.A. FAD Series V: Through the Eye of the Lens


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