A Chapter by Glen Yumang Manese

Humanity (c) 2021
By Glen Yumang Manese

We are not or I am not all bad:

There is some good to me;
See, you are just a bad amusement;
Descendents of a prior life of creation;
Expectations was never highly prize;
Criticize as truth may reveal over time;
Crime does pay for the price of perception;
Deception is a maneuver less obsolete;
Concrete as that will make no sound;
Profound by the absence to the variable;
Equitable to nothing, but an experiment;

Entertainment goes only so far in reality;
Society only knows the verdict of propaganda;
Miranda rights justify an illusion of puppets;
Docketed and stamp like mail for a stamp;
Camp out; street dwellers looking for a sign;
Confine space and time, they're the same;
Claim a definition so gullible a useless mind;
Intertwined nonetheless to a definitive;
Aggressive acts to attain a greater good;
Stood by, cross to a son of the righteous God;

Sod laid before and never returned glory;
Stories so fabled even attest hierarchy;
Anarchy rises among the text book;
Look beyond the written words of script;
Conscript a fire ball straight for your death;
Set from the first day to last of loyalty;
Royalty rules over the controlable masses;
Passes by only those who are demean rebels;
Devils against the reins of causable actions;
Factions so overtly manufactured for power;

Cower before the rulers, so you may kneel;
Conceal in the dust, for the foreseeable dawn;
Withdrawn by the virtue of truth ingrained;
Insane in the membrane of everything;
Anything will do, obedience so quintessent;
Sent like a dove to fly over the world;
Lords of this and that, nothing of the aftermath;
Path of allegiance is never far in the distance;
Instant gratification hovers over the verdict;
Indict a falliable carnation so believable;

Acceptable to the isolation of forbearance;
Acceptance is a solvable trap to the openness;
Darkness now has a lightness for the cure;
Procure even they do not have an answer;
Pander by the scale of right or wrong;
Long for the conclusion, gives nothing;
Something for there is no bad, there's no good.
Understood before the existence of godly;
Worldly attributes conjured by space;
Erase not even what you call earthly time;

We are not or I am not bad:

You decide...

© 2021 Glen Yumang Manese

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Added on March 27, 2021
Last Updated on March 27, 2021

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Glen Yumang Manese

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