Past, Present, into the Future:

Past, Present, into the Future:

A Chapter by Glen Yumang Manese

Past, Present, into the Future:

...let's go forward, since that's the only way forward...the past is etched into history, our present, much like these words are foregone, yet the ability to edit and/or change our words are an erasable disillusion... is the matters facing our country...before the black and white is sealed, signed and delivered...can we come together to address the words as much as the actions for their delivery for our salvation...
...if not, resignation is a option or a greater good to accept your failures, rather than be the equation to the problem, which hinders the numbers and letters to an answer...we hope can fix the conclusion...
...the leader had told us...we will not Forgive...not Forget...we will hunt you Down...then have We forgotten how this all started in the story for a 20 year old War & Peace novel of the 9/11 attack...
...the blame game...our chain of command would rather say, I keep my job at the expense of others, if so, you oppose, you are the real with the answer, you're fired and will be replaced...
...then they admit by saying those words to you...their actions are open ended at that exact moment...the truth will set you free...the guilt of those above you must live with the punishment of being the wrongdoers... matter what position of hierarchy, which dispose of your honor to accept the false guilt for their arrogance to lead and take charge of the solution, which niether support or gives the resources to the finish line... the past, we forgiven, so the present we forgot, and so the future will repeat again...we will all pay for our words and actions for the failures for our Chain of Command...we chose to vote into power, with such consequences...

© 2021 Glen Yumang Manese

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Added on August 28, 2021
Last Updated on August 28, 2021

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Glen Yumang Manese

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