A Chapter by Glen Yumang Manese

We have an Abortion issue, Border crisis, CV19 pandemic, Domestic & Foreign affairs with a President Biden Administration...we can agree...we have a solution to the problems:

By Glen Yumang Manese

Abortion issue...we believe in Life, but eject the truth of all nurture and flourish from where we came from the beginning...we did not choose to be either men or women at conception...nor can we choose death over hope in the same outcome in who comes after the wake of Hope, since Death is a given Life, too is a given...the sentiments from start to finish are the trials of a human one has control of who lives or dies...that moment is etched in a time and place...if so, the laws and ethics to preserve those rights should be known...our basic principles to Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness...then the word Freedom, enters the equation...for which, we must protect at all cost...or there will be no such Freedom...or such debate over Life for principles of cause and effect...we discontinue Hope, there is nothing left, but Death...for what we hold Life to be, however, short or long each cycle is for each Life creates a human being, whether we choose to or not...should not be the case, since the outcome has been verified countless times with facts over fiction...we cannot choose who we become or who burdens the responsibility, for which we have no control in a natural setting of how Life comes and goes...we must abide by nature's laws, which govern the infinite cycle or choose to stop living, assure Death will claim us, all...eventually...

Border crisis...what we lose in abortions at 1,0950,000/low rate per year estimate, we gain in unlawful entry at our southern border alone with President Biden's Administration...DHS is not properly or engaging the crisis, nor the Vice President Harris in the role model assigned to her duty for our country, and others simply resigning their tenor (Chief of Staff to DHS) to pursuit other matters of interest...the wrench was thrown into the engine on day 1, which was building & procedures set in place to handle the stress levels to influx of illegal entry into our sovereign land of America...& the abortion plus the border are affecting the state of Texas & those states involved...if not, there would be no issues in the matter...yet not business as usual, since both are crucial in the battleground state(s) to make right, what is wrong within our governance to dictate otherwise for their interest only or else can have both a safety net to abortion & border, as Texas is leading the way forward with legislation to address, also impliment, what the White House Administration is against, and let the issues run amok, ignoring our safety & health among other potential risks of the flood of Rio Grande with illegal entry to the lawful way to be accepted into our country...Remember the Alamo, or be overrun by the weight of the armies coming to take over your country...

Aka virus aka dystopian movie a.k.a 19...or what have you at this point...yet we are the actors & actresses in our non-fiction novel of a script...called by many names...the sequels to this change almost on a daily can easily get caught up or just merge into the action at any given moment...we put our masks on like a Masquerade Ball, ready for the entertainment, but there is a catch...the music can be quite infectious...keep your slow dancing allowed, that's too close for comfort...some can choose to take the shot of faith, others are not fascinated by the science fiction or the reality of the nature to induce one, or may be two, but third times a charm...our attitudes are our own & hopefully we all survive the outcome...the screenwriters are constantly editing to find the audience to this genre...the ratings are through the roof...up & down like a sell or buy New York Stock Exchange, just cannot get the calculations just right for the future return of investment...DOW is low, but S&P 500 is dropping, too...let's get into their pockets to acquire a favorable turnout, because we are sinking...we need more involuntary minded investors, since all voluntary ones are null & void...the enemy within our own calculus to claim victory...we must win, at all cost...whether you like to, or force acquisition to be one of us...are we not on the same sheet of music, but the music is quite infectious...keep your mask on, the masquerade is not over...& the director's cut will shock you...once that's revealed to public eye...just make believe the rest for now, makes for an entertaining saga...the heroic leader with all the answers, knows as much as you the story really ends...

America the beautiful, let's expand the fruitful plains...tie all, this far with the issue, crisis & pandemic...we are the land of the free, everyone wants a chance to be American, or not...their choice...or those countless millions not given a breath of oxygen, to even have life...those who are fleeing to a safe haven & a hostile biological warfare, which does not care for either one...they are weeds, the unaccepted...whether they are beneficial or not, or otherwise a pest to our grass is greener on the other-side...we call home...the United States of America...we destroy our own, sympathetic to others & pesticide for those weeds are on our green grass...they need dispose of, for the sake of aesthetics...we have a problem, Houston...the seeds we planted & nurture do not grow or not well-planned out...the flood gates are not secure...over watering the land & an invisible threat that comes & goes like the wind...all pollinating every aspect of our lives...just for added insult to injury...the children cry out, but are silenced, the border is broken & the virus is adaptive to change like the one day, cold the next, & stable...then repeat...none of them are going matter how much pestilence, we only have one answer from our governing body, spend more money...& take more from you...ultimately put the blame on you...for letting the factors happen...since we put them into power to make you feel better, but not cure any of them...the carousel is spinning out of orbit...the entrophy is there...the broken record just keeps skipping...& most are just enjoying the ride...until wham, the complete over...

...the Remission...can everything be cancelled...the debt, the charge or penalty...the new America without the hidden objectives to prepare, plan and ultimately become accountable for her contempt measures to defy logic for a illogical magnitude of no wrong, without eyes to see, ears to listen or other senses to conclude all is normal...just sit down and take your medication...for we know what is best for you...just keep taking your medication as prescribed...all will be fine, you garner nothing, for the power wields you to accept not engage the truth for the new lie is whatever comes out of our jurispudence, whether in-line to traditional, constitutional grounds of American prominence...does not warrant claims for our words are are a programmable existence to download only, what is acceptable under our subject to change policy to a favorable return...the debt will be your fault, the charge & penalty, too...the spoils are ours alone...the real remission, we will forgiven in kind of full pardon...the authority is ours alone, the problems are yours to address...while we ingore the real as false, and the false as our way to curb the self interest of power at the luxury of your self-sacrifice...the debt ceiling will continue to rise, the charges will continue to grow & the penalty will be addressed at a To Be Determined calculation in time and place...for which the damages are done...but for which the responsibility and accountability is your concern...not ours...

...Benedict Arnold, which one do we have a Benedict or an Arnold...may be this is best served as, which side are you truly on...may I suggest your last meal for you, an Eggs Benedict...a basic American dish with ingredients which comes with a history...a poached egg, Canadian bacon, toasted English muffins and hollandaise sauce...have you fallen and lost the way...please let me know how the meal went for you...lets hope you are not a Benedict Arnold...for the actions you represent can garner the absent of your duty to country...not the other way around...the question is out paced, but the answer of truth comes from you...let's not for the brevity of the situation...challenge the wisdom of your integrity to undermine the principles of your role as Chief of Staff not the Commander in Chief...for I have written Commanders are not Five Star Generals...never will be...we take action for the order, may the order be just & fulfilled...our job is the battle & so help us God, we previl to our time & place is not cut short to meet such maker...which ever side loses the fight for better standards...if the Republic shall fall, by no means has the rank & files failed...the leadership has expelled their weakness & all we can do is accept or die for such freedom...not aide the surrender of such to the opposition, which wants to overthrow the existence of the Republic...

...Quadrillion...why stop at 3.5 trillion for the budget plan...we are after all independently weathy...I love when a plan comes together...let's spend and the 1% and the rest will be covered by the 10%...puts us at 90%...that's about where the President likes to leave everything...anyways...we forgot the stipend, the last problem...we can address that agenda, please...oh...that is the only agenda...ok...back on vacation for me...everyone wear your mask & make sure to buy your tickets (only 35K per person) for the next Masquerade Ball...the show is about to start...AOC & the weekend at Bernie's will host this tribute of a Spend Like No Tomorrow...the theme and theatrics are nothing like you have ever seen before...remember the 10, just add 15 zeros...and you are paying for the whole event...but here's the new green deal maker...over 10 years...hip, hip, hooray...what can you say...hip, hip, hooray...spend, spend away and there is no end in site...just keep spending to your heart's content...follow your heart...the heart of the is where the heart will over joyed by the cholesterol levels of debt...that money buys everything, and get pay the entirety of the heart attack at the stipend...when everything is said & done...that's all folks...remember what sequel comes next...QUINTILLION...hip, hip, hooray...

...Hyperbole to the max...Mail Order Bride...correction folks... Mail Order President...comes with strings attached...just pull it and it some what tells you what you want to knows everything...comes with 50 years of proven experience in politics...with no money back guarantee...order now...while supplies last...they are selling like hotcakes & the syrup is not included...sorry folks...that will cost you a bit a return ballot with your signature and reason why you like the Mail Order President...just mark "yes" on everything to the Left...and we will happily give you the special treatment of sugar & ingredients fit for a follower like you of our brand name M. O. P. ...the direction to be one of thinking involved...just put the string of the puppet each and feel Left out...we do the all the talking points, you just listen...but you do not have to understand...that's the beauty and magic of its purpose...the Mail Order President comes with an extra bonus, aviator glasses...take flight and fight for what is right, no, no, we mean what is Left, not right...that's your sworn enemy...but wait...there is more...for the first 81 million voters, you also get a lifetime solar cell batteries with your, that's climate change for you...make that change...the Mail Order President comes completely assembled and is 100% Biodegradable, how about that for you...this is the new green deal of a collection, every household in America should have as a reminder of how we truly, Build Back, Better than ever before...we would like to reach our 330 million Extravaganza blowout sale event of the century...this will be unmatched, unprecedented...get your Mail Order President now...and the final kicker bonus...a Mail Order Bride...correction folks...and the winner for Mail Order VP is ...well you already know...the bride has left the where to be found...

...A Horse is a Horse, a Rein is a Rein, we have lost common sense to our way of thinking, but as with everything the Biden Administration does to deflect the situation, in favor of you changing the subject on what is going on at the Border, blame whatever, whoever as long as the real deal concern is not being talked about...the policy of Immigration into our long as they talk about somewhat is not the issue, or has somewhat a way to ease the tension on their neglected end with answering the everyone talks about the tactics...not the solution...they got you to play along...the more you post of the whip creame on their American pie, the better for them...and you do not get a piece of the pie or the whip creame, because its all optics and a complete bogus lie...they shy away from the entirety and you are bait...hook, line and sinker...each time you post the nonsense, they want you to do...whether a lie or truth...the ability to stretch the truth to absolutely gain the upper hand from your way of processing the dilemma of thought...they are laughing against you...because they got their way, mind control...the best medicine, you do not even have to wear a mask, get a shot or stand 6 feet away...just keep telling you the truth is false, and the falsification will be the truth, so long as they keep feeding the media with the medicine, you accept as the truth...soon enough...they simply stack the deck...and find 52 ways to say, the White House always wins...better check the dealer, he is out to win every dime and penny...and leave you without a voice and pity you as a prisoner within the system...since you no longer matter, and dependent on the system, which governs every aspect of your life...

Lost in Translation: Whatchamacallit

Isn't that most of America's thinking & wording...lost in the meaning & translation of it...since they voted for it...& still trying to figure it out...& still wonder why the leader will be the first to jump ship & leave them all to drown...but still with their last breath vote for him...again & again...because they just do not know better, dead or alive...then to follow by example for his leadership is absolute...

his platform is a Whatchamacallit of a graft in political gamut of hurry up & wait...while feeding you a candy bar & the delusional mental caps to grown adults are children, & children are the real adults...or may be something altogether different, whatever works in the flow of things...use it...we can do no wrong, & if they disagree, they are wrong & makes us right on all matters pertaining...

may be the only thing that helps is bubble gum favor ice cream with a sugar cone...the brain freeze actually does some good for the great good of this country is a disarray of lost in translation to any viable sentence worth interpreting for even a fourth grade knows the answer better than the President as the leadership of the free world, or the assumption of it...

Nine & half weeks, that was a interesting movie, Adults Only, I mean months...into this Administration of Incompetence shows experience is not all the eggs in the basket case...more a basket case of misdirections in brain nodes, Girls gone wild...oops, again, Adults Only...brain nodes gone wild, while the Wild Wild West cowboys with a Star badge aka agents are not sent out to do their jobs for our country's National Security...

a horse & gun were the backbone of our heritage once...but that has been long forgotten...who needs a horse & a gun when you have freedom...see the misdrection...a rein is now a definition of a whip...the horse is no longer a mobile way of transportation into the wild the way our borders are food & shelter plus an education package to any college or university, our house is your're welcome to come on in...

the budget plan is all about you aka illegals, can you not see that 1 trillion dollars is only good for 1 year...its 3.5 trillion dollars for a reason...that's Whatchamacallit for the candy & mental caps cost for your own good, we mean goodies for our power as Administration of Incompetence for every year of service to the people...since we have 3.2 years left to make your life magnificent aka miserable...with compounding interest now, so 3.5 trillion will suffice, since you are using our delay tactics to address the concerns of our agenda...& not yours...that's all folks...

to be continued...

© 2021 Glen Yumang Manese

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Yes my friend. My USA had fallen backwards. Old federal laws trying to be erase. Mindless children wanting everything free and the sleeping American being ran by the nuts. You write on many issues. The madness of the new world. Few concern for the final out-come. Hello my friend and thank you for the good words.

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Posted 1 Month Ago

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Thanks for the read, I am concern...too...but if my voice can bring about a spark to even one reader & put into their own words...then the message has worked...we can do this together...not this way...

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

Yes my friend. My USA had fallen backwards. Old federal laws trying to be erase. Mindless children wanting everything free and the sleeping American being ran by the nuts. You write on many issues. The madness of the new world. Few concern for the final out-come. Hello my friend and thank you for the good words.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 1 Month Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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