Protagonists but make them the villains pt 1

Protagonists but make them the villains pt 1

A Story by HumanHotTopic

Today we're destroying: Percy Jackson and the Olympians. I had to do it. I'm too much of a nerd not to.


“P- Percy? What happened to Rachel…?” Annabeth whispered nervously.

“Let’s just say… she lost her head,”

There was a gleam in his eye unlike anything she had ever seen before, and it was clear that he had truly gone mad. Annabeth inched back as Percy drew a pen from the pocket of his jeans, an eerie calm blanketing his face.

“Now you can be free too. No gods to interfere with our plans. And you can see Luke again! Isn’t this what you wanted…?”

“Not… not like this. I knew that you had changed, Percy, but I never thought it would be like this. Is this what your mother would have wanted?”

“My mother is dead!” He roared.

 Annabeth realized too late that these would be her last moments.

“Come on, Wise Girl… You’ll see them soon. You’ll see them all soon…”

Annabeth gasped for breath as the warm bronze, stained crimson with the blood of her friends, slipped through her chest as if she were mist. In her final moments, Annabeth thought about all the lives lost to Percy’s insanity. Rachel, Leo, Hazel, Thalia, she would see them again soon, but at what cost?

“See you soon, Annie,”

And the world melted around her.

© 2022 HumanHotTopic

Author's Note

Heya! The characters are in no way original, But I THINK the story is. If you find a fanfic with the same storyline, It's completely coincidental, but I'd love to know!

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Added on October 17, 2022
Last Updated on October 17, 2022
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