How to Use a Package Forwarding Service

How to Use a Package Forwarding Service

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For many of us who are living abroad, we miss certain home comforts. For US expats these could be Oreo's and Reese's Pieces, and for UK expats it could be Yorkshire tea and a pork pie! Whether it is food products or favorite high street brands, sometimes you just can't get what you need abroad. One of the regular problems people have when it comes to clothes is that globally there are very different sizing measurements and styles. These factors will vary wildly wherever you are, and sometimes you just want the ease of having your reliable UK Marks and Spencer products! It is for these people who are living, working or traveling abroad, that a package forwarding service can be a real lifeline.

How can you use a forwarding service?

The first thing to note is that using a packaging and shipping service is much easier and cheaper than it sounds. What generally happens as a first step is that you need to register an account with the particular provider you have chosen. When you do this, you will be given a UK shipping address that you can use when you shop online. This immediately eliminates the issue of inputting your global address and incurring really high shipping charges through the retailer's own website or been let down if the retailer is unable to ship to your international address. Then the shopping happens. This is the best and easiest part! You can browse all of your favorite online stores, and use the shipping address to buy until your heart is content. Then, the shops will deliver your order to the address and the warehouse of the parcel forwarding service provider, where they will let you know that it has been received. Moving onto the package forwarding aspect,most package forwarding companies will offer various repacking options to put all of your parcels together, and then, they will quote you for the shipping fee and use their shipping forwarding service to send it to you at your international destination.

How do I know whether I am using the best UK forwarding service?

One of the major selling points of using UK forwarding service is that they are great ways to be able to shop locally in the UK, without incurring exorbitant shipping fees and the hassle of logistics. It means you can still buy what you want and receive it abroad, easily and quickly. However, there are many red flags to be aware of and signs that a company may not be the best UK forwarding service that you could choose.

Firstly, you should always check the shipping costs when you are signing up. Are they actually going to be less than ordering directly through the retailer? You should also find out what is included in your monthly membership fee. Are they offering services like sending to different addresses, repackaging or consolidation? All of these are services some of the best UK forwarding services should offer. Sometimes consolidating parcel costs can increase on customs duties, so make sure you look into this and think about the best way to lower these costs, sometimes it is by getting packages sent separately.

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