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    The moon seemed to shine like a giant flashlight in the sky, as it reflected off of the water. A pair of blue eyes scanned the liquid surface, almost as if they were looking for something that wasn't there. The eyes went along with medium brown hair that swept like a blanket in the wind. It was quiet, the only sounds that could be heard were the chirping of the crickets, along with an occasional hoot of an owl. The body that belonged to the eyes and hair sat along side the bank of the sea. Starring out into the mysteriousness of it all. The young boy sighed as he tossed a rock into the vastness before him. Ripples crowded around as the object hit the liquid. He laid his head down on his hands.
    "Hmmm, cmon mind. Work for me." The kid said as he pounded his head with his fist. His eyes narrowed as a small welt started to form. "Why does this always happen, I had a brilliant idea just a moment ago, and now...nothing!" Casey yelled in angst.
    He could hear as bushes crumpled behind him, he swung his head around to a figure of a young girl. She had on blue capri pants, that went along with a pink sweatshirt. Her brown hair was tied up in a ponytail that bounced as she moved.
    "Hey Jennie." Casey said to the female. The girl smiled back in response, "Hey Casey, what are you doing out here." She said as she walked up to the boy's side. Casey's eyes went back out to look over the waters.
    "Oh, nothing. Just trying to find inspiration." Casey said with a sigh. The girl sat down next to the kid. "You mean for 'Monster Island'? Are you still working on that?" Jennie said curiously. Casey answered back with a chuckle, "Yea, I'm trying to figure out an evil race to go against the Lumara." The boy said completely serious. The girl shifted her lip to the side. "Hmm, the Lumara. Aren't those the people who are like the rulers of the place."
    Casey shook his head. "No, that was it for a while though. Now I want to make a bad race that made the Lumara slaves." Jennie eyes widened. "Slaves, that's horrible. I hope they don't stay that way." Jennie said in a mocking, yet inquisitive manner. Casey just smiled in response. "Nope, they eventually revolt against them and are in a continuous battle." Casey said as he averted his eyes to the sky, as if his mind wanted to wander off elsewhere.
    Jennie swung her fist in the air. "Well I hope they kick those unnamed Jerk's butt's." Casey could all but not smile at the eccentric girl. He picked up a rock in his hand as he began to twirl it with his fingers. "Yea, me to. I just wish I could come up with a name for them."
    Jennie sat back down on the cold grass. She noticed the moon's reflection on the water as well. She was instantly captivated by the sight. She wrapped her arms around her legs as she pulled them in. "It's beautiful, I can see why you like to come here to think of ideas for your story. There's inspiration everywhere you look." Jennie said as her eyes scanned all around her.
    Casey chucked the rock in his hand as hard as he could at the water, it skipped about 3 times before sinking to the bottom. "Yea, that's normally the case but for some reason I'm not getting any tonight."
    Jennie turned her gaze to the boy, as she eyed him with a concerned look. "Really, you don't have any? Did you use it all up or something." Casey gave a tiny smirk at that. "No, I don't think you can use it up. When you have it it's there, when you don't it's not. Right now it's not for me." Casey said depressingly.
    The girl picked up her fist as she nailed Casey in the arm. The boy instinctively grabbed a hold of his now throbbing bicep, as he could feel the blood pulse harder through his fingers. "Oww, what did you do that for?" Jennie smiled brightly while folding her arms smugly.
    "I wanted you to stop mooping. Look You have an incredible imagination Casey. Even if you didn't have it I bet you could still think of tremendous things." Jennie said waving her hands in the air as to show how tremendous she was talking about. "Thanks Jennie, but if that was true than I should have been able to think of something by now." Casey said frustratedly.
    The girl rolled her eyes at the boys optimism, "Oh, your just thinking about it to hard. I bet with a little rest than it will come to you." Jennie said as she stood back on her feet, "Besides, it's getting so dark I can barely even see my shadow anymore." The female said as she looked behind her trying to see the dark figure that always followed her everywhere.
    "Huh, I guess your right, I mean I-" Casey stopped himself in the middle of his sentence. It seemed like a light bulb just went off in his head. Jennie gave him a confused look. "What's wrong." Casey snapped his fingers in victory, before jumping up and down. Now Jennie was really perplexed, "Are you ok." Casey started to dance frivolously. "I've got it, I've finally figured it out."

© 2013 B. Chuck

Author's Note

B. Chuck
I know it's short, but I don't even know what the prologue is none the less how to write it. Hopefully I got someone close. I probably will be changing this in time, but for now this is it. Hope you enjoy.

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