Fantasy Is For Kids (part 2 of 2)

Fantasy Is For Kids (part 2 of 2)

A Chapter by B. Chuck

The second part of chapter one.


Chapter 1 (part 2)

Casey grabbed the lock that dangled on his locker door. He turned it a couple of times before popping it out. The compartment squeaked a little bit as he opened it, it sounded like an old rocking chair that had a rusty screw. Casey shrugged off his back pack before laying it on the ground. He got down on his knees, unzipping it to reveal 5 really big books. He grabbed each book as he began to place them in his locker. At the same time his mind seemed to not want to forget what he had seen on the bus. It kept passing through his thoughts constantly. "Why can't I stop thinking about that. I mean, it was probably just a deer or something that I saw. Why am I so focused on it?" Casey thought to himself, scratching the back of his head in confusion.

Out of nowhere a strange pain started to fill in the boy's head that went along with a soft voice. It was only slight at first, but it increased quickly to extreme pain. "Ahhh!" Casey yelled as he grabbed his temples with each of his hands, it was a very sharp pain, It was equivalent to about 5 headaches all in one. Casey groaned as he squeezed his head harder, the voice just kept on getting louder. 'Casey Riles, we need you.' that was what the voice was saying in his head. The boy was in to much agony to respond, or even take in what it was saying though. Kid's that were walking by were pointing Casey out, most of them were laughing at him, but a few others had curious or concerned lookes on their faces. The voice seemed to echo on and on in the boy's mind, breaking down every braincell he had left. Then outside another voice came that followed along with a swift hand to the back, It took Casey by surprise.

"Hey Riles, you ok. Ya don't look so good." A voice of a male said, sounding to be about the age of Casey. All at once the hurt stopped in the boy's noggin, as the words penetrated his central nervous system. He stood there now clenching his fists to his head, he opened his eyes a tad as to make sure that it was over.

"Casey, you there." Casey noticed the voice this time, he recognized it almost instantly. The boy flung his head around to see a average sized male, he had brown eyes that went with medium blonde hair. His shirt was an orange aeropostale, and his pants were blue slim straights. He had a perplexed expression as he waved his hands in front of the boy.

"Hellooooo" The persistent guy prodded. Casey shook his head as he tried to put his mind back in reality. "Oh, hey Aaron. How's it goin." Casey said trying to act like nothing happened, because to tell the truth he wasn't sure what happened. Aaron folded his arms as a suspicuous (my new word, mixture of suspicious, and conspicuous) look colored his face.

"Don't act like your fine, what just happened there." Aaron nudged. Casey rubbed the back of his head. "Oh, nothing It's just a headache, nothing major." Casey said giving his most convincing smile. Aaron wasn't persuaded though. "Nothing Major! Dude you looked like you were dying." Casey rolled his eyes, "yea dying, that's not exaggerating at all."

"What's going on here." Came a girls voice. The two turned in unison to see Jennie walking towards them with a suspicious look. "Well if it isn't 'I dream of Jennie', How are you doing on this lovely day." Aaron said in a completely idiodic voice. Jennie shot him back with a glare, "Can it doffas."

Aaron bowed to the woman in a mocking way. "Anything for you madam." Jennie growled before punching the moron right in the face. He fell down with a crash at the unexpected blow, as blood started to come out of his nose. He gave a slight 'Ouch' that could barely be heard. Jennie sneered as she grinned moniacly "Okay now THAT felt good, you don't know how long I've been wanting to do that." Jennie said as she swung her fist in the air. Casey turned to Aaron with a blank face, he shook his head at the sad sight, "You asked for it." Aaron nodded in response, "Yep, I know."

"Anyway, so what was wrong this time." Jennie said changing the subject. Casey scratched the back of his head. "Nothing, Just a head ache, that's all." Casey said trying no to sound suspicous. Jennie was really smart though, he wasn't gonna pull a wool over her eyes very easy. "Really, you don't normally get headaches." Casey shrugged his shoulders. "I know, It's fine now. It just hurt for a while."

As the boy said that, he felt a strange sensation coming over him, almost like something was watching him. He could feel his hearbeat pick up, as sweat started to form on his head. Jennie's eyes widened as she saw the boy's expression. "Casey, stop it. Your freaking me out." Aaron stood back on his feet, wiping the dried blood that had come from his nose. "Dude, what's up with him." Jennie shook her head. "I have no idea, Casey talk to me."

The boy's eyes narrowed as he looked around for the cause of the peculiar feeling he just had. His sight was soon met with a shadowy figure outside of a window, but just like on the bus, it was only there for a split second before it vanished. Casey gasped as he ran up to the window, placing his hands on the rim. He totally forgot about Aaron and Jennie who were watching in disturbance. Casey's vision focused outside the window as he tried to find the culprit for his weird tingle. All he could see though were the trees rustling in the wind, as the leaves blew off of the branches. Whatever he saw was gone. "What was that, am I seeing things again? It couldn't have been the same thing from the bus. However, I did get the same feeling when I saw it. What is going on, am I losing it?," Casey thought to himself.

Jennie walked up to the window where the boy's focus was, still. "Okay, you are not fine! Would you like me to call the nurse for you?" Casey shook his head. "No, I'm just going insane. A nurse can't help with that." The boy said as he smacked his forehead against the window. Jennie smiled as she placed her hand on the male's back. "Cheer up, It's probably just your fantasy world forming itself in the real world, and now it's spying on you." Jennie said sarcastically. Casey rolled his eyes, "Very funny." Jennie chuckled, "You never know."


"Shintoism is one of Japan's main religion's, over 80% of the population follow it. The other main one is Buddhism. Though they are different, people of Shinto have found ways that Buddhism and Shintoism are equal, and may coincide." Casey's eyes began to drop slowly. The teacher's voice would slowly fade out of hearing for a while, he would then come back in when Casey popped his head back up. Every time he would do that though the girl's that were behind him would chuckle. He wasn't the worst though.

Casey's turned to look at Aaron who was sitting two desks to the left of him. His face was planted right on the top of the desk as drule poured out of his mouth, he felt bad for whosever job it was to clean them. He then turned over to look at Jennie. She was probably the only one in class who was being studious. She had out her notebook and was taking notes, like she always did.

Huh, it was finally starting to get back to normal. Casey pulled out his notebook as well, as he decided to actually take notes for once. The boy pulled out his pencil, he was firmly prepared.

Casey looked up to the board to see what to write, however when he did so, everything was....strangely blurry. Casey's expression turned to perplexed. What is this, Casey didn't need glasses. Besides he could see everything else fine, Why were the words blurry.

Casey squinted his eyes as to try to make out the writing. However, what he made out was not what he expected. All over the board the confused boy could only read one line 'τεράτων νησί'. Casey just looked at the sentence for a while, what in the world was it. He knew it wasn't english, or any language that he was familiar with. He looked around at everyone else, but no one seemed to notice it. Was he really halucinating a foreign language. He was slight curious though, so he decided to write it down, just in case. He quickly jotted the sentence down on his paper.

Casey looked back up to the board after he had finished writing, but to his surprise, everything was back to normal. Casey eyed the English writing in disbelief, he then looked back to his writing. sighing, he threw his pencil on his notebook, covering his hands with his face, "I guess things aren't back to normal."


Casey laid his head back in his seat, if looks could kill than the whole world would be dead by now. He was more moody than the Bible institute. Jennie twiddled her fingers next to him, she wasn't usto this. Normally Casey would be all talkative when they rode the bus back, but he hasn't said a word the whole ride. Jennie lifted her finger like she was about to say something, but then lowered it back down awkwardly. She sighed as she decided to try one more time lifting her finger up.

"So, umm....long day for you." Jennie said maladroitly. Casey gave a sarcastic snicker, "That's an understatement." Jennie nodded her head, "I see, you haven't seen any more figures have you?" Casey shook his head. "No, but that doesn't mean other weird things weren't happening. I swear that I was picked up and placed in some sci-fi movie today." Jennie laughed. "Yea, that's highly possible."

"Have you figured out yet why you saw them, or are you sticking with the fact that your going insane?" Jennie asked tentatively. Casey shrugged his shoulders, "The only thing I know, Is that I don't know what's been going on. Whether these things have been halucinations or not, I have no clue." Jennie smiled in response, trying to lighten the mood, "Well, I'm sure with some sleep you'll feel better." Casey grinned for the first time in a while, "Yea, hope so." Casey could feel a sense of de-ja-vue at that comment.

The bus slowed as it reached Casey's house. The boy patted the back off the seat as he stood up, "Well, I guess well hafto see how the rest of the day goes." The boy said, grabbing his backpack and throwing it on his shoulder with ease. Jennie put her thumb and pinky to her face in the shape of a phone, "Call me if anything serious happens." Casey laughed, "What you mean If I'm abducted by the thing I keep seeing, or something along those lines." Jenie smiled back, folding her arms, "Precisely."

Oli jumped out of her seat in joy, as he began to hop off the bus saying, "Yay were home, were home!" She ran up and hugged Mr. Wagner, before hopping down the steps. Casey smiled as he shook his head at the little girl. "My family is weird enough as it is, I shouldn't be surprised with the things that are happening to me. They have a distinct strange trait that I think I may finally be getting." Jennie chuckled slightly, "You may be right, but being weird isn't always a bad thing." Casey shot a grin back to the girl, "I know, It's one of my most attractive traits," Casey said sarcastically as he started to walk off the bus. Jennie snicker as she called up to the boy, "I'll message Aaron, and see if I can arrange a play date for you two." Casey laughed back, "Don't GIVE him excuses to not do his homework," Casey said with a smile. Jennie sighed as she rolled her eyes.

As Casey grabbed onto the handle next to the door, he could feel a hand grab his shirt before he could take a step down. Casey stopped in surprise as he looked to see Mr. Wagner looking at him with a creepily serious face. The boy arched his eyebrow. "Uhh, yes Mr. Wagner." He looked like he was about to murder someone, his eyes could peirce you like a brand new SOG. The man moved his gaze past the boy, he nodded his head as if he was pointing out someone.

"That little sister of yours, shes a good girl. Protect her would ya. It would be a mighty shame if something were to happen to her." Casey face couldn't have looked more flabergasted. "Umm, yea...of course." A smile could be seen crepping under his short white mustache. "There's a good lad, now run along." Mr. Wagner said, as he pat the boy on the back, somewhat shoving him out the door.

Casey stepped on the hard ground abruptly. He turned back to look at the old man with a perplexed look, but couldn't before he had shut the door. He watched as the bus drove away, until it was finally out of sight. He did notice Jennie's hand waving to him as it was almost gone, but he was a little to distraught to notice. Casey was still dumbfounded from what had just happened. He shrugged his backpack up higher on his shoulder, before turning to walk towards the house. "And the weirdness continues," Casey said under his breath.

© 2013 B. Chuck

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B. Chuck
Tell me what you think, critique me, point out my grammar mistakes, anything that will help the story.

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