Chapter 13

Chapter 13

A Chapter by Cynical_Art

Chapter 13



            “Now kill him,” commanded Adam.

            “Please…please leave us alone…we haven’t done anything,” begged the mother as she crawled by her injured husband’s side. One of his legs had been blown off but you could still see the fury and fight left inside his eyes.

            Adam caressed their daughter’s hair, who was sitting down on a chair tied up. “I don’t just want you to kill him, I want you to grab the same knife he had the audacity to try to cut me with and butcher him,” Adam said with a grin.

            “You’re sick!” yelled the father.

            “Funny, I thought these were the kind of things homunculi did to humans,” countered Adam. “Tell me, Doctor. How many have you killed or seen die? Tell me a story or two about how you watch them as your people make them f**k each other. Tell me all about how you work them to death to hold on to the s****y life you give them. You call me sick but you’ve been doing this for years.”

            “Then kill me!”

            “Oh trust me, I am.”

            “I meant leave my family out of this, Demon!”

            “Yes, why don’t we insult me while asking for mercy. Real smart, Doctor.”

            The father covered his face with both hands and let out a sob. Adam giggled as he watched the pitiful man slowly break down. The father rubbed his face and begged, “Please let them go. They haven’t done anything to anyone.”

            “I’ll think about it,” said Adam. “But first. Mother! Butcher him. The louder you make him yell, the more I’ll consider not killing you and your daughter.” The mother started crying hysterically. “Mother look!” Adam called. She raised her head up enough to see his psychotic grin beside her terrified daughter’s face. He rubbed both his hands around her hair. “Remember what happened to your two sons?”

            The mother started to hyperventilate. One of her sons was sitting against the wall, headless, his head blown to bits into the wall behind him. The blood was still fresh and dripping all over their floor. Her other son was lying not far with a hole through his chest. His skin was dried up like a raisin as if they sucked the life out of him. It was clear the mother understood what would become of her daughter if she didn’t obey.

            “Do it,” said the father. “Butcher me…”

            “That’s the spirit!” celebrated Adam.

            “No…please…don’t make me do this…” begged the mother.

            “You have until the count of ten,” said Adam.

            “PLEASE NO!”


            The mother hugged her husband and dug her face into his chest. Adam loved this part. The, take no action of denial. It’s like they actually thought if they did nothing time would freeze.


            She continued to cling on crying hysterically. Here they started to realize crying and not looking wasn’t doing anything for them but continue to cry and do nothing out of the hopelessness of their situation.


            The father tried to push her off him with what little strength he had left. This part was always funny and the more people the better it got. They start to panic and fall apart as each tries for a different solution. Some stay in denial, others try to desperately fight back, and some just accept their fate and listen like a good slave.


            The father yelled, “Do it! Do you want our last child to die?” The mother fell back, her eyes broken with fear, disbelief, and pain. She managed to shake her head despite her uncontrollable shaking. The build up to the finale was always so exciting. Adam could never contain his laughter in this part.


            The mother started desperately searching for the knife her husband tried to use against Adam. She finally found it, close to Adam’s foot. Adam’s smile spread across his entire face as he gazed into the completely terrified mother’s face.

            “Go on, come get it. I won’t bite!” he burst into laughter. “SIX!”

            She crawled fast and desperately, tripping over herself at least five times in the process. She grabbed the knife as fast as possible to get away from Adam as soon as she could but dropped the knife once, twice, three times, before deciding to just shove it against the wall near her husband and scurrying back. Adam laughed hysterically as she pissed herself again on the way back.

            “Hurry! Times running out! SEVEN!” he yelled.

            The mother struggled to pick up the knife. Finally she held it firmly in her hands and crawled over to her husband’s body. He nodded. The mother raised her hands, knife held firmly, facing the Father. Suddenly she dropped the knife and started shaking her head hysterically. “I can’t…I can’t do it…” she cried.


            The father yanked her hand and commanded, “DO IT!” She let out a screech and instinctively grabbed the knife in both her hands and started plunging it into her husband’s stomach. She kept stabbing and stabbing with her eyes closed and tears running down her face. The orchestra got even louder once the daughter joined in on the crying. Adam added to the music with his own laughter. This was what he loved. Turning loved ones against each other. There was no greater satisfaction to his life.


            The mother stabbed faster and harder. Her husband, still in the process of dying, grunted and spat blood as his body convulsed.  The mother kept stabbing unrelenting, her mind broken at this point. Adam felt the daughter struggle to escape from the chair and help despite knowing the hopelessness of her cause.

            “Enough!” shouted Adam.

            The mother dropped the knife and fell back trembling. She looked at her bloody hands and started puking all over the floor. This part Adam could do without. It delayed the real finale and was rather disgusting to look at. He waited until she was done puking and called out, “Mother, you did good. Look.” The mother raised her head slightly, enough to look into her daughter’s eyes.

            Adam walked up to her, blocking her view of her daughter, and leaned down to meet the mother’s eyes. He smiled at her and stood up. Without any warning he kicked her across the face unto her back. The mother hardly defended herself, already both mentally and physically broken. He paced over her back and forth observing her body. He stopped moving after he determined what he would do next. His hair started to glow vibrantly with his eyes once more as he raised his leg and stomped both her kneecaps shattering them with one blow each. Then he leaned down and broke both her wrists with his hands. Sounds came from her mouth but what they were was uncertain under the mixture of pain and crying. He stood back up, the glow in his eyes and hair becoming dim once again.

            He grabbed the knife and walked back to the daughter. He looked back at the mother as she watched in horror at whatever he was about to do next. He cut the rope and let her free. The daughter didn’t budge though not knowing what to expect next. Adam looked back at the mother, “Since you haven’t done anything, I’m going to give you a demonstration of what they do in Sector Five.”

            He punched the daughter in the stomach and winded her. Then he slammed her against the floor so she was facing the floor. He hovered over her, flipped her around, ripped the little clothes she had, and then flipped her back. He turned her body so she would be facing her worthless mother. He unbuckled his pants and released his manhood. He raised the daughter’s waist and penetrated her homunculus c**t without any regards. His gaze stayed fixed upon the mother as her empty shell watched helplessly her daughter get raped. His thrusts were hard and fast, each meant to inflict pain and not pleasure. After about five minutes the daughter stopped fighting and struggling and just accepted it. Adam hated it once they stopped fighting back; it usually meant their mind was somewhere far. Too far for them to continue to suffer. He grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked it up to look into her eyes. They were dead, empty, and alone; there was no one there anymore. He slammed her face to the ground and ejected himself.


            He placed his palm over the back of her head and called upon his Faith, glowing vibrantly. SPLRRRT! Brains and blood splattered on the ground and the daughter’s head was no more. This brought the mother back to life as she dragged her damaged body by her daughter’s headless corpse. Adam circled around the mother and crouched beside her. He gripped her neck and started sucking all of the crystal energy that fueled her body. It only took ten seconds to suck her dry completely. Feeling rejuvenated, Adam stood up and buckled his pants.

            Adam whistled as he nonchalantly walked to the fridge. He opened it and looked for the tastiest looking meal he could find. His eyes landed on a delicious looking steak that seemed to have been cooked not too long ago. He touched it and it was still somewhat warm. He decided he was okay with it and took it out. He searched for a plate, fork, and knife and took his meal to the kitchen where the happy homunculi family lay dead. He sat on the kitchen table, which he purposely made sure stayed clean for his dinner. He stabbed the steak with his fork and cut a piece off with his knife and consumed it. It was a descent meal. He was used to rich homunculi families having better though. It irritated him because his best meals came from the rich houses. He also had the most time to eat it because rich homunculi in the Sectors always lived in middle-of-nowhere houses where no one knew they were killed until the next day. A mediocre steak didn’t do that privilege justice despite the deceiving tasty look.

            The Serpent slid from around Adam’s neck with its usual painted cynical smile. “How ungrateful of you. You complain about the food you stole,” said the Serpent.

            “Not like anyone else is going to eat it,” defended Adam.

            The Serpent slid to the table encircling the steak. “And why is that?”

            “Because the people that made it are dead.”

            “And whyyy is that?” said the Serpent in a cold accusing voice.

            “Because I killed them.”

            “And why would you do such a horrid thing?”

            Adam stabbed his knife through the Serpent in anger but made no physical contact with it. “You piss me off sometimes, you know!”

            The Serpent slid away from the knife that while seemingly was inside him, never touched him. “Why waste your anger on me. You know you can’t kill me.” The snake slid back around Adam’s shoulders. “If you killed me, you’d have to kill yourself.”

            Adam furiously cut off another piece of steak and consumed it. “Stop implying we’re one in the same. You’re nothing like me.”

            “I’m hurt!” exclaimed the Serpent. “How could you say that about your only friend in the whole wide world?”

            “You never agree with me. Even when I do what you tell me, you never agree. You told me to punish all the homunculi, now I’m punishing all the homunculi and I’m a horrible person. I’m tired of your s**t.”

            The Serpent encircled Adam’s neck softly and rubbed him like a caring friend would. “I’m sorry, Adam. I didn’t mean to make you angry. We are friends after all. And friends look out for one another. I only want you to be happy.” The Serpent stretch out in front of Adam and looked directly into Adam’s sapphire eyes. The Serpent’s eyes were cold and piercing. “But if you want to be happy, killing just any homunculi won’t be enough anymore. What you’re punishing is nothing but worthless homunculi. They aren’t the ones who make this world rotten. They are only the pawns in a much bigger board.”

            “Who must I kill next…?”

© 2012 Cynical_Art

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