Chapter 18

Chapter 18

A Chapter by Cynical_Art

Chapter 18



            “If it isn’t the pampered up little w***e,” said a provocative looking blonde girl.

            Lilith had been escorted to her room within the Red Moon’s captivity. Only she didn’t know her room was also the room of three other people, all humans at that. Aside from the blonde girl there was a conserved brunette girl and a face Lilith instantly recognized as the last man she fucked. This startled her to the point of speechless. She didn’t like the idea of meeting a f**k on these terms, it made room to bond, which was the last thing she wanted to do.

            There were only two beds inside and nowhere else to sit on. This made it frustratingly difficult to avoid others although it was obvious enough to see the Red Moon wanted this. Lilith assumed this was probably an attempt on his part for her to find a conscience for others and fight for his hopeless cause. If he thought that would be enough to convince her though than he was a naive fool.

            Lilith sat on the floor in front of the conserved girl who was sitting alone on the bed. The blonde seemed way too eager to talk and she didn’t want to have to look at her last f**k one more second.

            “What? So you’re too good to even talk to us?” attacked the blonde. Lilith ignored her. Yes, actually.

            “I can’t believe it’s really you. This Red Moon must really have some power if he could get us all in one room like this to talk freely,” said her last f**k.

            “Don’t bother. She won’t respond. She already lives like a queen, what more could she want?”

            Indeed, what more could Lilith want? She already had it all in Sector Five. The food, the comfort, the respect, and the choice. She didn’t live in constant misery like the other slaves. She lived a good life. And it’s not like she had any real family or friends she missed or wished to be reunited with. She liked being alone. She only had to worry about one person that way. There was only one thing she wanted and it wasn’t in the list of rewards.

            Lilith glanced up at the quiet girl. She looked about as old as herself, possibly a little older, but Lilith had to take into account not all girls in Sector Five are as polished as her. Clearly the girl had the rougher road. She had that dead look in her eyes the girls in Sector Five got after the first couple weeks. Lilith wondered how many vessels she had produced. Her body looked worn out, and her breast had the weight of a mother. It was jaw dropping to see the difference of your normal Sector Five slave compared to that of a pampered w***e. But that was just how the world worked. Not everyone could be a winner. And if you were ahead, best not look back before someone else took your place.

            “So goddess w***e!” shouted the blonde. “I know you don’t care about us, hell you don’t even know us except for Mr. Horse-c**k here, but I gotta know. You taking the Red Moon’s offer?”

            Lilith finally got fed up and decided to acknowledge them. She figured if she couldn’t avoid them might as well let them know they stood on two different playing fields. “It’s a suicide plan,” she said nonchalantly. “He wants us to fight his war for him. He’s letting humans die with a hopeless dream while he seeks the right opportunity to seize power for himself. You think human slavery will end? Homunculi can’t survive without human slavery.”

            “The Red Moon always keeps his word. Watch how you talk about him.”

            “Oh, because you know him so well?” challenged Lilith.

            “Better than you,” countered the blonde.

            “How so? I bet you haven’t even spoken to the man in person.”

            “I’ve worked for the man. And not once has he not kept his word. For better or worse, he always keeps his end of the bargain.”

            “Well then best turn tail now,” Lilith said with a smirk. “He needs me for this little rebellion of his and I don’t plan on throwing my life away for a new Imperator.”

            “Just how selfish can you get?” mumbled the quiet conserved girl. “You’re only okay with this because you don’t have to go through what we go through anymore. But didn’t you experience our misery once…? How can you be okay when other people are going through that when you can make a difference? Not helping is the same as supporting those who commit the crime…”

            The naivety of her accusing comment quickly put Lilith in an aggressive mood. “So now I’m a bad person because I’m not a hero? No one helped me when I was getting raped, so as far as I’m concerned I don’t owe anybody anything. And just because you can’t amount to anything doesn’t make those that do evil either. Otherwise all successful people in the world will forever be evil. So stop being naive. It doesn’t matter what world you live in, someone will always be on the s**t end of the stick. None of that will change when the Red Moon is in power. So the sooner you accept that you’ll never amount to anything more than a w***e the better.”

            Lilith’s last f**k stood up. “But shouldn’t you fight so your people aren’t in that end? We’re all humans after all. We should stand for one another.”

            “What makes you’re right to live any better than a homunculus?” countered Lilith.

            “Well…it isn’t, I guess.”

            “It is actually,” jumped in the blonde again. “Perhaps not on a global scale, but on a personal scale it does. For starters they can’t even breed their own children. They need our corpses to keep their kind alive. But I can sympathize with their desire to want their race on top. It just so happens though that I’m a human, and for obvious reasons, I would prefer us to be on top.”

            “And you think the Red Moon will give you that? At the end of all this, no matter what side wins, homunculi will still be on top,” reminded Lilith.

            “Perhaps. But the Red Moon can guarantee a path towards a place where that’s not the case.”

            “Purgatory,” said Mr. Horse-c**k.

            “The one place homunculi can’t walk,” ended the blonde.

            Lilith burst into laughter. “How ironic. Somehow I’m considered a bad person for being in a position of power and not wanting to help and yet your great plan is to run to the people who’ve had an entire civilization running and haven’t once stepped out of their safe haven to save those stuck outside.”

            The room went silent. Lilith smirked in her victory. She loved being right, the few times she had the opportunity to. Even more glorifying though was that she finally put an end to the conversation. Humans were pitiful, and it was as simple as that. Associating with them was a waste of time because they held no real power. All they had was hopeless dreams of running away. Running to a better life, a different life. Lilith learned the hopelessness of such a cause ten years ago. She didn’t need another reminder. She was happy in her current cage.

            Upon feeling mighty and superior Lilith climbed on the quiet girl’s bed and got comfortable. Instantly feeling uncomfortable the quiet girl stood up and sat on the floor hugging her knees. Lilith didn’t care, the girl already got on her bad side. Besides, no one was forcing her to sit on the floor. Lilith got even more comfortable and went to sleep shortly after. It was a quiet and uneventful night until Mr. Horse-c**k and blonde decided to start f*****g in the middle of the night. The act aggravated Lilith and not because it prevented her from sleep. Just the thought of humans engaging in pleasurable sex turned her stomach. It was like happily accepting that you were a slave. Funny, that doesn’t sound all that different from me.

            The morning came by quick when two homunculi came in to blindfold Lilith and take her back to the Red Moon. Clearly the Red Moon was not a man of patience. Or he simply realized the futility of his cause. Lilith had no intention of jumping into a sinking ship. So the sooner he accepted that she wouldn’t help, the sooner she could be on her way.

            “So I take it you won’t reconsider my offer,” said the Red Moon with irritation in his voice.

            “I think you should reconsider your plan,” said Lilith, feeling more empowered by the day.

            “So you don’t want freedom. You don’t care about your family. And you don’t have any room in your heart for friends. What do you want, Lilith?” he demanded.

            “Nothing,” she answered confidently. “There’s nothing you can give me.”

            “I beg to differ. There’s nothing I can’t give you. If it is possible within the boundaries of this world, I can give it to you.”

            The Red Moon spoke as if he already controlled the world, but his tone said a different story. It was nothing like the arrogant conceited smooth melody he had the previous day. Lilith’s defiance served as a statement to disprove his absolute power. Lilith smirked in her heart feeling even more empowered. The man who controlled half the city was begging her. A human. Lilith decided she would have a little fun.

            “Then when you create your new world, make me the Imperator,” Lilith teased. It was a ridiculous request. One she knew the Red Moon would not give.

            “That spot is already taken,” he responded in a dark tone.

            “And here I thought you could give me anything,” Lilith continued to tease.

            “I plan on changing the way the world runs. For that I need to run the world first.”

            “And in this world of yours, can a girl like me become a, let’s say, homunculus…while keeping her mind,” she emphasized. It was another ridiculous request, but an honest one at least.

            “I said within the boundaries of this world. Besides, why would you want to become a homunculus in a world where humans are free?”

            Lilith chuckled. “I’m disappointed in you, Red Moon. Not only do you seem incapable of giving me the few things I actually want but also your lack of pride as a homunculus is saddening. You supposedly control half the Ark in the shadows and yet you can’t seem to comprehend the frailty that it means to be a human. I’d expect more from someone standing as high as you.”

            The Red Moon returned a cocky chuckle. This completely threw Lilith off. That melody was back. “It’s saddening to see how little pride you have as a human, Lilith. You can age, have kids, experience change, all the things homunculi strive to achieve for our own kind every day and fail, and yet you want to give that up for what? So you can be part of a society that detests you? The world we live in now will never accept you as one of their own. And now that you’ve shown me your true nature I know for a fact that the day will come when you will want to join my cause. Let’s just hope, for your sake, that when that day does come, the door is still open for you.”

            Lilith felt what power she had diminish in an instant. The Red Moon’s initial air of confidence returned with a vengeance. If there was one thing she learned in her captivity is that those with more power always spoke with a certain melody. It had to do with the fact that if you knew another individual could not hurt you, nothing they said or did would hinder you. It gave you a certain aggravating confidence that made you want to express it proudly. She knew it well because she embraced it every chance she could.

            Lilith still stood by what she said, but she couldn’t deny that the Red Moon’s confidence made her question it. His certainty that she would come around, as if what she had will eventually not be enough, was the most aggravating. In his world Lilith would probably only have a quarter of what she had now and yet he believed she would give it all up for the sake of this new world. She couldn’t begin to wonder why she would. To better the lives of those she didn’t give a damn about? To put him in a position of power? All of that was worthless to her. And yet she could practically paint the image of that cocky smirk she’d yet to see, standing at the top of the world looking down at her, while she stared back with nothing but regret.

            Lilith swallowed and responded with half the confidence she had before, “We’ll see then…”

            “We will,” said the Red Moon confidently. “One more thing. When you return, please refrain from any mention of our conversation. If they ask what our meeting was about just tell them the sex was good.”

            Lilith couldn’t help but smile at his humor. “I’d forgotten all about my main reason for being here,” she joked. “Out of curiosity. If word were to slip my lips, what would happen?”

            “It wouldn’t happen. And if it did, it’d never get far enough to hinder me.”

            Once again, that overwhelming confidence made Lilith feel smaller than an ant. She hated it here, wherever she was. Next to the Red Moon she felt like what she was. Like a human. If only she could stand where he was. Above the Ark. Above it all. She tried to imagine what he looked like. The color of his highlights, his hair, his eyes. A man of his status must have a beautiful face. Rich from head to toe. Like Mercury, only much more menacing and grand. He saw above the money. Above the little things that amuse the common people. Lilith felt a clash between envy and admiration for the man.

            “Can I see your face?” the words slipped her lips. What am I thinking?

            “No. I can control your tongue, but if you were to ever cross paths with my image I fear your initial reaction would give away too much,” he said, cool and relaxed.

            Lilith made no effort to hide her disappointment. “I understand…”

            Suddenly she felt a masculine but very smooth hand touch her cheek and lift her face up. It sent a tingling shock through her body as uncertain emotions surged through her. “I can give you the world, you know,” he said in a seductive voice. “But only if you choose to trust me.”

            The words triggered something inside Lilith that only hardened her resolve. “I already put my faith in someone once before. Someone I loved. I won’t make that mistake again.”

            The hand dropped from her cheek in an instant. “Very well. But before you leave just remember,” his voice now dark and menacing. “I could use you, but I don’t need you. As far as your safety goes, it’s only guaranteed for as long as your pretend family desires it. Remember on whose side they stand in, and that that door won’t be open forever.”

© 2012 Cynical_Art

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