Chapter 5- Sia Septem

Chapter 5- Sia Septem

A Chapter by Cynical_Art

Chapter 5


Sia Septem



            Her King’s seed enter deep inside her as she collapsed on his hard chest. Ezra was a big man, in more ways than one. He was tall, lean, and muscular where Sia was petite, slender, and malleable. He could throw her, bend her, and handle her with ease. She liked that. She liked a lot of things about him. But unfortunately their relationship was something that was never meant to be. He was a King, and she was a handmaid brought to high standing due to a series of unfortunate events. Not to mention the fact that he was already betrothed to another.

            She listened to his heartbeat. “I wish I could stay like this forever.”

            He took a deep breath. “You know we must stop. If word got out…”

            “Then I’d be the first mistress to join your company. You wouldn’t be the first King who preferred another woman over his wife.”

            Ezra ejected himself from her and pushed her to the side. “Enough with the fantasies. I’ve avoided Esmere Septem's wedding long enough. If word got out about us, it’d be a slap to his daughter’s face. We both know we can’t risk a conflict with him. Not now of all times.”

            He wants me, but his duty to his country won’t let me have him. She leaned on her elbow, proudly showing her small yet desirable breasts. “What if he’s the traitor?”

            “That’s nonsense. Esmere would never sell out his own people. He’s too damn proud to give another country the power to step on us some more.”

            “The same could be said of all of us within Paradise Lost, and yet there is still a traitor amongst us.”

            He sat upright with his back to her. “Perhaps we are wrong. Perhaps there is no traitor. They say nothing escapes Judicium’s Shadow. Maybe that was their way of proving that to us.”

            She put her arms around him rubbing her breasts against his back. “If that were the case, you’d be dead by now, as would all of us. We’ve managed to hide for years without a trace. This attack was too sure, too sudden. Either someone slipped up really bad or someone talked.”

            Ezra decided to change the topic, as he often did when he had nothing back to say. “What are the people saying about us?”

            “The people say God has abandoned us. They say their King has abandoned us. They say they their struggle is meaningless. That there is nothing left to fight for. Those within Paradise Lost no longer feel safe. Those outside feel they are being punished for our meaningless struggle.”

            Ezra stood up furiously. “They want everything of me and yet most of them do nothing to aid my cause! Sometimes I question if these people are truly worth fighting for.”

            “You’re a King. Whether they love you or hate you, it is your duty to serve your kingdom and give them hope.”

            “I am no King. I can’t even avenge my own family much less give them back all they’ve lost. I’m the leader of a group of fools hanging on to a fallen kingdom.”

            How pathetic. She grabbed the bed sheets and covered herself. “Keep talking like that and even I might start losing hope.”

            The King glared at her. “Leave me…”

            The King’s room was a large imitation of the one he used to have in his old castle. Paintings of his lineage were lined up against one wall, on another was a collection of swords, shields, spears, and armors, by his bed was a stone sculpture of his face bathed in jewelry and a large cross hanging up above it. Aside from that, all the expected essentials found in any highborn room were also present.

Sia stood up and searched for her woolen robes. She slipped it around her petite figure and threw on her black silk cloak scarf with her hood covering her face. As she was walking out, Ezra called out to her, “Wait.”

            She turned obediently. “Your Highness.”

            Without looking at her he commanded, “Talk to my sister. She’s been too quiet and we all know how impulsive she can be. The last thing I want is her going after Charles.”

            Sia bowed politely. “As you wish, your Highness.”

            Ezra used Sia to reason with Mhia more often than not. It was no secret that the King and the Princess had fallen out of love shortly after Cruor fell. They clashed in almost every council meeting. All to which Ezra put an end to by abusing his power as King. It came to little surprise that the two no longer associated outside the council room.

            Alone, Mhia was of little concern to Ezra in truth. However, for every enemy within their own ranks that she had, she also had a friend. There were those within Paradise Lost that preferred her reckless methods. That preferred to be taking action now instead of patiently waiting for an opportunity or miracle that might never come. If Mhia were to stop listening to her brother’s strict orders to stay put, she could easily take a third of Paradise Lost with her. A feat that would set their plans years back. And for what? Honor, glory, and pride that would be washed away and forgotten under Judicium’s light. Luckily, Mhia was loyal if nothing else.

            Mhia put great trust in Sia. While originally, Sia had been nothing more than Mhia’s personal handmaid, years of struggle and surviving together had brought them as close as sisters. A bond Mhia possibly thought to have lost at the hands of Judicium when Charles murdered her only blood sister. Sia being able to replace her had been Ezra’s key to controlling Mhia’s hot temper. But perhaps it’s about time we let that temper loose.

            The longer Paradise Lost did nothing, the longer nothing changed. Mhia didn’t appreciate living in a cave any more than the rest of them. She had plans, and for her plans to come into action things had to start moving. And what better way than our little Princess?

            Sia went to look for Mhia in her bedchamber. She knocked on the door. “Your grace? It’s me, Sia.”

            “Come in,” Mhia called out.

            Sia entered the room. Mhia was polishing one of her jians. The double-edged sword shimmered in the firelight brilliantly. Mhia was wearing a white robe with one breast and leg out, and a tight golden waistband. Her bright red hair was tied into a loose braid.

            “Brandishing your blade for when you get to kill Charles?” teased Sia.

            Mhia placed the sword down and looked at Sia. “Brandishing my blade so it can look pretty on my wall. My brother has made it clear that swords are for decoration and not for war.” She stood up and embraced Sia. “So what brings you here? Did my brother send you to make sure I was being obedient?”

            Sia smiled. “You know your brother too well. A shame he doesn’t know you. I know you wouldn’t disobey your brother even if it killed you. However, I am not here for his sake. I genuinely came to see how you were doing. I know it must be hard for you, seeing Charles after so long. Just the mention of him brought back those terrible memories…”

            “Please don’t. It’s hard enough keeping my mind occupied with other thoughts without other people reminding me.”

            Sia took her hand to comfort her. “No. You shouldn’t have to run away from your past. Before…I told you to put it all behind you and keep moving forward, but I was wrong. Now I know that until you overcome this you will never be able to rest freely.”

            Mhia took her hand away cautiously. “What are you saying? Just yesterday you were siding with my brother and the rest of the council. Now you want me to kill Charles?”

            “I never said that. All I mean is that running away from it won’t let you overcome it. Until you burn this bridge one way or another, you and your brother will never see eye to eye.”

            “What do I care if me and my brother see eye to eye?”

            “Your kingdom cares. We cannot hope to win this war if you and your brother are at constant war with one another.”

            Sia could see the frustration building in Mhia’s dark eyes. “And what would you suggest?”

            “I can’t help you with that. Your hate for Charles is something only you can settle. All I ask is that you settle it. If you find yourself in doubt, ask yourself why you’re fighting this war. Is it for revenge or for your kingdom? And remember, neither answer is wrong.” That should keep her thinking. “But I must be on my way. I’m glad to see you’re holding up well. If you need anything, feel free to call upon me.”

            Mhia gave a hallow smile. “I’ll keep what you said in mind. Thank you.”

            Now, to more important matters.

            Lumina was not the closest place to Cruor in Judicium, but it was the only one willing to take them in after the war. It was also the only one large enough. Judicium had three big cities. Lumina, Eden, and Judimia. Together they were referred to as the Three Judgments. Eden was the Holy City of the Church. The Holy City used to hold no direct ties to any country until Judicium forced them into submission along with the rest of the world. Judimia was the capital of Judicium. Judimia was the only one of the three great cities to have originally been part of Judicium. And Lumina, was considered the Heart of Order. Lumina had originally belonged to one of the fallen countries. It was renamed shortly after and rebuilt to serve as the center of all order since it was directly in the center of all land. Lumina was the largest of the three cities.

            The lower districts of Lumina had become an overpopulated dump. The amount of Cruorians left homeless after the war had had two choices; help rebuild Cruor in Judicium’s image or move to Cruor and start their life as a Judician citizen. The easier choice would have been the reconstruction of Cruor but many Cruorians were too prideful to contribute to the cause. Those that chose to live in the lower districts of Lumina soon regretted it. While the Judicians offered jobs and shelters, the amount of Cruorians that moved in were too many to accommodate. It resulted in a first come first serve and those that came in last had neither homes nor jobs and would be force to beg. It didn’t take long before the beggars started getting desperate, but if there’s one thing everyone knows about Judicium, it’s that order is absolute.

            The Black Coats were generally the enforcers of the law in Judicium, but in the lower districts of Lumina it was the White Coats who kept order. The White Coats, formally known as Judicium’s Light, were the military in Judicium. The key difference between the Black Coats and the White Coats was, the Black Coats enforced the law, and the White Coats protected it. That was the Judician version anyways. A Cruorian would have a different answer. A Black Coat treated you like a citizen, while a White Coat treated you like a foreign enemy. If you broke a law around a Black Coat, depending on the severity of the crime, you’d either go to prison or executed after a trial. If you broke a law around a White Coat, they didn’t waste time on a trial, they killed you on the spot.

            Sia rejoined the outside world through a tunnel leading to a church. The tunnel led to the church’s dark cellars, beneath a false floor. The churches in Lumina were where most of their tunnels led. The one thing Judicians and Cruorians shared was their faith, and with it their respect. A church was the only place you didn’t find White Coats on duty. To taint sacred grounds with murder would be blasphemy of the highest degree even in Judicium. The true safety of the churches though came from the True Believers who’d given them access to the tunnels in the first place.

The church as usual was packed with countless refugees, most homeless Cruorians. The large crowd and lack of official security made it easy to go in and out of the church unnoticed. After leaving the church, Sia made her way towards her nighttime occupation. In these hard times, her occupation was a sort of last resort for most Cruorian women. Arguably it was not even a job most of them would mind, but what was once considered a high-class duty in Cruor was quite the opposite in Judicium.

Judicium’s views on sex were odd to say the least. Not only was it shameful, but it hardly put food on the plate. Why a country would frown upon the open embracement of the best pleasure life had to offer, made absolutely no sense. It was like frowning upon people who drank wine at a dinner.

            A Rat ran the brothel Sia worked at. The insult couldn’t have been worse, but the Judicians favored the Rats to the Cruorians so it was to be expected. Rats had been slaves in Cruor for the majority of Cruorian history. When the Judicians invaded, they saw it as liberation, and indeed it was for them. Since the fall of Cruor, Rats were no longer slaves, or property. While many found themselves doing much of the same, now they got paid and got treated like people. Others took their newfound rights much further though. There were many who had deep hatred towards their rightful masters and wished to humiliate the Cruorians at any possible turn. The Owner of the brothel was no exception to the lot but Sia at least knew how to deal with him.

            Without a question, Sia was the most beautiful Cruorian at the brothel. While most customers were Judicians or Rats who either wanted to put their c**k into some cheap c**t or humiliate them, there were those rare ones who had a certain craving for the crimson foreigners. Within the brothel, Sia was the only one who was not ill nourished or had any bruises. She was also the cleanest of the bunch. Sia had made it clear to the Owner that she’d only settle for those customers who would pay a descent coin for her. At first, he tried to exert his power on her, but realized soon after he was risking losing his highest income. The other girls hated her for her privileges, but any Judician who wanted the highest-class Cruorian c**t knew exactly where to look. It kept the Rats out and money enough to feed her and three others for a night.

            Sia changed into a see-through straight linen dress with a shoulder strap. The dress cut off around her knees and a tight leather waistband wrapped it tightly around her figure. The waistband made her best asset, her buttocks, stand out plump and proudly by masking around its moonlike figure. Over, she had a silk scarf wrapped loosely around her torso, hanging over her small breasts. Her red hair was tied up like a bouquet of flowers and she wore a bronze circlet over her forehead. She wore dark eyeliner around her ruby eyes, her cheeks were rosy pink against her olive skin, and her lips blood red. Glances of disdain and admiration came from all over. Sia loved the attention either way it came at her. It made her feel important.

            The Owner quickly found her. A fat Rat with acne and a bulbous red nose that looked like it could burst any minute. “You have a customer waiting. He’s paid good coin to keep you on hold. Go up to your room and I’ll send him your way. Try not to disappoint him.”

            Sia nodded and headed upstairs to her exclusive room. In truth it was the same as all the others, but the bed was bigger, and it had curtains around it to make it more to the likeness of Cruorian royalty. For sales purposes, the Owner often told customers she was. For whatever reason, highborn c**t was always better than lowborn. How they would feel if they discovered I’m nothing but a lowborn wench?

            When Sia entered the room she started to undress. It wasn’t long before she heard a knock on the door. Only one person knocks in a brothel.

            “Come in,” she said in her most seductive voice.

            The door opened and in came the wealthiest looking customer she ever had. He was wearing a black frock coat with gold buttons. Under he had a brown vest with vague decorations on it and a white frilly cravat puffing out. Beneath he had black trousers and rich brown leather boots. The chain of a silver pocket watch could be seen hanging from his pocket. No weapons were visible to the eye, but Sia could bet they were hidden somewhere. A man this wealthy didn’t travel unarmed.

            His features were fair but ambiguous. His hair had the characteristics of a Judician, soft and wavy, but it was black as night like a Rat. His facial features in the other hand were predominantly Judician, very defined and sharp as opposed to the flat faces of a Rat or the elegantly smooth faces of a Cruorian. Sia had not seen the man beneath a beard before though so the only truly distinguishing familiar features were his purple eyes.

            “I hardly recognized you. Last I saw you, you looked like you could hardly afford a vest, let alone a pocket watch. And your hair was all hidden beneath a hat that looked like you’d stepped on it too many times. Your face too, aside from the fact it’s clean now, your entire demeanor is different. If not for your purple eyes, I’d almost take you for another man. So, is your name still Noctis or is that different too now?”

            Noctis walked idly around the room, paying no mind to the fact that she was completely naked. He certainly knows how to make a woman feel subconscious about the way she looks. “My name is of no importance,” he said. “So you can continue calling me Noctis if you wish.”

            “After all the help we’ve given one another, I wish you’d start trusting me a little more.” She moved the curtains to the side and took a seat on the bed with her legs crossed. “The work you and your friends did at the shelter, what the hell was that all about? The entire Paradise Lost is hunting for a traitor now. You were supposed to be discreet and catch one of our own to make it seem as if they talked.”

            “My superior thought otherwise. He said if we capture one of your own, the rest would go into hiding. So he figured, might as well catch as many as possible.”

            “That wasn’t what you promised me. Now I’m in danger.”

            “It’s not my place to question my superior’s orders. I had no logical reason to argue his plan of action. It was the best chance we had at hurting Paradise Lost and capturing some of their members.”

            “Well you failed. The only ones you took for hostage aren’t even in Paradise Lost. I did tell you most of the people in the shelter had no idea we were even there.”

            Noctis studied her, but only her face. He didn’t as much as glance at her naked body. “Funny how we only captured civilians. I find it peculiar that not a single soul escaped that shelter, and yet, some people still got away.”

            Sia felt her fingers tremble. “You’re contradicting yourself.”

            “The shelter was surrounded on all exits. Not a single Cruorian made it out any of the exits with their lives. After the slaughter, everyone was confirmed either dead or captured. But I know that’s not the case. During the assault I clashed with an unusual Cruorian. Her hair was as bright as fire and her eyes dark as night. She was far too skilled to be just a civilian. I looked all over the victims and captives myself after the fighting was done, just to find her. It was interesting to see that she was not amongst them, along with another conspicuous looking Cruorian with a burn scar of a hand on his head.” He took a step closer to her. “Maybe it’s time you start telling me where it is you all really hide.”

            Sia couldn’t hide her fear even if she hid herself behind the curtains. Her entire body was glistening with sweat and shivering like a wet dog. Why am I so scared? I should have the upper hand here. He needs me. “Why should I? I’m still living in this shithole and what good is a deal with someone who can’t keep their promises? If you have no power then maybe I should be negotiating with your superior, not you.”

            “You’ll find my superior won’t be as kind as me. His methods of extracting information carry less promises and a lot more pain.”

            “Had I known before that Charles Veritas was your superior I would’ve never talked.” Sia was disappointed to find that Noctis had no reaction to her knowledge of Charles. She decided to push him further. “I know Charles led the attack on the shelter. And I know the kind of man he is; I’ve seen him do his work before during the Crimson War.”

            “Charles is irrelevant. I’ve protected your identity from him along with the rest of Judicium’s Shadow. I’m the only one who knows who you are, and I promise to save you from this hell you’re living in, but only if you tell me where Paradise Lost is really hiding.”

            Sia felt empowered again, no longer feeling endangered. She stood up confidently. “No. Not unless you get me out of here first. After your massacre at the shelter I won’t risk my life by telling you another location until my safety is guaranteed from both Judicium and Paradise Lost.”

            Noctis thought on it for a bit before responding, “If I do this, you will tell me exactly where to find Paradise Lost.”

            Sia nodded. “That’s the agreement.”

            “We’ll also want the identity of all the lead figures.”

            “I know all the members of the council, including its leader.”

            “How do I know your information is credible? How do I know this isn’t just another set up like the Crimson Treason?”

            “You don’t. You’ll just have to trust me. My word, unlike yours, has been good up to this point.”

            Noctis studied her with his eyes. “You realize if you play us false, you’ll suffer a fate much worse than death.”

            “Then I have nothing to fear as long as you keep your word. But like I said, you’re not getting a word out of me until I’m safe and sound in a life worth living.”

            Noctis nodded. “Very well. I’ll make the arrangements to have you moved to the upper districts. I’ll find a good person you can serve…”

            “I thought I made myself clear when I said you’re not getting a word out of me until I’m safe and sound in a life worth living. I’m done serving other people. If I sell my people out, I want to live as an upper class Judician citizen.”

            “You ask for the impossible. A Cruorian living as an upper class Judician citizen is preposterous. The war is still too fresh. It’d take years after the complete eradication of Paradise Lost before you can hope to truly live as one of us. Your people have still yet to prove their loyalty to Judicium.”

            Sia drew closer to Noctis. “Do you believe in God?”


            “Do you follow the Church?”

            “I do. But what does that have to do with anything?”

“What I want can be achieved…but only if you marry me.”

            That made him frown. “That’s even more ridiculous.”

            “If we get married under the Church, it is a sacred matrimony. It will bind us together and give me the protection and guarantee that I need. There are no laws against interracial marriage. Judicians have done it before with other races from other fallen countries. You’re wealthy. As your wife I can live a normal life in a normal home away from all this.”

            “We’d be bound for life. We don’t even love each other. It’d be a mockery of the Church.”

            “It wouldn’t be anymore mockery than all the other marriages of convenience. This one would be putting an end to a war that’s been going on for more than twenty years.”

            It was obvious he wasn’t thrilled about the idea. He’s probably disgusted by Cruorian blood. He wouldn’t be the first Judician. Even so, Sia cared little for his love or affection. Handsome as he was, she much preferred a certain Cruorian King. All she wanted from him was an escape.

            “After the Crimson Treason I doubt anyone will believe that.”

            “Perhaps. But without my help your Fuhrer will never get rid of Paradise Lost. Every day Paradise Lost remains is another day Judicium’s infallible justice fails. So he’ll want my help. Besides, unlike with the Final Peace Treaty, there’s no risk this time around. My deal is entirely personal, and once you’re done, there won’t be any Cruorians left willing to oppose you.”

            “Very well,” he said. Sia’s eyes opened in shock. “I don’t like your terms, but if it’ll end this war, I’ll do it. But mark my words, if you play me for a fool, you’ll wish you never lived.”

            Sia could hardly believe her ears. “So…you’ll do it? You’ll marry me?”

            “I will. However, it’ll have to wait until further notice.”

            Her excitement left her in an instant. I knew it was too good to be true. He’s too much of a proud Judician to sell his life to a Cruorian. “You know my terms. I won’t talk until…”

            “Until we’re married, I know. I’d do it tomorrow, but my superior is currently not in the city. Something this big I can’t do without his consent. Not to mention, I’ll have to convince him your word can be trusted. Which might not be so easy. He’s the last person who’d trust a Cruorian. You’ll need to give me small leaks until his return. Anything you give us that’s credible is only the more reason to continue trusting you.”

            He plans on milking me until he doesn’t need me anymore. “Well you’d best get in touch with Charles soon. You won’t get a word out of me until our lives are bound by holy matrimony.”

            “Just what exactly do I have to do for you to trust me? I will marry you. But I need to be able to present a credible argument on your behalf so that your word can be trusted.”

            Let’s see just how proud you are. “F**k me.”

            He frowned. “You sure have a way of telling me the things you want. What would you gain from that?”

            She walked seductively to him, one leg in front of the other, and grabbed the inner edges of his frock coat. “Every time we’ve met, it’s been in this room. Every time I’m as naked as the day I came to this world, and you’re fully clothed. You’ve never as much as glanced at me like a man should a woman. There are some Judicians that would rather die than shame themselves by making love to a Cruorian.”

            “You mean to find out if I’m one of those.”

            She tugged him closer to her. Her head only made it as high up as his chest. “If you won’t make love to me here where no one of import will ever know, then you definitely won’t marry me where the entire world will know.”

            He looked down, right through her. “I can give you my word that I am not a racist, but if this is the proof you want, so be it.” He took a step away from her. “If you’ll excuse me, I’ll return in a bit. I’ll need a couple drinks before we begin.”

            Sia fumed with embarrassment. Never in her life had she been so humiliated. “Am I so repulsive that you can’t even see me as a woman?”

            “I meant no offense. I simply don’t feel my carnal urges unless I’m drunk. I was raised in a way to resist all temptation.”

            “That has to be the worse excuse I’ve ever heard!” She dragged him around and pushed him towards the bed, hopped on top of him, laying her bare sex directly over his groin. “If you’re going to be my husband I expect you to f**k me any time of the day regardless of whether or not you’re drunk.”

            She locked her lips to his and stuck her tongue inside his mouth. His response was as dull as if he were asleep. She pulled back. “Have you ever been with a woman before?”

            He stared from below with hardly any visible emotion. “Yes, but never while I’ve been sober.” Have I ever met a more pathetic man?

            She decided to go directly to the part of a man that never lied. Even if his eyes could not see, if he had a c**k, she would not have rejection. She ripped open his vest and linen shirt, revealing his muscular body, at least he’s pleasant to look at if nothing else, and started making her way down, licking, sucking, and tasting every inch of his body as she went. He didn’t struggle to fight her, but his face couldn’t have looked more indifferent if he was watching paint dry. Let’s see how much longer you can keep that cool exterior for.

            Sia pulled down his trousers and released his manhood. She was disappointed to find that he was still completely flaccid. She considered the possibility that he may not be into women, but dismissed it for her own sake. She couldn’t bear the thought of spending the rest of her life with a man who preferred other men to being with her. Homosexual men were burned alive in Cruor.

She took his manhood into her warm wet mouth. Instantaneously she started to feel a reaction. She could feel the blood pumping to his c**k as it enlarged inside her mouth. So he’s not completely incompetent. As his c**k enlarged she decided to rub her hand up and down his shaft while she concentrated on just the head. She twirled her tongue all around the head and soon found his c**k to be fully erected. She smiled to herself. There’s never been a man I couldn’t please.

Sia had been with many men and had gathered plenty of experience over her years. To her, pleasuring men was as easy as breathing. She stopped jerking him and placed both hands on the inside of his thighs. With ease and experience she started bringing her mouth in and out of his manhood. She was relieved to find that his c**k grew to a marvelous stature. Whenever she took it all the way down her throat it filled the entirety of her mouth and more. An inexperienced Cruorian would only likely go half way down; she could take her lips to the base. She continued to suck on his c**k, faster and faster, until she finally started hearing groans of pleasure. Her scarlet lips found their way to the base of his c**k again. She could feel the entirety of his manhood inside her mouth and throat, pulsing. She felt the force of his hand pull her out, making a large slurping sound and leaving behind a string of saliva connecting to her mouth. She gasped for air, proudly. You can fight it all you want, but you want me.

The same could be said about her. Sia could feel herself getting wet between her thighs and decided it was time for the main course. She climbed on top of him and inserted his c**k all the way inside herself. She released a gasp of pleasure as he entered her. As she grinded herself against him, up and down, side to side, she wondered if he could tell another man had been inside her earlier that day. While she was certain any Cruorian man would know, Judicians were known to be naïve when it came to sex. Many entertained the illusion that they were somehow special. In Cruor, exclusivity between a man and woman was only expected from the moment of betrothal, to the early years of their marriage. The reason behind being so when an heir was born, they knew for certain who the father was. Afterwards it was expected for both husband and wife to take upon their own personal bedding servants.

Sia found herself to be enjoying the occasion a lot more than intended, until she gazed upon Noctis once more. Without a doubt, he was feeling pleasure. But his eyes still looked right through her. He doesn’t want me. He’s just doing his duty to his country. That angered her. She ejected herself and laid on her back and spread her legs.

            “Prove to me how much you’re willing to give for your country,” she demanded.

            He raised himself obediently, his c**k fully erected and glistening with her juices. He leaned forward to take lead and she placed a hand on his chest and said, “No. I want you to take me like a man.” Sia turned around with her a*s facing him and raised it high up, arching her back, on her knees and elbows. She liked being taken from the back for two reasons. The first, it showed her best asset. Despite her petite and slender body, her lower half had a lot to work with. Her hips were wide, her thighs thick, and her a*s plump and round like a full moon. Her other big reason was that she liked being manhandled. She enjoyed a man that took control.

            Noctis entered her slowly at first, but he soon caught speed. He grabbed her hips and brought her in every time he charged inside her. It hit deep enough, but it didn’t have the intensity she liked. She found herself pushing back against him, still in control. Not a word was spoken between the two, only awkward silence and moans and groans. Sia realized she was no longer enjoying herself as she tried to think of a time when sex was so displeasuring. Even when those she wasn’t particularly fond of called upon her as a bedding servant, she found joy. But this was an insult and embarrassment. She decided to put an end to their farce.

            She removed herself and pushed him back into the bed and put him in her mouth once more. She sucked deep, hard, and fast while massaging his testicles until she felt him tense up and push forward. The amount of semen that poured into her throat was surprising even for her. The hot thick ooze almost choked her as she pulled away. Sia closed her eyes and swallowed hard.

Before she could open them again he was already standing and putting on his trousers. “I’ll pass by tomorrow night,” he said. “Have something for me by then.”

            She could’ve died of humiliation right there and then. “Tell Charles to hurry up,” she replied with contempt.

            Without another word, he left the room. She stared at the door, dumbfounded. What is it about men and their countries that makes them blind to their own happiness?

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Even though I skipped over some of the extreme parts of this chapter, the information in between was very helpful to understand the characters a little better. I think this is going to take a very interesting twist in the plot. One I am curious to find out more about.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Yeah, I figured you would skip over the extreme parts lol one of my goals as a writer is to create a.. read more
Dark Rider

8 Years Ago

Right now, she isn't one of my main favorites, but I am curious about what her role is for the futur.. read more

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Added on January 17, 2013
Last Updated on January 29, 2013
Tags: sex, nudity, fantasy, scheming, war, racism, love, lies, truth, kingdom, betrayal, lust

God's Requiem



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