Chapter 19- Mhia Atlas

Chapter 19- Mhia Atlas

A Chapter by Cynical_Art

Chapter 19


Mhia Atlas



            Mhia dived her head under the water, the warm temperature rising to her head, cleansing her mind. Beneath, the world was a much simpler place. Quiet. Calm. Peaceful. An illusion that all splashed away the moment she raised her head above the water. Outside, men could be heard running and shouting, the water from her bath trembling in its stampede. Every day it had been something new and she did not know if she could bear whatever this one had in store.

            She had expected to return a hero alongside her glorious followers but her return was neither heroic nor glorious. Not only had she lost two close friends in the process but she had also gotten played for a fool by the Cardinal and almost failed her mission entirely. Her plan to return with three captives soon became two, one not even intended for. And if Charles’s son told true, his life was as insignificant as that of the unaccounted for crazed girl. Needless to say, her brother, her King, was more than furious upon her return.

            When they had arrived safely within the walls of Elysium it was not cheering that welcomed them. They were welcomed with swords, spears, and chains. Gia had the fortune of slipping past them before they could bound her, but Mhia and Saix had made no attempt to escape their only home. After they were taken to Ezra to explain their actions the King personally slapped whatever delusion of courage and heroism Mhia thought to have had. Had it been for Serevex’s father, Mhia would’ve been a head short. It was easy to be thankful for her royal blood then, but she was a fool to think her punishment would end with a mere scolding and slap to the face.

            Mhia was stripped of all her authority within Paradise Lost as well as her prisoners. She was also placed in a prison instead of simply being restricted to her chambers like she usually was. For days she was left to think about what she’d done and everything it cost her. There couldn’t have been a worse torture. The fear that Serevex and Odhis may very well be dead because of her had become harder to bear than the memory of even watching her mother and sister die. Even Saix’s fate had been well in question after they were separated. The guilt ate at her night and day like a never-ending nightmare.

            When she was finally released, all Ezra told her was, “I hope you learned your lesson. Let the lives that were lost at your command be a constant reminder of your selfish idiocy.” The words cut deeper than he could’ve ever imagined, enough to have brought her to tears right in front of him. A day after Mhia cried her guilt into an ocean Ezra finally let her visit her prisoner.

            Her one on one with Charles’s son had been long delayed but she had not forgotten any of the things she wanted to say and do to him. But the occasion ended up being its own disappointment. The boy had cared little for his father’s sins upon her family, which infuriated her immensely, but what he lacked in a conscience he at least did not lack in his ability to feel pain. The sound of his screaming voice almost made it all feel worth it. Her only regret was that Charles couldn’t hear it.

            “Men to your stations!” an order was shouted.

            Mhia rose from her bath glistening. The sounds outside her chambers had only become louder while she bathed. Despite knowing she no longer had any authority within Paradise Lost, from the sound of it, the current issue seemed large enough to inquire everyone’s attention. Mhia dressed herself in a black tubular dress with one shoulder strap and one breast out, a gold necklace, bronze arm braces, and a golden tiara.

            She peaked outside the door before stepping out. Men in full armor and weaponry were rushing all over the castle, captains were shouting orders, and the few that weren’t armed to fight were drenched in fear.

            Mhia approached one of the captains and asked, “What’s going on?”

            “Judicium is coming, your Grace. They’re attacking.”

            Out of all the news she could’ve heard, this was the worse. Without a second thought Mhia was rushing through the halls towards the council room. Her fire was once again burning bright as rage overcame all her other emotions. When she slammed into the room the only person there was her brother, sitting on his throne looking distraught. This was the very look she was hoping not to find.

            “Why are you here looking like you’re about to cry when we’re about to get attacked by Judicium?”

            Ezra raised his head. “You have some nerve talking to me like that. Last I remembered I was still your King. And unlike you, my people have always been at the top of my priorities.”

            Mhia ignored the insult. “Now isn’t the time for sibling quarrels. What do you plan to do? If they siege us we’ll starve out. We could fight but to what end? With the tunnels discovered we have nowhere to run anymore.” She prayed their situation was not as hopeless as she knew it was, but Ezra’s silence only further solidified the reality of it. “Was it the Cardinal? Was he the traitor in our ranks?”

            Ezra shook his head. “No. He’s the only reason we even know we’re about to get attacked. The only reason he hadn’t shown up for so long was because Charles him-f*****g-self beat the living s**t out of him for enacting the Week of Repentance. The Cardinal came here as soon as he could to inform us and fled the city shortly after.”

            “So who? Who spoke? Who betrayed us?!”

            “It was Sia…”

            “No…Sia wouldn’t…”

            “Sia would. And she did. Apparently some Judician guaranteed her a marriage and protection if she sold us out. She betrayed us for her own gain…”

            How could she…? She wouldn’t…it can’t be her. Not Sia who combed her hair. Not Sia who used to play with her when they were little. Not Sia who was there to console her whenever she was down. Not Sia who she grew up with and loved. Not Sia who was like a sister to her. Tears of denial streamed down her cheeks hoping Ezra would tell her it was all a lie, but his eyes said everything but. He was hurt too she could see. Betrayed by someone he loved just like her.

            Ezra stood up. “What’s done is done. Sia betrayed us and now we have to fight. But simply because we must face a lost battle does not mean we’ve lost the war.”

            Mhia wasn’t half as optimistic. “The war is lost, Ezra. You, me, Calam, even Lana…we’re all going to die here. Underground. Hidden away from the world. This will be our grave!”


            “I never thought I’d say this, but why don’t you start acting like yourself! None of you will die here. There is an escape route in the back of the castle leading outside the city. You and a few others will be taking that route and meeting up with Raphael the Archangel. He will take you to Eden where it’s safe.”

            “I don’t understand,” Mhia muttered. “What about Paradise Lost? What about Elysium? What about everyone else?”

            Ezra placed his hand on her shoulder. “When the Judicians attack they will want a sense of victory. If they breach the city and find a ghost town they will know we have escaped. Besides, it’d be impossible to evacuate an entire city without getting noticed.”

            Mhia had seen this all before and she was not ready to relive it again. “No! I won’t walk away again while another person I love is left behind to die! It doesn’t have to happen this way this time. They don’t know who you are, Ezra. Anyone else can die in your place as the leader of Paradise Lost! You’re our King! You have to live!”

            This time he fully embraced her in a heartfelt hug. “I cannot abandon my people. I have chosen to die beside them…but you will not. You will continue on as their Queen and rise to power when the True Believers bring down Judicium.”

            “No! I won’t leave you! I’ll die beside you. Let Calam rule in my stead. Cruor only needs one King or Queen.”

            “Calam is a child. He’d just become a figurehead for the True Believers to use. It has to be you. You’re the only one that can still revive Cruor.” There was a long pause of utter silence. “I’m not asking you Mhia…I’m commanding you.”

            Mhia stepped away from him, wet in her own tears. “That’s not fair…you always use your Kingly authority over me when you know I’m right…”

            The King shed a tear. “Yes…I do.”

            Mhia hugged him, hiding her tears in his chest. “Kill them…kill them all! Make them rue the day they chose to fight Cruor.”

            “I will remind them why Cruor was once the largest Kingdom there ever was.”




            Mhia hadn’t said a word since they departed through the tunnel. She refused to leave like she left last time. In tears, broken, lost, alone. When she stepped back into the world she would be stronger than ever. She promised herself that. But whenever she looked around, her heart became weaker. Ten people. That’s all that’s left. And two aren’t even Cruorians.

            Mhia had insisted more people could come, but nobody else wanted to escape. The entirety of Paradise Lost was ready to fight to the bitter end, and here she was escaping. Not even Saix wanted to escape, but he didn’t have much choice in the matter. Ezra gave him two choices, die a prisoner or live the rest of his days protecting what was left of the royal family. Esmere and Dianos were sent to lead and advice her. The rest were children like herself absent of a choice. As for her prisoners, the decision to bring them along was Dianos’s on the request of Cardinal Gilles. Mhia argued against it, but Ezra commanded it be done. He said that Cardinal Gilles had been nothing but helpful and that if he wanted these prisoners he would have them. So together the ten set out.

Esmere Septem was leading the way beside his daughter and Shield. Behind him was Mhia’s cousin Lana and her little brother Calam. Then came Mhia and Saix right behind, each with a chain attached to the collar of one of their two blindfolded Judician captives. Lastly came Dianos Mars.

            At the end of the tunnel the rising sun blared like a beacon of hope. It had been a long time since Mhia had looked positively towards the sun. She had grown so accustom to fearing its light that the very sight of it made her tremble. But something was different this time. Outside the city walls of Lumina, she felt like nothing could stop her.

            “I will return this to our people,” she said out loud. “I refuse to live in a world where our people must hide where the sun can’t reach. Paradise Lost may have fallen, but Cruor shall rise once more. The day will come when Judicium will bleed until the very last drop.”

            “That day will come soon,” said Dianos. “God has seen it.”

            “The lives of those lost today will not be in vain,” added Esmere.

            “No,” said Mhia. “They will not.”

© 2013 Cynical_Art

Author's Note

Heading towards the end of the first part of this story, all I can ask is thoughts and predictions after the second to last chapter of "Part 1: Order" (haven't actually made the division on this).

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What? This book is almost finished? That can't be! You better have at least the first chapter of the next part finished.

But getting back to this chapter, I loved it. I'm anxious to see what will become of Venir and Erica, how well Caius' plan will work out, and when Charles will come back onto the scene. And I still have that feeling, Caius is going to die. Please don't let me be right. XD

Posted 8 Years Ago

Dark Rider

8 Years Ago

I can't wait for the next chapter and the next book! :)

And the next chapter of my st.. read more

8 Years Ago

It's not a different book XD just a different segment. I plan on telling the whole story in one book.. read more
Dark Rider

8 Years Ago

Oh, well I still can't wait to read it.

And will do, Cynical. ^^

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