Chapter 28- Drake Lightheart

Chapter 28- Drake Lightheart

A Chapter by Cynical_Art

Chapter 28


Drake Lightheart



            Fifteen more crosses. Fifteen more victims. Four still alive. More surely to come in the near future. There was no mercy under the light of Bright Edgar. Even Loyalists were traitors these days, as Judicium’s Sun grew ever more paranoid.

            The ravens were released to eat at the surviving crucified victims. The black birds pecked at each of the victim’s faces, ripping their eyes, lips, and skin. Drake Lightheart looked away and decided he had seen enough of this sadistic cruelty.

As he was leaving, Bright Edgar looked at him. “It sends a bad message to the men when their Generals squirm away like little girls.”

            Drake stopped beside the Sun. “I do not squirm. I merely tire of the same spectacle day after day.”

            “What would you prefer? Hanging. Burning. Beheading.”

            “You’re the Sun, Bright Edgar. You may cast your light however you see fit.” Drake continued walking passed him to the Light Council’s tent.

            Drake missed the days when war was simple. When it was one ruler against another, divided by territory. When your enemy was always on the other side and all one had to do was brandish their sword and bring justice to the opposing side. The days when one could be proud of the men they had killed in battle. The days where there was still glory to be had.

Being a General of Judicium had lost its shine after the Crimson War, the war to end all wars. Without a war to fight, his life was meaningless. War was all he was good at. It was what God placed him in this world for. The fight between Judicium and the True Believers was no war. It was a dance of shadows. A fight fought with secrets, schemes, betrayals, and manipulation. I was not placed on this world for such a war.

            When Drake entered the Light Council’s tent, Scar came running with a letter. Scar was a youthful Rat, his family brand a dark slash across his face. Drake read whom the letter was addressed to and from. It was coded in a way only certain Judicium officials could decipher. The Shadow in the Light, huh.

            He returned the letter to the boy. “This is for the Sun. Give it to him upon his return.”

            Drake took a seat and thought deeply. If the Shadow in the Light has sent the Sun a letter it must be to either warn him of an imminent threat or because he requires passage of the white ring. What are you doing Raphael? You better not be letting this kid get the better of you.

            Bright Edgar entered the tent along with the other three Generals. Talahad, Henry, and Cromwell. Scar scurried over to the Sun and gave him the letter. The Sun read the letter without a hint of emotion. Drake waited patiently with the others, anxious to know its contents.

            Bright Edgar folded the letter. When the Sun didn’t say a word Drake decided he would be the one to speak for everyone. “So, what did the Shadow in the Light have to say?”

            The Sun eyed him suspiciously. “I don’t appreciate your eyes wandering to that which doesn’t concern you.”

            “It was an honest mistake on behalf of the boy. I take it you have no intention of telling us then, as with most other plots.”

            “These days you never know who is your friend and who is your enemy. Including the person who sent me this letter.” Drake had almost forgotten the hate Bright Edgar shared for the Cruorian fuckers, as the Sun branded them.

Talahad, the Illumian General, sighed with frustration. “Who is not an enemy to you these days? Caius Ashfall was the man who put an end to Paradise Lost. If that does not warrant for someone’s loyalty, I don’t know what does.”

            “And Charles Veritas ended the war with Cruor by marrying a Cruorian s**t, which later was responsible for the Crimson Treason. I’ll not watch history repeat itself with the second fool who married a Cruorian s**t.”

            “The Fuhrer seems to trust him,” argued Drake.

            “Our Glory is a remarkable man, but he is too light on the red haired s***s.”

            “So what, you intend to capture this Son of God from inside the white ring? Like it or not, our hopes depend on the success of the Shadow in the Light.”

            The Sun grinned. “Perhaps not.” He threw the letter at Drake.

            Drake unfolded it and read its contents to himself. “He means to import five people into Eden for the Azure Prince. This is a risky move, but perhaps the type of service one needs to gain the trust of the Azure Kingdom and find themselves amongst its ranks.”

            Cromwell, the master tactician, raised a fist in excitement. “Say what you will about the boy, he’s a bold and audacious son of a b***h. He undid the Mother of Cryst. If he manages to become an Angel within their ranks, he may very well undo Caelum Infinitum.”

            “And if it backfires?” asked Henry, Judicium’s most selfless and loyal General. “What if these five people are all Archangels? We could be handing this Son of God his escape. For the Prince to trust a stranger on such a task, it’s either a trap or something of extreme value. I say it’s too big a risk.”

            “I say it’s too big an opportunity,” argued Bright Edgar. “Let us give Caius clearance. Allow him to meet with this band of heretics and bring them to the white ring. After which we can have our own little talk with them.”

            “And what if it’s a trap,” argued Drake. “A simple test by the Azure Prince with little worth other than seeing if Caius’s ploy is the truth or if he’s just another dog sent by the Fuhrer. You’d be ruining our best chance at exposing Caelum Infinitum. I say let the boy do his work.”

            “Then you’re as blind as the rest. The boy sleeps with a Cruorian b***h and is right next to the self-proclaimed Archangel of Gluttony. Personally, I thought it was outrageous to even task him with such a mission.”

            Drake snapped, “It is you who are blind, Bright Edgar! The Cruorians are done. His Cruorian wife doomed her whole race to hell. The few that remain are all in death camps. I highly doubt this is all some ludicrous plot to somehow get Caius to do, I don’t know what exactly. I mean you do realize that if Paradise Lost were still around we’d have two cities quarantined right now instead of just one.”

            “You are beneath me, Drake Lightheart! I would watch my tone,” warned Bright Edgar.

            Drake stood up ready to leave. “If you wish it to remain so, I would watch my actions. You ruin this and we may very well go to war with the Church itself.”

            A long silence followed before Bright Edgar answered, “Caius will meet with the heretics, and we shall capture and question them ourselves. Those are my orders.”

            Drake shook his head in disbelief and stormed out of the room. Why am I even here? I do nothing but watch and listen! Times had changed since the days when Edgar Gallivus and Charles Veritas stood Generals beside him during the Crimson War. Of the Great Three, it should’ve been him who ascended to the Sun. But the Fuhrer never had plans for such a thing. His first pick was Charles, who resigned to being a foster father. The second Edgar, the most visceral men in all of Judicium. What is it that our Glory never saw in me that he saw in them?

            The furious General retired to his personal tent where he released his frustration on his Rat servant, Sky. Her long silky black hair and big brown eyes were about all he ever had to look forward to within the white ring. He didn’t waste any time discussing anything, the moment he entered he stripped himself and she followed his lead.

            He kissed her, ravaging her with his tongue, caressing every inch of her body with his hands. He slipped two fingers between the wetness of her thighs making her release a gasp of pleasure. She stroked his c**k softly with her smooth hands and pushed her hips up against his fingers as he sucked on her erect pink n*****s. Once he was fully erect he penetrated the tightness within her and started f*****g her like a hound in heat. He choked her softly with his hands, the way they both liked it, and slapped her a*s whenever he had her on all fours. It didn’t take long for him to climax at the speed and rate in which he was going. When he collapsed atop her back, he felt right where he belonged.

            She laughed with his c**k still inside. “I don’t think you’ve ever fucked me that hard before.”

            He bit her ear and whispered, “That’s because I’ve never been this pissed before, in your presence. The Sun thinks himself above the heavens, defying and judging all as he pleases. I pray for the day he falls from this world.”

            “And when that day comes, may your c**k burn as brightly as the Sun.”

            “It already does,” he said with a grin. They locked lips again and his c**k began to harden once more inside her.

            He heard the sheets to his tent open and quickly ejected himself and turned around. “Who dares enter my tent without permission?”

            The unpleasant sight of the insomniac Shadow stood before him, his grey-green eyes surrounded by dark circles gazing right at him. Mentor Raziel Starfall had been the bane of all the True Believers within the white ring. All his visits were shortly followed by death. The crucifixions had been his idea for a more dramatic display, claiming it would send a message to all heretics who used God’s name for their own selfish purpose.

            Drake grabbed some sheets to cover himself. “Leave us,” he commanded Sky. She gathered her clothes and scurried out of the tent. “What do you want, Raziel?”

            “Only to warn you,” he said as he stepped deeper inside the large tent. “Challenge the Sun like that again, and you’ll find yourself on a cross. We all have our duties in life, stick to yours.”

            “I recall still doing my job.”

            “I pray you are, or I’ll be the one to kill you for your incompetence.”

            “And what of yours? I still see the Sun burning brightly.”

            Raziel shook his head. “All is done. Recent knowledge however presents a better show for the audience.”

            Drake laughed as he quickly caught on. “You truly are a snake. Remind me to check my tents whenever discussing secrets with anyone. However, I must admit that I am rather anticipating this next show of yours. How I have longed to see our Sun fall from glory.”

            “And I the Moon. Unfortunately I must yet wait.”

            “Was not one Moon enough for you?” joked Drake.

            Raziel did not appreciate the humor. “You know that was out of necessity.”

            “Out of fear,” corrected Drake. “Both you and Mary have allowed Charles to become a bigger nuisance than should’ve been allowed.”

            “We merely took caution. I recall you paling in comparison to him in every aspect. I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the man’s capabilities.”

            “A mere misjudgment,” Drake defended himself. “Whatever the case, what’s done is done. Any idea who Raphael is planning on smuggling in?”

            Raziel was as clueless as him. “I’m to remain as far from contact as you from everyone else until further notice. With Michael at the Fuhrer’s side I can only imagine it’s Mary. Unless it’s just some stupid transaction relating to his drug trade. I wouldn’t put it passed the fat f**k.”

            “Guess it’s none of our concern,” dismissed Drake. “As you said, we all have our duties. As of now, ours is to serve Judicium.”

            Raziel saluted. “All hail Judicium.”

            Drake mimicked the action. “All hail Judicium.”

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Author's Note

Off of this chapter, what new predictions have you made?

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Okay, I am really interested in this new character. I can't wait to see the role he will play in the story. I can't say how much I like Drake yet, but I don't hate him right now if that means anything. XD Like always, You've done a great job with this chapter, even if it was a little shorter than the others. But it doesn't matter the size of the chapter, it's what happens in it. And I think it was key to know what was going on with the Sun and the others. I can't wait to read the next chapter. :)

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Yeah, the main purpose of this chapter was to get a look at the inside of the white ring, introduce .. read more
Dark Rider

8 Years Ago

Oh yes, I am very curious about everything Drake and Raziel might do, as well as what what plans the.. read more

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