Chapter 42- Malus

Chapter 42- Malus

A Chapter by Cynical_Art

Chapter 42





            Humans. God’s second generation of children. It was here in Eden where they were first born. Beneath the tree known as Yggdrasil. Under the azure radiance that hung from its branches. It was here that the First Man was born. In a time when the man and the crystal were still the one in the same.

It was through Yggdrasil that the First Man was given life. A body of pure crystal. Blue as the sky above and sea below him. A body of luminosity that embellished the world in its light. But for all his beauty, the man was imperfect. For imperfection was to be man.

He was no Archangel.  He had no wings. He had no power. He had no one to love but himself. No realm to truly call his own. He had much he desired. And too much he didn’t have. God had given him a life without happiness, and so he asked God, ‘Why me? Why bring me into this world to suffer?’ And God answered back, ‘I have not brought you to suffer. All that you see. All that you want. It is yours. You merely have to make it a reality.

And so, the First Man listened to God’s words. From Yggdrasil, he made others like him. He gave them a home in the world beneath the tree. He showed them how to love. He showed them how to make their dreams a reality. He gave them power. And thus, the world of mortals was forged.

According to the Holy Grimoire after the First Man died, he became one with Yggdrasil. Watching over them. Resurrecting every number of years. Until the Fall of Paradise. When the Archangels brought ruin to all of God’s creations, the world was left broken. It took the might of God and all the Fallen Archangels to bring it back to glory. But Yggdrasil never regained its life. It never once again produced the beautiful azure crystals that gave life to men. And the First Man never resurrected again.

Malus closed the Holy Grimoire. Tomorrow I will no longer question why the almighty God did not stop the Archangels. Every day was a step closer to becoming one of them. To lose a piece of what remained and becoming a vessel of God. Read the Holy Grimoire. Accept its truth. Serve the Lord.

At dawn, Malus prayed alongside Gorgius, Cecilia, and Isaac. At noon, Malus sang in the choir with Isaac. In the afternoon, Malus helped Cecilia do chores around Yggdrasil. At dusk, Malus practiced the art of combat with the rest of Lucifer’s students. At night, Malus retired to his room and read the Holy Grimoire. Read the Holy Grimoire. Accept its truth. Serve the Lord. At Midnight, Malus went to sleep. Tomorrow I will bleed for God.

At dusk, Malus practiced the art of combat once more. First he grabbed his crossbow and shot the circle carved into the wall across from him. After he hit it in the middle three consecutive times, ten times, he stopped. Tomorrow I will do it eleven times.

Once he was done with target practice he picked up his longsword and started sparring with the other kids. Malus sparred with three kids at once simply to push his skill. He was not the best sword fighter. Worst than half the children there actually. His age however gave him an advantage over them he did not approve of. Fighting three at once gave him the necessary challenge he needed to improve. It also gave him enough wounds to remember what pain felt like. Every day Malus learned to overcome it more. Lucifer had told him that pain was just a trick of the mind. Malus was finally starting to understand what he meant.

            After sword training, it was hand-to-hand combat training. For this the opponents were always chosen at random and it was always one-on-one. Today’s opponent was not someone who usually attended. In fact, it wasn’t even one of Lucifer’s disciples.

            Across from Malus was the Cruorian Prince, Calam Septem. Malus looked at his target devoid of any personal emotion.

Calam looked back at him with a malicious grin. “I see you cut your hair. You also look healthier. At least now I won’t need to feel bad for beating your face in.”

Malus looked at the boy calmly. The moment the signal was given, he attacked without any pity or remorse. For this round grappling was forbidden so Malus took advantage of his far superior reach, connecting straight and sure strikes. Calam managed to dodge a punch and kick or two but the age gap was so big it didn’t help him much. Every time Malus inflicted a hit it would send the young Prince crashing to the floor. Calam managed to save face by showing no signs of quitting but the battle couldn’t even be called a fight. Every time Calam got back on his feet, Malus sent him back down.

Calam spit some blood as he struggled to get back on his feet. “How dare you hit a Prince!” He charged towards Malus as Malus swung his fist. The Cruorian Prince managed to evade it by a hair and went directly for Malus’s groin. Calam reminded Malus the feeling of pain and tackled him to the floor before Malus could recover. Calam mounted him and whispered, “Don’t think I don’t know who you are, Judician. I’m going to punish you for everything your father did to my family.”

Calam pulled out a small sharp object from beneath one of his sheets of clothing and raised it up high. Before he could descend it though, a firm hand grabbed him by the wrist and flung him across the room.

“Do you know what happens to those that shed blood inside Yggdrasil without divine order?” asked Lucifer.

            Calam got up on his own two feet. His face all bloodied from the fight. “Last I checked the Church was allowed to kill sinners, even within holy grounds.”

            “There are no sinners here. And even if there were, that is for the Church to decide what to do. Not you. Prince or not.”

            “You think you’re something because you call yourself Archangel. But what are you really? A mortal made of flesh and blood just like the rest of us!”


            The bolt rested right beside Calam’s face, just barely touching him. “I-I’m a Prince! Y-you can’t do that!”

            Lucifer walked up to him, a knife emerging from beneath his robes. He pressed it against Calam’s neck. “A Prince is beneath an Archangel. Remember that mortal.”

            An authorative voice shouted, “Dante! Stop this madness at once.”

            Lucifer stepped away from Calam and turned towards the Prophet. “Yes, Uriel?”

            Uriel stepped forth. “Since when do you fight with boys? If you want to prove you’re an Archangel don’t succumb to such petty provocations.”

            Lucifer maintained a cool exterior. “I don’t need to prove anything. I was merely disciplining the uneducated.”

            Uriel sighed. “You’ve been rather impulsive lately. Is it because of Liana’s decision to remain in the Azure Palace?”

            “She should be here in Yggdrasil where it’s safe. Or I with her to protect her.”

            “I understand your plight, however we need you here. And she’s already made her decision.”

            “And I’m already here and she over there. So why are you here in my presence at this very moment?”

            “It’s about an internal affair that needs attention. One of the children has conspicuously vanished from sight.”

            Lucifer didn’t seem to care one bit. “Is that so. Another Fallen Angel?”

            “No. Not this one. He was a devoted child. I’m under the belief that you know him well. His name is Gorgius.”

            Gorgius? Malus felt his nerves flinch but then remembered that he was not a real person. He was merely a vessel of God waiting to be ordered to service the Lord Almighty.

            “I’ll look into the matter,” assured Lucifer.

            “Thank you,” said Uriel. “There is one other reason I came to see you.”


            Malus caught a conspicuous glance from Uriel. “In private,” Uriel ordered Lucifer.

            As Malus watched them leave, many thoughts crossed his mind but he dropped them quickly remembering what he was. I am a vessel of God. I do not question. I only serve the Lord. 

            “You always seem to have a guardian angel no matter where you are,” complained Calam.

            Malus turned around to face him. “Would you like to continue sparring?”

            Calam looked at him with fear. He knew he wouldn’t get another opportunity like the one he took. “You heard the Cardinal. I can’t spill your blood inside of Yggdrasil.” That was a lie, fool. In this room the weak are not allowed to live.

            After the Cruorian Prince left, Malus resumed training with another partner. This time it was grappling. His new opponent was roughly the same age as Calam, but on an entire different spectrum of skill level. Adam was his name. Lucifer’s prodigy.

            Malus was glad this was not sword training or he may have actually feared for his life. Adam had a bad habit of killing his training partners when they slipped up even a little. At least in grappling, skilled as he may be, Malus’s overwhelming weight made it hard for the boy to stand a chance. Or so he thought.

            It took Malus by shock just how hard it was to win a round. It was like trying to out grapple a snake. Whenever caught, Adam would slip out like Malus was trying to squeeze water in his hands. It wasn’t until Malus completely mounted him with all his weight and prevented any movement that he finally won. After the first round, the second was easier. The third was the first one all over again though. Adam learned how to prevent being on the bottom and Malus had to rely on a different tactic. When he finally won, his victory was reliant entirely on Adam’s lack of strength in comparison. Adam had captured Malus in his own submission attempt but didn’t have the power to commit and Malus used that opportunity to grab him in his own submission and win.

            The two opponents separated and gestured the cross to one another as a sign of respect before they parted ways. Before Malus could leave, Adam actually said something. “Wait.”

            Malus looked at him perplexed. He’d never heard any of the children here engage in conversation. “What?”

            “Tomorrow, sword practice.”

            Malus felt his fingers trembling. “If that is what Lucifer wants…”

            “I will win.” Quite the hubris child. It seems you’re not as perfect as Lucifer believes you to be.

            Malus retired to his room. Upon entering he started reading the Holy Grimoire right away. Read the Holy Grimoire. Accept its Truth. Serve the Lord. Every day he felt himself become more and more the empty vessel Lucifer wanted. The boy Venir was now nothing but a distant memory. His pain and sadness a page in a book left to be forgotten.

It was relief…being so empty inside. Having nothing to fear. Nothing to love. Nothing to hate. Once all emotion was removed from life, all that remained was purpose. And nothing could stop you from that purpose. A clear notion of what is right and wrong. That is what God is.

Malus heard a knock on the door. He found that strange since he never had any visitors anymore. He went to open the door regardless.

“Cecilia?” The little girl was close to tears.

            “Can I come in?” she asked.

            Malus allowed her inside and closed the door. “What’s wrong?” What am I doing? I am not a person. I don’t care.

            “It’s Gorgius. He’s gone missing.”

            They still haven’t found him? “Fear not. Lucifer is already looking into it.” Could Gorgius actually be in danger? The thought made Malus feel uneasiness, but his emotions didn’t matter anymore.

            Cecilia didn’t seem the least bit relieved. “But what if he doesn’t?” She looked at Malus with big teary eyes. “Do you think…someone would hurt Gorgius?”

            “I don’t see why anyone would. Gorgius is a devoted child who poses no harm to anyone.”

            “But why else would he go missing? Gorgius would never skip out on his duties.”

            Malus was starting to become frustrated with her concern. Her questions were destroying the peace he’d work so hard to achieve in his mind. “I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation.”

            Cecilia started to fiddle with her fingers. “Do you think…maybe we should help look for him?”

            “We would only get in the way.”

            “But what if his Eminence can’t find him.”

            “He will. God will make sure of it.”

            “But what if…”

            Malus snapped. “He will, Cecilia!” He calmed himself. “You just have to…give it time is all.”

            She put her head down, startled and afraid. “I’m sorry…you’re right.”

            She rushed for the door and ran out. “Cecilia, wait!”

            Malus watched her keep running as he remained in the room, restrained by what is right. It’s not my duty. I am not responsible. Lucifer will find him. Malus sat on his bed to try to relax but stood back up when he couldn’t. He started pacing back and forth in his room. Gorgius is fine. Of course he’s fine. No one would hurt him, right? What harm could he do to anyone? Malus decided to read his Holy Grimoire to calm himself but couldn’t manage to focus. He put the book down and lay back on his bed. What if Lucifer doesn’t find him? What if he’s in danger? What if he’s…no, I can’t think like that. We’re inside of Yggdrasil. These are sacred grounds. The heart of the Church. The Church is the one who gave us all a second chance at life. Malus laid his head to rest on that thought and closed his eyes. Suddenly he was hearing gunshots and broken glass in his head. He saw images of clergymen cloaked in brown robes with hoods on. The one in the middle removed his hood and from it fell the head of a little girl.

            Malus jumped up from his bed. Damn it, Cecilia!

            Malus stepped outside his room. The halls of Yggdrasil were quiet. At this hour only a handful of people still roamed around, mostly nuns. Malus decided he would first try to find Cecilia. This was her idea and he figured if there was actually something to be afraid off inside Yggdrasil that she’d be better off with him by her side.

            When he reached her door he knocked. “Cecilia? It’s me. Are you in there?” No one replied. He found that to be very unlike Cecilia. Even if she were mad, she wouldn’t be the type to ignore someone completely. Malus knocked a couple more times with no response before just deciding to open the door. To his fears, there was no one inside her room.

            “Malus? Is that you?”

            Malus jumped at the sound of the voice. When he turned he saw it was only Tyna. “Yes,” he answered. “I was looking for Cecilia. She was searching for me earlier but I wasn’t in my room. Do you know where she might’ve gone?”

            Tyna looked as baffled as he was. “I haven’t the slightest clue. I’ve never seen her outside her room at this hour. I’ll check with the other nuns. Perhaps one of them had some late night duty they needed of her. In the meantime you should go back to your room.”

            “Thank you. I’ll do just that.”

            Great, so Cecilia went looking for Gorgius without me. Malus parted ways with the nun but he didn’t head straight for his room. Instead he went to Isaac’s room. Malus figured if Cecilia tried to convince him to help her search for Gorgius, Isaac would be asked as well. The four of them spent most of their time together.

            As soon as Malus knocked on Isaac’s door, he heard footsteps on the other side. The door opened and he saw Isaac’s emotionless face. But no Cecilia.

            “Sorry to bother you this late but have you seen Cecilia?”

            “I saw her earlier,” answered Isaac. “She was concerned about Gorgius’s disappearance. I told her it is not our duty to search for missing children. After that she left.”

            Malus sighed. “I told her the same thing…but then I got worried and went to look for her in her room. Only, she wasn’t there. It’s unlikely for her to be up and about this late. Do you think she went to search for Gorgius on her own?”

            Isaac shook his head. “No. Cecilia is a devoted child. She would not involve herself in matters that do not concern her. As I would hope you wouldn’t either.”

            “But what if something happened to her?”

            “Then Cardinal Daimios will see to it that divine justice is served.”

            Malus gave up. “Very well.” I’m guessing you won’t help me search for her so it looks like I’m on my own. Malus stopped himself just before he decided to leave. “Just one more thing. When was the last time you saw Gorgius?”

            Isaac pondered the thought for a bit before answering, “I think he was going to help Cardinal Gilles with something. I can’t quite remember.”

            Malus gave his farewells and started on his search. He decided he would look for Cecilia in all the main areas within Yggdrasil. There was a big chance that rather than looking for Gorgius, Cecilia simply went to pray and pay her respects to God. That was the basic action most believers took when in distraught.

            His first destination was the mass hall. This was where most prayers were enacted, so it’d be the obvious place to go to if one needed to have a word with God. To his disappointment, there was no Cecilia. There were only a couple of priests and nuns cleaning and going about their business. Malus checked every corner just to double check though. He didn’t think Cecilia would be hiding, but at this point he was willing to look anywhere.

            Malus visited Gabriel’s lectern next. Perhaps Cecilia desired a more private audience with God. Sadly, he was mistaken once more. The room was desolate as it almost always was.

            Malus continued to search but with every location he felt more desperate. He found himself in the font with little hope that she would actually be there. Sadly once again he fears were proven true. No Cecilia.

            Malus tried the altar. No Cecilia. Even the dining hall. Still no Cecilia. Suddenly he was running all over Yggdrasil looking for his friend. No matter where he looked, still no Cecilia. He decided to start asking any clergymen he saw if they saw any sign of her. All of them were clueless but one who claimed they saw her heading upstairs near the royal bath. The royal bath, huh. Almost instantaneously, the image of Calam popped in Malus’s head.

            It made sense. If the royal family couldn’t get their revenge on him directly, it was only natural that they would target those closest to him. Malus already knew Cruorians to be of the sort to do such a things. And what better place to do it than in the royal bath. A place only they could enter.

            Malus went upstairs and from the distance he could see an Illumian man from the Holy Army standing right outside the royal bath. The soldier, or bodyguard, was clad in the Holy Army uniform. White silk robes beneath plated armor. On his waist hung a short sword and on his hand he carried a halberd. Traditionally primitive. One of the many things the Church is known for.

            As Malus was devising a plot on how to get the guard away, some luck finally befell him. A Cardinal came up to speak with the guard and just like that, both were gone and there was nobody in front of the royal bath.

            Malus seized the opportunity and scurried all the way inside. As soon as he opened the door, the steam hit him like a slap to the face. Malus stepped into the humid and cloudy room, closing the door behind him. Instantaneously he started looking for any other inhabitants.

            Far across, on the other side of the body of water, he saw the silhouette of a head with the rest of their body dived in the water. Malus didn’t hesitate to remove his brown robes and dive into the water in only his pants. He treaded the water and as he drew closer the figure seemed startled by his approach and rose from the water.

            “Lana is that you?”

            Malus froze. It was a woman’s voice. Not Calam’s as he was expecting, but not an unfamiliar voice either. He knew this voice well. He’d heard it in his dreams, his nightmares, many times before in the past. It was a voice that had haunted him for what once had felt like an eternity. A distant memory quickly finding its way back from the dark place Malus locked it inside of.

            “No. It’s not you,” said Mhia. “Who’s there?” she demanded.

            Malus wasn’t sure if to run away or remain. He quickly realized this was a mistake. Cecilia was not here. Not even Gorgius was here. Or Calam. He’d made a grave mistake and now he was stuck.

            Malus saw Mhia’s silhouette approaching and started looking around desperately for an escape. With no better ideas, he decided to just turn and run back the way he came.

            “Don’t run away from me!” she shouted. He heard her treading through the water behind him until the inevitable happened. “It’s you!”

            Malus stopped moving, awaiting the worst to happen.

            “I could recognize that hair anywhere. So, did you sneak in here to kill me?”

            Malus turned around slowly and stared at her straight in the face. Even wet her hair shone like an ember. Her eyes hadn’t gotten any brighter over the years. He felt his emotions battling inside him as the two faced off from one another. No. This is Venir’s enemy. Not mine. Venir is dead. I don’t care about her. She means nothing to me.

            Her expression was less conflicted. From just her glare, Malus could tell that she knew exactly who he was and where their relationship stood. She approached him fearlessly and oblivious to the fact that her upper body was glistening completely nude in the open. “So what happens now? I assume you must’ve had something planned.”

            Malus answered truthfully. “I wasn’t looking for you. I was looking for a friend.”

            “In the royal bath? I find that hard to believe.”

            Malus continued to try to deviate the subject away from them. “Two children went missing. Gorgius and Cecilia. I thought…your brother might have had something to do with it…your Highness.” Saying the words stung his pride. But Malus was an obedient orphan who knew his place.

            Mhia wasn’t buying it. “Sorry to disappoint you. But let’s say he did and that they were here, what would your master plan be then? Strangle him with your bare hands.”

            That would be a start. “I only want my friends back. If you find out anything…just please, let me know.”

             Malus tried to turn so he could leave but Mhia stopped him. “You know what I think? That you knew exactly why you came here. You knew I was here. That I was alone. And for the spur of a moment you thought you might actually be able to kill me.”

            I’m not a real person. I’m a vessel of God. Venir is dead. “I’m sorry you think that. But I have no ill will against you. I am merely a servant of the Church.”

            Mhia laughed in his face. “Oh, please. Now you’re a pious man. Just what kind of idiot do you take me for?” She moved up closer to him, grabbed his face with her hand, and turned it. “You see that scar in your face. Every day you wake up and look in the mirror, who do you remember?”

Malus stayed quiet.

“Me,” she answered for him. “I know you do. So you can wear your pious mask of devotion all you want. I can see right through it.”

            Malus felt his heart racing. “It’s not a mask…this is who I am now.”

            Mhia let him go and smiled. “Well I’ll give you credit for your commitment. But I’m not convinced. Let’s see if the old you is still somewhere deep inside that fucked up head of yours.” Malus had no interest in hearing whatever else she had to say. He turned around to leave. “Did Cardinal Daimios ever tell you that your father is right here in Eden?”

            Malus turned around immediately on reflex. His eyes wide with disbelief. No! Stop! Venir is dead! I’m not a real person. I’m a vessel of God. I have no past.

            Mhia grinned. “From the look on your face, I’m going to assume he didn’t. I must admit, this is rather amusing. And I’m glad I get to be the one that tells you. You see, that father that you hate so much. The one you cast aside and blamed for all your misfortune…this whole time he’s been the only one to give two s***s about you. Yes, your father is in this very city just so he could rescue you.”

            “No. He’s here to stop Caelum Infinitum. He doesn’t give a damn about me,” blurted Malus.

            “There we go. I knew you were still in there.” Mhia started idly roaming in circles around Malus. “But you’re wrong. Your father came here all the way to save you. Why do you think the Cardinal brought you here? Because he cared about you? Heavens no. It’s to prevent you from ever being reunited with your father. See, inside Yggdrasil not even Judicium can attack us. Even they aren’t that foolish to incite God’s wrath upon them.” She leaned on his back, wrapping her arms around him, and placing her lips next to his ear. “How does it feel to know that all this time the person you hated most is the only person who actually gave a f**k about you?”

            Venir is dead! I’m not a real person! I’m a vessel of God! Venir is dead! I’m not a real person! I’m a vessel of God! “I don’t care…just please…please just let me leave.”

            “That’s a shame. But seeing as you don’t care, I guess that makes things easier on everyone. Especially when they bring me your father so I could personally slit his throat. Of course…not until I’ve had my fun with him…after all, it’d be a waste to let him die so quickly…”

            Venir is dead! I’m not a real person! I’m a vessel of God!

            Mhia continued to torment him. “After he’s dead, what do you think I should do with the body? Maybe I’ll hang it from one of Yggdrasil’s branches.”

            “Leave…Leave me the f**k alone!” Malus hit her with the back of his head, pushing her back, and turned swinging his fist straight to her face. She splashed into the water but didn’t last long before rising back up and leaping at Malus. The two engaged in sloppy combat splashing water everywhere. Mhia had a slight advantage until Malus decided to grab her hair and pull her under the water, using all his weight to keep her below.

            “You couldn’t just let me leave, could you? You couldn’t just shut the f**k up!” Malus accused, furiously.

Mhia kicked and struggled to come up. She managed to hit one of Malus’s legs off balance causing him to fall and giving her the opportunity to gain the advantage once more. Now it was her on top trying to drown him and him struggling. Unlike when he was on top however, she couldn’t quite keep him down and he continued to swing violently, landing heavy blows on her.

            The door to the royal bath slammed open and suddenly there were a bunch of people running in. Malus felt hands grip his arms and tear him away from Mhia. Both of them fought furiously to reach the other person but the people kept them firmly separated. They dragged Malus all the way out of the royal bath and into what appeared to be a small empty cell. As soon as he heard them lock the door, he rushed to try to break it but to little avail. He continued to try to break it until his rage subsided, after which he took a seat and waited for whatever punishment he was going to receive.

            When the door to his cell finally reopened, he wasn’t the least bit surprised to find Lucifer standing before him. “A fight with the Queen,” said the angry Cardinal. “Is that how you prove your devotion to the Church? You should be ashamed!”

            Malus tried to defend himself. “She provoked me…”

            “In the royal bath. She provoked you into entering an area that you’re not even allowed into? You must see how this could be difficult to argue in your favor.”

            “Is it true what she said…?”

            “What who said?”

            Malus looked at Lucifer in the eyes. “Mhia. She said that my father came here to rescue me and you only brought me here so we would never be reunited.”

            The Archangel didn’t flinch. “Is that what she told you? On the contrary, I sent your father a letter welcoming him inside Yggdrasil to visit you. A Cardinal’s approval. Your father refused. That’s how much he cares about you.”

            Malus wasn’t sure what to believe. “How do I know I can trust you…?”

            “Because you hold no value to Caelum Infinitum, Malus. If I didn’t care about you, you’d still be Mhia’s prisoner. You’d still be trapped inside the azure dungeons. I took you out because I believed you deserved a second chance. Don’t make me regret my decision.”

            Malus put his head down in shame. “I thought…I just thought Calam might’ve been the one behind Gorgius and Cecilia’s disappearance…”

            Lucifer placed his hand on Malus’s shoulder. “Cecilia is not missing. We found her roaming the kitchens looking for Gorgius a little while ago. Sadly, the same cannot be said for Gorgius. But I promise you. I will find him. For your sake.”

            Malus felt his eyes swell up and tears started running down his face. Without thinking, he embraced Lucifer like a son would a father. “I just don’t want to be alone anymore. Please…don’t ever leave me. Find Gorgius, and protect Cecilia, and Isaac too. I can’t bare to lose another family!”

            Malus felt Lucifer’s arms wrap around him. “I won’t,” he whispered. “I’ll always be here for you. In this life…and the next.”

© 2013 Cynical_Art

Author's Note

So a Malus chapter kind of away from the rest of the commotion so I'm sure it's a little slow. But we can't forget about our other characters :P
How do you feel about Venir's transition into Malus? What is your opinion about Calam? And how do you feel about Mhia lying to Malus just to provoke him? And what do you think happened to Gorgius?
The next chapter is a Dumas chapter and I should have it up soon. Sorry for the dryspell :)

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I am greatly concerned about Malus' welfare. And I want to give him a hug. XD His name may have changed, but he's still my favorite character. I just feel so sorry for him. I can't wait to see what happens next, and I was beginning to wonder what was going on with Dumas over there. XD Great chapter and can't wait for more. :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

Dark Rider

8 Years Ago

Oh yes, I like her a little bit better than I do Saix. If you don't need him anymore, can I kill him.. read more

8 Years Ago

lmao XD well I don't expect a lot of people to like Saix but you'll be seeing him around. So just lo.. read more
Dark Rider

8 Years Ago

I like her better than the first few chapters about her. But not by much.
And I have mixed fee.. read more

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