Chapter 45- Allen Durandal

Chapter 45- Allen Durandal

A Chapter by Cynical_Art

Chapter 45


Allen Durandal



            The gunshots and screaming could already be heard in the distance. The assault on the North and West entrances of the Azure Palace had begun. In the better half of an hour, the East entry would also be attacked by line after line of Black Coats. Allen Durandal and a select few had the honor of attacking the South entryway, which didn’t actually exist.

Triana had mapped out a route that could be used to create an opening from the back. Tied in with Allen’s knowledge of the inside, if everything went according to plan, they should eventually arrive at the third floor of the Azure Palace where the brothel was located. The brothel was likely to be the least guarded area in all of the Azure Palace.

            Allen leaned over the building to get a clear look at the back of the Azure Palace. “It looks clear. Let’s go.”

            Allen was leading the assault alongside Felicia, Triana, and a handful of Black Coats and Shadows. They all charged towards the Azure Palace, weapons in hand for any surprises that may come. Once they reached the back safely, they pulled out their grappling hooks. Three Black Coats aimed at the third floor windows and shot them open. Three Shadows then hooked the grappling hooks in the openings and started climbing. Once the three Shadows were about half way up, Triana, Felicia, and Allen started following.


            One of the Shadows dropped dead from the top. Instinctively, Allen let go of the rope and pulled out his revolver while leaning against the wall. It didn’t take long for him to find the culprits. In the distance, hiding by some bushes, were ten scumbags all armed aiming directly at them. An ambush! So they expected an attack from behind after all. I should’ve known it was too easy.

The Black Coats got in line formation and shot from their bayonets while the Shadows all shot from their revolvers from wherever they stood. Allen took cover most of the firefight, prioritizing his own safety for the sake of squadron. They successfully won with only three casualties aside from the Shadow that fell. Allen resumed climbing immediately after, taking the lead.

Allen jumped through the window into the familiar room and was shocked to find it almost entirely full. All the w****s from the Azure Kingdom were inside hiding behind tables, chairs, and whatever else they could find. Allen scanned the room while he waited for the rest of his people to join him from below.

            Triana walked up next to Allen and whispered, “What do we do with them? I doubt most of them are here of their own accord.”

            “We’ll give them a chance to run before this whole place becomes a warzone.”

            “Don’t be stupid,” said Felicia. “Kill them. They’re True Believers.”

            “But they’re innocent,” argued Triana.

            “This is Judicium. If you stand against us than you’re not innocent.”

            “No,” said Allen. “Triana is right.” Allen stood in front of the room so all the w****s could see him. “As you all know, this is no safe place for you to be. The Azure Palace will fall tonight. Judicium will leave no survivors. I’m giving you all a second chance. Leave out the window from whence we came and we never saw you. Is that clear?”

            There were a lot of nods and appreciative remarks as the w****s all stood up from their hiding places to walk towards the window. Allen watched them patiently as they all headed towards the back one by one. One w***e came awfully close to him on her way out but before she could try anything fast, he saw the shimmer of metal in her hand. Reflexively, Allen shot her brains out before she could even attempt it and almost on cue, all the other w****s started attacking.

            The room became a blood bath. Some w****s were able to catch some of the Black Coats and Shadows by surprise, managing to kill or injure them. It didn’t take long after before they each found a bayonet, knife, or rapier stuck inside their heart or throat though. Allen himself brought down four aside from the one he had already killed.

            Once every single w***e was dead, Felicia walked up to Allen. “Didn’t I tell you to kill them?”

            “A mistake I won’t make again,” assured Allen. He directed his attention to everyone else. “Okay, this is where we split up. Half of you are going to go downstairs to f**k the enemy from behind and help breach the North entrance. The rest of us will scatter around the palace to search out the prime targets.”

            The division had already been broken down prior to the attack, so everyone knew their respective duties. Allen stayed with Felicia and Triana, along with Triana’s five Nights. Allen himself was two Nights short due to Oswald having to watch over Sia and their prisoner, and Lucia receiving an individual mission.

            The news of Lucia’s absence was an uncomforting and insulting one. Not only was he caught entire by surprise just mere hours before the attack, but the one to inform him was Felicia. The fact Dark Charles didn’t inform him directly showed that Allen was not entirely trusted. The insult itself bothered Allen more than the fact he was missing a Night.

            When they reached the stairs, Allen started leading the way to the bottom. Their platoon’s specific main objective was to rescue Caius. That much Dark Charles had stressed. It wasn’t often that Judicium placed so much value on a captured ally, especially one who no longer held any real tide changing value like Caius, but Dark Charles had always treated Allen’s Mentor special. What actual relationship they held Allen couldn’t begin to comprehend but he knew better than to ask. Follow orders. That’s all a loyal Judician should ever do.

            Running down the stairs, they ran into three enemies coming up the stairs. Allen stabbed the first one, Triana shot another, and Felicia slit the last one’s throat. As they continued running down, Allen cautiously looked from side to side every floor. On one particular floor, he saw a prime target giving out orders in the distance. Allen could recognize that bald scalp and decayed beard anywhere. “Change of plans! Kill Gravur Ilianos!”

            His whole squadron stepped down from the spiral stairs. Gravur noticed almost immediately after and started shouting orders to his own men. From just the visible enemies, Allen could see that they were probably outnumbered at least three to one.

            Allen and everyone else took cover behind walls and pillars. Shots from the other side started flying across. Allen held his breath, quietly listening to the tempo of the shots and when they reloaded. When he felt the opportunity was right he leaned over and accurately used all his bullets before taking cover again to reload. He repeated this process three times until he was entirely out of bullets. No matter how many we take down, their numbers don’t seem to dwindle.

            Felicia looked across at Allen from her cover spot. “Maybe it’s time we used the explosive!

            Diamond Dust. A relatively new invention that had yet to be tested out in the battlefield. Supposedly more expensive to make than its worth. Only a couple squads were handed one in case of emergency.

Allen reached into his frock coat and pulled out the shining blue sphere. We don’t really have many options here. Here goes nothing. He flung the bomb across the hall and as soon as it landed there was a huge explosion with blue light and smoke. The entire floor shook and even Allen was knocked off balance. As the smoke spread rapidly, Allen unintentionally inhaled it. Everything quickly started becoming more alive around him. He could hear the gunshots from outside and the screams of dying men. The smell of blood consumed the air and he instantaneously felt nauseous. Allen started coughing uncontrollably while closing his eyes. When he opened them again, he laid witness to the most detailed grotesque arm lying on the floor. The body of the owner nowhere in sight. This must be what it’s like to be high on cryst.

            Once the smoke started to clear and his senses numbed back down, he saw Felicia crawl to him. They both got back on their feet. “Perhaps not the best plan of action in confined spaces,” commented Felicia.

            “Well we weren’t getting passed them otherwise,” said Allen. “Let’s make sure we got our target.”

            “Assuming there’s anything left.”

            Triana stood up to join them along with her surviving Nights. They walked down the hall to the scene. As expected, it was nothing but corpses blown to bits everywhere you looked. Looking around, there were still some gravely injured victims missing limbs, grunting in pain. Allen could only imagine how much more intensified their senses were than theirs, being so close to the explosion.

            “Look for any sign of Gravur’s corpse and kill any who are still living,” ordered Allen.

            Walking around, Allen couldn’t help but be appalled. Allen had seen fucked up s**t in this world but never quite a scene like this one. Seeing random limbs, half destroyed, scattered all around the room like this, it made you look at the world differently.

Allen stepped on something accidently and lifted his foot, disgusted. Well s**t…looks like we got him. A piece of Gravur’s baldhead with half a nose and an eye dangling was lying on the floor. It was a destroyed image of the man but Allen knew the man’s face well enough to know that this was without a doubt part of his remains.


            Allen dropped to the floor. He heard laughter. Then he saw the dying legless man with the gun in his hand. The man shot himself before Allen could attempt to do the deed himself. Allen got back up on his feet, relieved he wasn’t hurt. Only shortly after did he realize who that shot was actually for.”

            “Triana…? TRIANA!”

© 2013 Cynical_Art

Author's Note

Thoughts and predictions. :)

Next chapter is a Caius chapter.

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The only thing wrong that I could tell, is that this should be chapter 45, not 44. XD Other then that: OMG! NOT TRIANA!!!! Even though she hasn't been in the story long, why her?!?! For some reason, I'm getting emotional about it. XD Excellent job, my friend. Just all around great. Can't wait for Caius' chapter! :)

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Lol she is rather new, also get used to cliffhangers, I'll be using them a lot in the coming chapter.. read more
Dark Rider

8 Years Ago

XD You're welcome. Can't wait to read it. :)

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