Chapter 48- Lagrima

Chapter 48- Lagrima

A Chapter by Cynical_Art

Chapter 48





            The city was in turmoil like Lagrima could’ve never imagined. Not ten minutes after walking out of Eden’s Tower, she had already witnessed over ten people die right in front of her. And that wasn’t even the worst of the atrocities she had witnessed. Rape. Suicide. All things God could never forgive. Lagrima had never been so horrified in her life. How can God love such a world?

            A crazed man came running at Lagrima with a broken bottle in his hand and was shot down before he could get close enough to hurt her. Despite being saved, Lagrima screeched in absolute terror.

            The cold Lucia Starfall wasn’t fazed in the slightest. “Get up. We must move onward.”

            Lagrima regained her composure and nodded out of fear. How can she not be affected by all this? It was different to hear stories about a Youth than to actually see one. The real thing was much scarier. Lagrima had never met anyone who was so numb to death. Even the devoted orphans of Yggdrasil had a soul. This child was a hallow shell. Like it or not though, this child was the only thing keeping anyone from laying a hand on Lagrima.

            Lagrima took the lead once more, scurrying down the chaotic streets of Eden. Their destination was close now. Once she saw the small church in the distance, she was thankful to find it in one piece. At its doorstep was an accumulation of people attempting to get inside. Mostly men. Lagrima forced her way through the crowd, Lucia following shortly behind her. At the gate were clergymen struggling to calm the crowd. Lagrima recognized one of them and begged, “Let me speak with Archbishop Cardal!”

            The clergyman recognized her and opened the door just a slit. “Hurry in, Lagrima.”

            Lagrima slipped inside and right as Lucia was about to follow through, the clergyman tried to close the door on her. Lucia was having none of it though. She pressed the clergyman against the wall with her gun beneath his jaw. Lagrima panicked and stepped in to save him. “Stop, don’t kill him!” Surprisingly, Lucia listened and let the poor innocent man go. Frightened to death, he allowed Lucia to enter as well.

            The inside of the church was packed with women, children, and elderly. There was an astounding gathering of clergymen along with the numerous civilians, all of who were praying quietly along with them. So there is still peace of quiet in the house of God.

            In the distance, Archbishop Cardal noticed her. “Lagrima? Lagrima is that you?”

            Lagrima went running to the fat old man. “Archbishop Cardal, it’s so good to see you!”

As she was mere feet away from him, a couple of the other clergymen blocked her path. “Stay where you are, traitor.”

            “Clear out,” ordered Cardal. The clergymen stepped out of the way and he embraced Lagrima. “What brings you here, child? I’d heard that you deserted us along with claims of which I would not dare mention under the house of God. Please, tell me these are falls accusations.”

            Lagrima looked down, ashamed. “I will tell you everything…but not now. Archbishop, I need your help.”

            “I fear what it is you will ask of me…”

            “It is nothing grave, I promise. I just need some information that may save all our lives. You are one of the few people that enter and leave Yggdrasil frequently. The boy with the pale hair and light blue…”

            “Cardinal Daimios’s pet. What about him? What business could you have with the son of Charles Veritas, Judicium’s Moon?” The Archbishop noticed Lucia behind Lagrima. “Don’t tell me you work for Judicium now…”

            Lagrima shook her head. “I am still a True Believer and will always be. What I do now is for the good of the Church and the safety of your lives. Like it or not, we will lose Eden and when we do, they will execute every clergymen in the city under the pretense of heresy. If I can reunite Charles with his son, he has agreed to spare all clergymen who did not oppose him directly.”

            Cardal laughed in disbelief. “You’re a fool to trust that heretic.”

            “He may be a heretic, but he is not without honor and reason. Archbishop, please. All I need to know is where to find him and if he yet breaths. Is he still inside Yggdrasil?”

            “Last I checked, yes. As to whether or not he still lives, I haven’t the slightest clue. I know there are those that prefer him dead. Now that you have what you asked for, I will ask you kindly to leave this church and never return Lagrima.”


            “Let’s go,” ordered Lucia. “We have the confirmation we came for.”

            Lagrima looked at the Archbishop one last time. His eyes showed nothing but disappointment. So even you hate me now.

            Lagrima turned her back to what she once called home and started following Lucia towards the exit. At least I did what I could. Even if the Church had turned their back on her, she would still fight for them as a True Believer. Charles had believed Mary would run away with their son after his threat, it appeared he was wrong. If Lagrima could reunite a father with his son she would save the lives of those she loved.

            When they were almost at the entrance, Lucia stopped walking and turned around. “What happened?” asked Lagrima. Lucia didn’t answer with her words. Instead she reached inside her frock coat and pulled out two bright blue spheres. “What are those?”

            Lucia looked passed her to where the group of clergymen were still watching. “It’s called Diamond Dust. I suggest you move out of the way.”

            Lagrima stepped away from her, unsure. Diamond Dust? Lucia flung both spheres. One at the clergymen, the other alongside some of the supporting beams of the church. As soon as they touched the ground there was a huge explosion of blue mist and limbs flying in every direction. The force managed to push Lagrima back against the ground.

            It took a couple seconds for Lagrima to absorb everything that just happened. “Nooooooooooooooo!” she yelled in distraught.

            As Lagrima watched the church start to collapse from the inside on top of the helpless innocents, she felt her body be dragged out of the church from her wrist. Tears came running down her cheeks at the tragedy that had just befallen before her eyes. My home! My family!

            As soon as they were outside, Lagrima yanked her arm from Lucia and stood up furiously and started swinging at her. “How could you?! You promised you wouldn’t hurt them! You…”

            Lucia hit her across the head with her gun and pointed it directly at her when she fell to the floor. “This is the price for betraying Judicium. Be thankful for the mercy Dark Charles has shown you. You may run away to wherever it is you please now.”

            Lagrima looked at her awestruck. How could anyone be so cruel? Lucia left Lagrima on the floor in tears, walking away into the chaos. Lagrima watched dumfounded, betrayed, hurt, and alone. How could I have been so stupid to ever trust a Loyalist?

            Lagrima heard more shouting and running coming another direction. She watched from the floor, defeated, until she realized the people running and screaming were clergymen. What now? From their location and the direction from whence the clergymen ran, Lagrima could deduce which other church they were coming from. She grabbed one of the ankles of the clergymen running by and asked, “What’s going on?”

            The clergyman looked at her horrified. “Blasphemy! They…they are burning all the churches down!”

            Lagrima’s heart dropped.

            Without thinking she started running towards the direction of the church. First she saw the flames, and then she saw the organized line of casually dressed people firing at all the innocents running away. From just looking at them, Lagrima could tell that they were Shadows. Shadows with individual missions.

            “No…what have I done…?” she cried. “I had no idea this was what he planned to do with the church’s locations.” He told me…he said he wanted the locations of all the major churches to save them, not burn them! He promised me he would save all of them if I just reunited him with his son! How could he lie to me? How can anyone be so heartless?

            Lagrima heard a man laughing hysterically in the background. “Are you watching God?” asked the crazed man to the skies. “These are your children! The ones that are burning this world to the ground.”

            Lagrima felt the need to vent out loud. “Why is Judicium doing this? They serve God…even they must know the sin they’re committing. The world will never forgive the Fuhrer for this!”

            The man continued to laugh. His eyes wide open with huge bags beneath them. His curly dirty blonde hair dancing every time he bobbled his head. “No, it won’t! That’s the best part! So many people will die! Die! DIE!”

            Lagrima looked at the man, appalled. “What is wrong with you…? You can’t actually be…enjoying this.”

            The man looked at her with sadistic eyes. “Have you ever seen a more splendid performance? I must truly thank God for answering my prayers!”

            This isn’t God’s work…this is the work of the Charles Veritas! The man that will burn this world to the ground if no one stops him!  

© 2013 Cynical_Art

Author's Note

How do you feel about Charles's attack on the churches? What are your thoughts on the selflessly obedient Lucia and the incestuous nun Lagrima?

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Trust Charles to go back on his word. XD But then, what else can I expect from the Judicium's Moon? I really liked this chapter. It takes a moment to let the full effect of this war sink in. It was great, and I can't wait to read the next chapter. :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

Dark Rider

7 Years Ago

How on earth do I keep skipping chapters??? And oh joy. XD

7 Years Ago

Well thanks to the different POVs at least it's easy to go back without being completely confused XD.. read more
Dark Rider

7 Years Ago

Yeah, that's a big help. But I still don't know how I keep missing them. XD

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