Chapter 49- Caius Ashfall

Chapter 49- Caius Ashfall

A Chapter by Cynical_Art

Chapter 49


Caius Ashfall



            Liana tried to comfort Lemont with her words while she helped bandage Caius’s wound. “He died bravely. God will have a place for him in heaven.”

            The big brute continued to cry over his twin brother’s corpse. “No he won’t. He got away…that Cruorian son of a b***h got away!” The best medic in the world couldn’t have saved Benet from the hole Saix left in him. Better him than me I suppose.

            “His time will come, but we have to move on.” She finished patching up the bandage made from her dress. “Does that feel better?”

            Caius moved his arm. The wound still hurt but at least he wasn’t pumping blood out every time he moved. “It’s better. Thank you.” Caius turned to look at her gorgeous face. “Why save me again? There’s no longer any question how useless I am to you now. Charles has already chosen war.”

            Liana took a seat against the wall across from Caius. “Maybe because I still have hope that you have some value. I don’t think Charles was entirely honest when we met. I’m sure deep inside he still cares about you.”

            Caius laughed. “Charles has hated me from the moment he returned to his daughter’s corpse.”

            “If he didn’t care about you, why would he try to save you? I don’t imagine you armed yourself. And I highly doubt Saix had the kindness of giving you weapons right before he tried to kill you.”

            “Charles had nothing to do with that. I have loyal Nights.”

            “Please, there is no real loyalty in Judicium. Your Nights would let you die at the first opportunity to take your mantle of Mentor. You’re alive because someone higher up wanted it so.”

            Charles want me alive? The idea couldn’t be more laughable. The past two years Caius had spited Charles every opportunity he could. It was a petty ambition but nothing could satisfy Caius more. A shame things didn’t turn out as he had hoped.

            “I’ll admit,” said Caius. “Charles has an unexpected compassion for his family…but his hate for those that betray him has always been much stronger. I betrayed Charles. The same as you. And Rhyth before you.”

            Liana chuckled. “What a poor unfortunate man. It’s a wonder he hasn’t killed himself yet.  First he married the traitor responsible for the biggest incident in Judicium’s history as well as the murder of his brother. Then he married a w***e who had an affair with his son and who’s currently waging war against him. And let’s not forget about the death of his daughter and fact that his only other son is a prisoner of war. People criticize him for being the way he is, but after all that’s happened to him, does anyone really have the right to call him a monster?”

            “I never understood what made him such a monster until the day we attacked the Cruorian shelter.”

            Liana raised a mocking eyebrow. “When I made that statement I meant it from the perspective of real human beings. You’re no less a monster than him.”

Caius took offense. “The Youths of my generation were not monsters. They may have tortured and broken us mentally but they also taught us how to value human lives. Unlike Charles’s generation of Youths, we were more than just mindless slaves. The murder of countless of innocents was something no Youth from my generation would do.”

            “Even Raziel? The Judas I know would watch the whole world burn and laugh while it happened.”

“He’s…a special case. We all come across a moment in our life where we question our morals. Some recover, others do not. For me, the moment I lost faith in what was right was the day I saw Charles cold bloodedly murder an infant. But I was wrong. After the Week of Lament I saw the truth once more. That everything Charles did and had done was for the sake of order. We need monsters like him to maintain everlasting peace and order.”

            “Are you so satisfied with Judicium’s order?” asked Liana. “An order where innocent children die for the crimes of others.”

            “Is your order any better? Your order brought the death of your own daughter, if I recall. And let’s not forget the countless that have died just because you all continue to fight this hopeless battle. This world will never know peace for as long as Caelum Infinitum exists.”

            “Don’t lie to yourself, Caius.” Liana pointed to the ceiling. “You believe in a higher power. You believe in God. Something Judicium does not.”

            “Caelum Infinitum loves to throw that around but the truth is we do. The Fuhrer acknowledges God.”

            “A hallow truth. The Fuhrer sits in God’s throne and corrupts this world into his own vision. A vision that is not parallel to the one inside the Holy Grimoire.”

            Caius looked at Benet’s corpse. “And perhaps that is a blessing all on its own. Judicium has been the closest thing to achieving peace within this hideous world. What has God done for this world other than divide it? And please don’t you dare say Caelum Infinitum. Your organization uses the Lord’s name in vain so that the Church can regain the power it once had.”

“You know, if you saw our Savior…your opinion of us would be drastically different. What if I told you I could introduce you?”

            “What’s that supposed to do? I’m one of the Fuhrer’s dogs. A Mentor of Judicium’s Shadow. Do you honestly believe Caelum Infinitum will accept me with open arms after my mission was to infiltrate and kill this so-called Savior?”

            “Yes. I am an Archangel. My word has power. They will listen to me.”

            Caius attempted to figure out her angle in this ludicrous plot. “Why? What can I possibly offer you?”

            Liana looked down at the floor, almost like she was embarrassed. “Must there always be a reason for everything? Honestly, I don’t know myself. Maybe I just want someone to stand by me. My own allies no longer value me. My husband wants to kill me. My son hates me. And my daughter is dead. All I have is our Savior and our mission. But though I would sacrifice everything for our Savior, it’s painful when you have nothing to show for all that you’ve lost. I’m alone, Caius…when I die no one will bury me. No one will stand by my grave and pray for me. I will be forgotten.”

            Caius wasn’t buying her sob story. “And what, you want to spare your enemy for the sake of having a friend to cry for you when you die? You have faithful followers, what’s so special about me?”

            Liana looked up at him. “Ironically, it’s because you remind me of Charles. With the key exception that you actually believe in God.”

“I’d have to disagree on that similarity. But Charles and I are similar in one respect. We both serve Judicium.”

            “Let me take you to see our Savior and then make your choice. That’s all I ask.”

            Caius stood up and picked up his rapier and tied it by his waist. “Liana, I’m grateful that you saved me, but it doesn’t change the fact that neither of us trust each other.”

            Liana stood up. “I trust you. You may be a Shadow, but beneath it all is a genuine man. That much I know for a fact. The question is what do I need to do for you to trust me?”

            Let’s see just how far you’re willing to commit to this story of yours, w***e. “If I choose to agree to this ludicrous idea of yours, and if meeting with this Son of God truly changes my allegiance, I won’t be just another pawn. If this is an alliance that will be built on trust, then I want to know everything you know. And I want to know it now.”

            Liana nodded, reluctantly. “If that’s what it’ll take, then so be it.”

            She can’t be serious. She can’t possibly be that gullible. Not the Liana he had grown to know. Not the same one that showed her perfect smile to her husband and put another man’s c**k with that same mouth whenever he wasn’t home. Not the same one that successfully plotted to kill Judicium’s Moon. Not the Archangel of Lust. The only logical explanation was that this was a trap. Then why? Why do I believe her? “Let’s start with the Archangels again then. List them all.”

            “You already know Alistair is the Archangel of Gluttony, Raphael. The Archangel of Envy, Judas, is your dear foster brother. The Archangel of Sloth, Uriel, is Prophet Anima. The man Charles has been hunting is Dante Daimios, the Archangel of Wrath, Lucifer. The Archangel of Pride, Gabriel, is one of the Great Three, Drake Lightheart. And finally, the Archangel of Greed, Michael, is Judicium’s President of Banking, Malkar Gilles.”

            Caius was in awe. “Drake Lightheart and…Malkar Gilles?” They’ve been right under our noses this whole time. “I have a Night who is cousin to Drake. As for Malkar, I’ve heard the Fuhrer has had eyes on him since we exposed his brother, Cardinal Gilles. Even so, these are Judicium’s highest officials we’re talking about. Just who is this Son of God? How is it that even Judicium’s most proud and loyal can turn on their country?”

            Liana smiled proudly. “He’s the First Man. A man made of pure crystallite. He is the Messiah.”

            “You expect me to believe that? The First Man hasn’t reincarnated since the death of Yggdrasil.”

            “As I said, once you see him you will understand that Caelum Infinitum is truly God’s will. I have no doubt in my mind.”

            It was simply too much to take in, and just too outright ludicrous to believe. Liana was far too cautious to give out such crucial information just like that. Much less to Caius. Back when nobody thought he’d ever see the light of day again, it might’ve been understandable. Free of chains however, the whole dynamic changed. Only an idiot would bring a Shadow face to face with the leader of their order. Unless…

            “I assume your Messiah is in Yggdrasil, as we predicted long ago.”

            Liana nodded. “Yes.” That explains her confidence. She knows I believe in God enough to know that I am incapable of spilling blood in sacred grounds. If I go with her, I am still very much her prisoner. “So, are you ready to meet the Son of God?” she asked.

            Caius smirked. “Only an idiot would turn down such an opportunity.”

            “It’s settled, then. Gather your weapons.  We’ll likely run into trouble on the way out.” She turned to Lemont. “Lemont, I apologize but I must ask for your assistance once more. I promise after all this is over we will recover your brother’s body and give him a proper burial.”

            Caius picked up his revolver and knives. “I take it you know some sort of secret path to exit this forsaken palace.”

            “There are a couple. I know of one in particular we may be able to use.”

            Lemont picked up his sword and joined them. It was clear his brother’s death was still hindering him but Caius had no doubt in his mind that he would be no less of a bodyguard. The man was built like an ox and his devotion to Liana rivaled that of a Youth to Judicium.

            Liana started leading the way out of the damp hall. Her luscious dyed dark hair and voluptuous figure lit mystifyingly under the blue light. To think, just two years ago this very same woman greeted Caius as the wife of his Mentor. Now she stood on the opposite end of a war that would determine the fate of this world. When you look down from above, God, do you laugh or do you cry?

            Lemont hovered over Liana’s shoulder every step of the way with Caius falling behind. The hallway was longer than Caius remembered, or at least it felt longer at this very moment. Counting every iron door he couldn’t help but wonder how many prisoners were rotting beneath at this very moment. How many more would rot beneath. Caius couldn’t help but feel relieved and thankful that he would not be joining the many unfortunate forgotten souls that perished down here. What about you, God? Do you also forget those that die in this forsaken place? He looked at Lemont in front of him one last time. When you see them begging for their life…do you laugh…or do you cry?

            I guess that would depend on which side is truly right.


            Lemont dropped like a ragged doll to the floor. He never knew what hit him. Liana turned around pale as a ghost, her eyes near popping out of their sockets with fear while her voice got stuck in her throat.

She looked at Caius, horrified. “W…Wha…ho…w-why?”

            Caius walked closer to her, his gun aimed directly between her eyes. “Because this is war…”

            There were tears in Liana’s eyes. Genuine tears. “I trusted you! I saved your life! I sacrificed myself for you!”

            Caius pressed his gun barrel against her forehead and pushed her against the wall. “I recall you telling me once, ‘you can never really trust a Shadow.’ It almost brings me back. I guess this is one of those situations where you can say, like mother like daughter.”

            Liana’s eyes opened wider at the epiphany. “You were the one? You were the one that put an end to that wretched c**t!” Suddenly she started giggling like a mad woman. “I should thank you. Put down your gun, Caius. Can’t you see? Our lives were linked long before we ever met. We were destined to stand by each other. What has Judicium ever done for you aside from taking you away from your father’s arms? From killing your mother. From torturing you until you were one of their dogs. What do you owe them?”

            “You still don’t understand, do you?” Caius twisted the barrel on her forehead. “My whole life I’ve been learning one thing. That my life is meaningless. That my only reason for living has been and will continue to be, living for Judicium. That means maintaining everlasting peace and order. That means killing all those that oppose our Glory.” Caius dragged the gun barrel from her forehead to her temple and drew his lips close to her and whispered, “Since the day you poisoned me, I’ve dreamt and dreamt the day I finally get to kill you.”

            Caius plunged his knife into her stomach. “Ugh…” grunted Liana. Caius took a step back and allowed her body to drop to the floor. He watched malevolently as the blood oozed from her body, her eyes red with hate or hurt from betrayal.

            Caius looked down at her. “How does it feel? To be dying wondering, ‘where is God?’ after devoting so much to him…” Liana tried to reach for Lemont’s gun beside her but Caius stepped on her hand. He crouched near her face. “Do you regret not killing me now? All the opportunities you had. All the times you decided to save my life. Do you regret it all of it?”

            Liana glared at him. “F**k…you!”

            Caius tested the sharpness of his knife with his index finger. “How do you think Charles will feel when I bring him your head? Do you think he’ll thank me or…hate me for robbing him of the opportunity? Yes, I think he’ll hate me for it. It’s such a cruel thing to rob someone of their revenge. And your son…”

            Liana grabbed his ankle with her other hand. “No…please…not…Ve-“ Caius stabbed the knife into her wrist. “Aaaaahhhhhhhh!”

            Caius started twisting the knife, watching her cry in agony. “When you burn in hell, I want you to know that you died alone…and that nobody, not even your son, loved you.” Caius pulled out the knife and stabbed her consecutively in her back.

            Once he was done butchering her, he stood back up to watch her squirm on the floor. Liana cried, “Y… you’re exact…ly like…him…you’re…a…a…”



            Liana’s body went completely limp. Caius watched her blood spread to his feet, emotionless. She’s dead. It felt surreal. For the last two years he prayed for the opportunity to kill her and now that he had, he felt nothing. If anything he felt emptier. Like he killed a piece of himself. What was that she said? I’m just like ‘him?’ Like…Charles? He gazed at her still corpse, deep in thought. A monster, huh. Perhaps that’s why I’ll never know the true meaning of love.

© 2013 Cynical_Art

Author's Note

So that concludes the death of one of the more major characters. What are your thoughts? Do you think Liana kind of lost it towards the end? Do you think Caius was right in his choice? How do you feel about Caius's slightly sadistic side now that it's come up twice now?

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Well… Can't say I miss her. XD She honestly deserved it. After lying to Charles, and risking the lives of both her children, what right does she have to live? I mean, her daughter died because of her, and Venir is scared beyond repair. Nothing for him will be good again. I'm not saying Charles is any less guilt free, but at least he tried to protect what he had. Even Caius! I enjoyed this, maybe a little too much. XD I found myself getting into Caius' character more than one time while reading it. Lol. Anyway, I really, really love this book, and I can't wait for the next chapter! :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

Dark Rider

7 Years Ago

You better not kill off any more innocent characters (even though it'd make the story more interesti.. read more

7 Years Ago

There aren't many saints in my stories lol but we will see who lives and who dies >:D
Dark Rider

7 Years Ago

XD Let me rephrase that then: Don't kill anyone I like. Lol

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