Chapter 51- Allen Durandal

Chapter 51- Allen Durandal

A Chapter by Cynical_Art

Chapter 51


Allen Durandal



            Allen finished killing the last of the True Believers hiding in the library. “Bring her here.”

            Triana’s Nights carried her body over and placed her against a bookshelf. Allen forced open her Black Coat disguise and looked at the gunshot wound. It was close to the heart but missed it by a bit. Allen ripped a sheet of her clothing and started putting pressure against it. I don’t even know what the f**k I’m doing.

“Does anyone know the first thing about first aid?” All of Triana’s Nights looked at one another in question. “I’ll take that as a no.”

“We’re wasting our time here,” complained Felicia. “We should be searching for our Mentor, not hiding away here praying to the Lord that a dispensable Mentor might live. This is war, were you expecting there to be zero casualties?”

“If we don’t value our own allies how can we expect to stay united and maintain peace?”

“The same way Judicium has always done it. Annihilating any who do not stand beside us! When did you start becoming such a p***y?”

            Allen had heard enough of her bitching for one day. “Go then! Find Caius. I will remain here until I know she’s okay.”

            “Are you insane?” asked Felicia, revolted. “There’s no way I’m going out there by myself.”

            “Then make yourself useful and bring me some water.”

            Felicia sighed. “Never thought I’d see the day I’d miss Caius as my Mentor.”

            Felicia left to get water while Allen tended to Triana. He had her Nights stationed in different parts of the room, keeping two by the door in case anyone tried to come in. The battle could already be heard happening in the lower levels of the Azure Palace, which meant Judicium was finally inside making their way up.

            Felicia returned not long after with a pot of water. Allen took a handful and poured it down Triana’s mouth. After the second bit, Triana started coughing and opened her eyes.

            “Thank God, you’re alive!” said Allen with relief.

            Triana looked around the room, just moving her eyes. “Where am I…? Is the battle over…?”

            “It’s just starting,” said Felicia. “We’re just taking a break…”

            “How are you feeling?” asked Allen.

            “Like a dying person,” said Triana.

            Allen smiled. “Well you’re not dead yet.”


            There was a large sound from one of the aisles. Felicia and Allen looked at each other confused.

“What the hell was that?” asked Felicia.

            One of Triana’s Nights took it upon himself to investigate. Allen waited patiently until he heard a screech from a familiar voice. Allen unsheathed his rapier and left to join the Night with Felicia by his side. When they reached the aisle, the Night was pointing his sword at Ismailia Loucelles. Her eyes were swollen like she’d been crying all day and her makeup a mess. Behind her was what appeared to be a secret passage.

            “Well look who is it,” said Felicia, grinning maliciously.

            Allen looked at the young girl with pity. Should’ve stayed wherever it was you were hiding. “Where does this passage lead?” Allen asked her.

            Ismailia looked at him with disgust. “You have some nerve coming back, traitor!”

            “I asked, where does this passage lead?” He pointed his rapier at her throat.

            She swallowed and took a small step back. “Outside…it leads outside.”

            Felicia was skeptical. “Why come back inside then?”

            “Because this is where I belong.”

            “It’ll also be your grave.” Felicia pulled out a throwing knife and was ready to kill the girl but Allen caught her wrist.

            “Stop! She may still have some use to us. And she’s hardly a threat. Not to mention she’s one of our prime targets who was to be captured alive if possible.”

            Felicia yanked her arm away, angrily. “You clearly didn’t learn your lesson from the w****s.”

            Allen ignored her. “So Ismailia, how many more of these are there?”

            “I-I don’t know. I was guided out. Until this one, I’d never actually seen one in person.”

            “But there are more…”

            She nodded hesitantly. 

            “What do you know of Simon Gladius?” Allen further interrogated. “Does he live?”

            “Stop calling him Simon, I know his real name, idiot! Last I heard he was still breathing,” she answered. “If not for Mary though he’d be as good as dead.”

            “Yes, I’ve heard all about how Charles’s wife intended to use him as some kind of leverage. Which is why I’m worried about whether or not he still lives given that that ploy failed.”

            The subject peaked Felicia’s interest. “It’s funny how an Archangel would think a mere Mentor could influence Judicium’s Moon’s plan of action. I myself have always questioned what makes Caius such a valued individual in the eyes of Dark Charles.”

            “Felicia, be careful,” warned Allen. “There are some secrets in this world better left uncovered. You wouldn’t be the first Shadow to die for looking into their superiors unwarranted.”

            “Don’t pretend you’re not as curious as me. This may be the only chance we ever get to find out. Isn’t that right, little princess?”

            Allen saw Ismailia about to answer and quickly stepped in between her and Felicia. “Whether I’m curious or not is irrelevant. I know my place, maybe it’s time you learned yours.”

            “For someone who knows their place you sure have been having a lot of second thoughts about your orders.”

            “And despite that, here I am.”

            “God, just both of you shut up!” shouted Ismailia. “I thought Judicium took pride in their exceptional ability to maintain order. Here you are bickering like children. You want to know why Charles gives a s**t about Caius? It’s because it’s his son.”

            Even Allen couldn’t contain his shock at the bomb Ismailia just dropped. “Caius is what?”

            “Holy s**t,” blurted Felicia.

            Both Allen and Felicia looked at Ismailia like dogs waiting to be fed. Even Triana’s Night was all ears.

            Ismailia laughed. “This is hysterical. Yes, your ever so loyal Moon has a son unknown to the world. And not just any son, the son he supposedly murdered to demonstrate his loyalty to Judicium. Queen Rhyth Juno’s son.”

            The epiphany hit Felicia instantaneously. “Holy s**t, then that would make Caius…”

            Allen found his fingers running through his hair as he contemplated the gravity of the situation. “No one can know this…these are the secrets people die for. A secret Dark Charles would easily kill for in order to keep quiet.”

            “For once I find myself in agreement with you.”

            “Who is to say I’ll stay shut?” threatened Ismailia. “I hold no allegiance to Charles and I imagine my fate was decided the moment you saw me. I am rather curious to see what Judicium will do to the likes of liars and traitors like Charles Veritas.”

            “Had you kept your stupid mouth shut, perhaps you might’ve found out,” said Felicia. “But since you didn’t…” With no warning, Felicia threw her knife at Ismailia. It all happened so fast Allen only had enough time to push Ismailia out of the way and take the blow for himself.

            “Aaaargghhh!” Allen pulled out the knife from the forearm of his sword arm. “You stupid b***h! I told you she comes alive!”

            “Didn’t you just hear what she said?” argued Felicia.

            “I heard her clearly. And if what she says is true, then so be it. Dark Charles betrayed Judicium’s trust, not us. As long the words don’t come from us, we have nothing to fear.”

            Felicia looked at him disgust. “You got some fucked up morals, Allen. Not a minute ago you were ready to take this secret to the grave. Now that you know your hands will be clean, it’s okay all of a sudden? Why don’t you just admit the truth? You’re not on our side. You’re just too damn scared to show your back to Judicium.”

            “How dare you! Do you know all my family has given for Judicium? All that I’ve given?”

            “I won’t let you betray Dark Charles. The Azure Princess dies here!” Felicia unsheathed her rapier.

            Allen picked up his rapier from the floor with his left hand. “You would turn on a superior?”

            “You’re no Mentor of mine! That c**t is going to get what’s coming for her one way or another.”

            Felicia made the first move. Allen found himself clumsily stepping back. With his right arm he could easily out skill Felicia but with his left arm even a Shadow in training could probably take him. Felicia knew this, which was why she was so bold in her approach, but it was clear she wasn’t aiming to kill or she’d have done so by now. She’s conflicted too.

             Allen decided to use that knowledge to his advantage and charged at her leaving himself completely open. Felicia hesitated and in that instance Allen sliced deep into her thigh and tackled her to the floor. He stood back up and kicked her rapier away from her hand and aimed the point of his sword to her throat.

            “I’ll turn a blind eye to your treasonous actions but let that be the last time you point a sword at me,” warned Allen.

            Felicia stared at the ground humiliated. “You’re a fool if you thi-“

            BANG! BANG!

            “Were those gunshots?” asked Allen, startled.

            “That b***h got away!” shouted Felicia.

            Allen looked in all directions. The only other person with them was Triana’s Night. “You let her out of your sight?!”

            The Night stuttered, “I-I…I was looking at…you guys f-fighting…”

            Allen punched him in the heat of his anger. “F*****g Idiot!”

            He ran to the entrance of the library to find the two Nights he stationed there, dead. She must’ve picked up one of the guns from the True Believers we killed.

            Felicia caught up, limping. “I hope you’re happy.”

            “She’s not getting away,” assured Allen.

            Allen ran out into the bloodied halls. Everywhere he looked there was death, a lot of it done by his own platoon. Down below he could hear Judicians singing the Judicium Anthem. In the battlefield, Allen always recognized it as the sound of imminent victory.

Allen continued to search the halls until he heard crying in one of the rooms and approached it. Lying in between a room full of corpses was a defeated Ismailia. Allen pulled out his revolver and got close enough to press the barrel against the back of her head.

            “You should’ve never came back,” he said. “You should’ve known this would be the outcome.”

            “How can you live with yourself…knowing the things you’ve done?” Ismailia accused. “How can you pervert the Holy Grimoire in pretending to believe in God when this is what you do to maintain order?”

            “It’s you criminals who pervert the Holy Grimoire. You started the war. We’re merely ended it. I know you did not choose this path. Unfortunately you’re the daughter of a self-proclaimed Archangel. Through your eyes, you might even blame God for this.”

            Ismailia stood up, furiously. “Don’t act like you know me! I don’t serve Caelum Infinitum because my father is an Archangel. I serve them because Judicium is a corrupt and Godless order. Because every day I walk outside I could see them sucking the life out of everyone single living thing. There is no such thing as living free in Judicium. Tell me, when was the last time you actually made a choice yourself?”

            Allen pondered the thought. “You know, my Mentor accused me of the same thing…why is it so hard to believe that someone fights for Judicium because they believe in it?”

            “Because everyone knows Judicium maintains order based on lies. They cover up the truth and eliminate anyone who speaks up. They hand people a Holy Grimoire and let them think they have God in their lives but even that’s a lie. The Church can’t even take control of its own order without Judicium burning it to the ground like everything else. Tell me, is that really a nation who serves God?”

            “If the Fuhrer wanted to burn the Church to the ground, this whole city would’ve already been in flames. The Fuhrer did his best to avoid all out conflict. It’s you who forced our hand.”

            “Then how do you explain everything that’s happening outside?”

            “What are you talking about?”

            “Don’t play the fool! You’re Fuhrer ordered you to burn every church in the city with every clergymen and civilian inside it.”

            “No…the Fuhrer wouldn’t…” The Fuhrer is a holy man. He would never. Only… “This…this isn’t the Fuhrer’s will! Our Glory would never order such blasphemy. This is the work of Dark Charles! Damn it, I should’ve known. I knew something was up…”

            “For a Shadow you sure are blind. This is what Judicium does! They break every moral boundary and then cover it up with lies. We both know what happens after this. Judicium throws the blame on Charles Veritas, cleans its hands, and celebrate their victory in private. Like they always do.”

            “Charles is not a holy man, no one will deny that. But the Fuhrer is. I know you’d like to believe that anyone who isn’t a True Believer is an atheist, but that is not the case. The people of Judicium, the vast majority of them, believe in God. I believe in God. Just because I do not believe in your fight does not make me a sinner. The Church is using your order to regain its former power when in reality all they are doing is dividing the world in two.”

            Ismailia shook her head. “It won’t just be two pieces. After today, the whole world will awaken and open its eyes.” Ismailia opened her arms wide. “And knowing that is enough for me to accept my fate. So do your worse. You may kill me, and my father even, but you will never kill God. Before all this is over, it’s Judicium who will burn!”

            Allen looked into her eyes. She’s being serious. She’s ready to die for this folly. Allen lowered his gun. “My orders were to capture you alive if possible. And that’s exactly what I intend to do.”

            “Then I should curse you for dooming me to whatever unimaginable torture awaits me.”  

© 2013 Cynical_Art

Author's Note

Given everything that's happening and Allen's decisions, do you think he is naive or in the right? Feel free to comment on anything else that went down this chapter :)

Next chapter is a Charles Veritas POV.

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Okay, so I start reading and I'm like, "YES! Tirana didn't die!" I keep.on reading, and then I'm like, "Ismailia, you idiot." And all the while, I'm liking Allen more and more. He's like my fourth favorite character. I do think he's a little naive, but then again sometimes ignorance is bliss. The less you know, the better. I can tell he is conflicted by doing what's right vs. doing what his superiors have told him to do. It makes him one of those rare characters who you can get along with. And then I read the end of your author's note, and am like, "Yeeessss! It's about time you brought Charles back!" XD So yeah, I'm excited for the next chapter, and love this book. :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

Dark Rider

7 Years Ago

Yay!!! ^^ Now I just have to wait for it. XD

7 Years Ago

Well it's up :) I'll start working on the coming chapters soon as well.
Dark Rider

7 Years Ago

YESS!!!!! *goes to read it*

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