Chapter 53- Dumas Erequix

Chapter 53- Dumas Erequix

A Chapter by Cynical_Art

Chapter 53


Dumas Erequix



            Dumas stepped cautiously into the library with his gun at hand. The fact the shelf leading to the secret exit was open prior to his return meant either Judicium had uncovered it or Ismailia did indeed return this way. Regardless of which it was, Dumas was not grateful to be back.

            Though the library itself appeared to be completely desolate, from outside Dumas could hear the Judicium Anthem being sung. As Dumas stepped further into the library, he noted the corpses of True Believers scattered throughout. He toured the library to observe each corpse personally and was relieved to find that Ismailia was not amongst them. Contrary to the rest of the corpses, the two by the entrance were Black Coats. Both shot in the head. Dumas tried to make sense of the situation but the thought of Ismailia running rampant killing anyone was laughable.

            The singing progressively got louder while the sounds of fighting got lower. It was pretty apparent that the battle was coming to an end. The Azure Kingdom suffering the defeat. That meant just walking out, gun or not, was out of the question. Luckily the solution was right in front of him.

            Dumas stripped one of the dead Black Coats and put on his uniform, after which he hid the naked body down the dark stairs from whence he came. As soon Dumas walked out of the library he saw wave after wave of Judicium’s Justice running about singing the Judicium Anthem. What little True Believers were left were dying in agony and being put out of their misery by wandering Black Coats. Dumas felt a stab to his heart as he recognized many of the victims. Where is God tonight?

            Dumas ascended the floors as nonchalantly as he could for a guy shitting his pants with fear. Just the thought that he might get discovered at any moment almost made him consider turning back around return empty-handed, but he couldn’t bear the thought of failing the Azure Prince. Hopeful or not, he would not count Ismailia for dead until he saw her corpse with his own two eyes.

            Higher up, the fighting could be heard heavily. That meant the Azure Kingdom still had some fight in them left. While looking for an alternate route upstairs, Dumas crossed a group of injured being tended. Amongst them was the one person that could undo Dumas in an instant.

            Felicia Mandeville.

            Dumas quickly faced the other way and left the room as quickly as possible. He started to breath uncontrollably hard as his options quickly started to dwindle. What am I going to do? What am I going to do? Going upstairs is suicide. Even if Ismailia were alongside her father, what would finding her achieve? This battle is already lost. Dumas started looking around the room desperately. If I was a stupid spoiled b***h and knew I couldn’t reach my father alive where else might I go? As soon as Dumas realized what floor he was on, he knew exactly where.

            Dumas opened the door to Ismailia’s room to find his hopes crushed. Though it seemed someone had entered it since last he saw it, judging by its new condition, he doubted it was Ismailia. Other than her father or her room, where else could she go? Who might she try to find for protection?

            Ismailia was never fond of Gravur Ilianos as far as Dumas knew. And Diaxos Allard, though one of her favorites amongst the Azure Kingdom, would never leave the Azure Prince’s side in an occasion such as this. That only left Mary.

            Dumas had made it a point to avoid learning what bond Ismailia shared with the Archangel of Lust but clearly there was something big enough for Ismailia to stand against her father. Dumas did not recall what room the Azure Prince gave Mary. He did recall however that she often visited his own lab for crystallite engineering. It was probably about as big a stretch as hunches could get but sadly he had nothing else to bank on. Fortunately his lab was only in the floor beneath.

            Walking in, the first thing Dumas saw was the azure tint of his lab. Never thought I’d see you again. Dumas was overwhelmed with a sense of home. This was where he spent most of his time in the Azure Palace. The one place he always felt at peace other than when he was painting.

            “It’s quite the setup, isn’t it?”

            Dumas turned around, startled. Before him was standing an older man, not particular tall, very slim, and with enough scars on his face to demonstrate a life of hardships. His eyes were dark and hard to read but there was a sadistic vibe from the way he looked at Dumas. He was wearing the Black Coat uniform with the colors and cape implicating he was an officer of some sort, though how high Dumas could only guess.

            Dumas attempted to be as nonchalant as possible. “Indeed it is.”

            The man idly walked around the room, observing all the different tools Dumas used to create cryst. “Isn’t it funny how these criminals worship God, die for him, and commit atrocities such as these at the same time.”

“Who do you think worked here?” asked Dumas in an attempt to appear clueless.

            “This lab belonged to a famous painter by the name of Dumas Erequix. You might’ve heard his name. He’s also the man who is in charge of producing the Azure Prince’s most potent products. An Angel by title but devil at heart.”

            Funny how a stranger can tell more about me than most. “So…did they find him?”

            “I’m sorry?”

            “You said he’s an Angel, right? That means he’s one of the Azure Prince’s most valued followers. One would assume he’s inside this palace.”

            “One would assume…What’s your name, Black Coat?”

            Dumas hid his shivering hands in his pockets and gave the first name that popped in his head. “Simon…Simon Mandeville.”

            “You’re very observant, Simon Mandeville. Ever consider donning a different coat. One beneath the Shadow perhaps. I think you’d make a good fit.”

“I appreciate the gesture but I’m content with where I am, er…”

            “Where are my manners?” The man offered his hand. “Gottfried Calantz at your service.”

            Dumas gave him a shivering handshake. “A pleasure to meet you.”

             As Dumas tried to pull back, Gottfried tightened the grip on his hand. “I just have one more question though. What is an Illumian doing with a surname from a Judician house?”

            Dumas went pale. “I…I was adopted.”

            Gottfried withheld his grip. “That so? Funny, I’m good friends with the Mandevilles. How come I’ve never seen you before?”

            F**k! I’m an idiot! Out of all the names why did I have to pick that one? “I didn’t get out much. My foster parents always believed I’d embarrass them in front of our guests.”

            Gottfried let go of his hand. “Well, it was a huge manor and I did only visit them so often. So I guess it doesn’t come as that big of a surprise.”

“Even I didn’t see most of the manor and I lived there,” joked Dumas.

 “You know that reminds me of a funny story, Simon.”


Gottfried turned his back to Dumas and started running his fingers through the vials and containers sitting on the tables. “I have a friend with a subordinate who also shares the exact same surname as you. But the Mandeville house whence she’s from is far from a rich one. In fact, it’s so poor hardly anyone knows it even exists.”

            Dumas started slowly walking back. “That’s a big coincidence…I’m surprised I’m just hearing this now.”

            Gottfried turned around with an insulted look on his face. “How long are we going to play this game, Illumian? I’m not an idiot. Even if you were adopted you don’t have the etiquette to pass for a Judician. Not even under that uniform. Which you forgot the bayonet, by the way. Who are you really?” Before Dumas could pull out his gun entirely, Gottfried pulled out his revolver and aimed it directly at his face. “Don’t do anything reckless. I’m trying to have a peaceful conversation here. Now drop the gun and answer the question.”

            Dumas lowered his arm but kept his gun at hand. “Even if I tell you, you’ll just kill me. So what’s the point?”

            “On the contrary. If you are who I think you are, I very much intend to keep you alive.”

            “I’m supposed to believe that?”

            “You tell me, Dumas Erequix.”

            “What makes you so sure I’m him?”

            Gottfried grinned. “Still playing stupid? Why else would you come here of all places? Only two people have any business coming here and that’s you and the Archangel of Lust. You’re lacking a huge pair of tits so that only leaves one option.”

            “If I am who you think I am, what would I gain from coming here? Maybe I came here hoping to find either one of the two individuals you just mentioned as well.”

            “Perhaps,” agreed Gottfried. “But unfortunately for your story, I have other sources that reinforce my theory. Starting with Ismailia Loucelles. You both ran away together prior to the attack, only she came back. I’m under the assumption that maybe you came back here looking for her.”

            So they got to her first. “Is she…dead?”

            “I could tell you but first I want you to answer one of my questions. The Archangel of Lust, any idea where she might be? Did she also escape before the attack? Is she hiding out in Yggdrasil?”

            “I don’t know…”

            “You’re going to need to answer better than that if you want to know what happened to your precious little singer.”

            “I said, I don’t know.”

            Gottfried sighed. “What a shame. I recall the little princess saying the same thing before I decided she was of no use to us…a shame no one will ever hear her beautiful voice again.”

            Dumas’s eyes went wide. “YOU B*****D!”



             The gun fell to the floor alongside Dumas’s three middle fingers. The pain of his missing fingers was nothing compared to the pain of what had just been stripped from him. Dumas the Great would never hold a brush with his right hand again. He would never again bring life to this world with the greatest talent God gave him.

            Dumas cried beside his fingers. “My fingers…my fingers…you will burn for this…I swear to the eight heavens above and hell beneath us…you will burn for this!”

            “Don’t put the blame on me. I told you not to do anything reckless,” reminded Gottfried. Gottfried walked over to Dumas, grazing the tools beside him with his hand as he passed them. “And the hell beneath us won’t burn me any more than the eight heavens helped your worthless Azure Kingdom. You know who will burn though…”

            Dumas looked up hopelessly as Gottfried picked up one of the beakers filled with chemical acid and smashed it into his face. Just like with his fingers, it wasn’t the burning of the acid melting his skin that hurt. What hurt, what truly hurt, was knowing that from this day forth, Dumas would never gaze upon a reflection and see beauty again.

            Everything God gave him.


            Just like that.

© 2013 Cynical_Art

Author's Note

Walk me through your thoughts reading this chapter >:)

Next chapter, Caius Ashfall

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Dumas had a good plan going for him. Until he screwed up with that last name! Can I smack him for that? I mean come on, he should have known better than that! As pompous and narcissistic as the guy was at the beginning, I feel really, really bad for him now. He was only trying to do what he thought was right, even if that might have been wrong. Poor Dumas.

Now onto Caius! :D

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

That's kinda how I wanted my reader to feel >:) The guy is not used to this type of business though,.. read more
Dark Rider

7 Years Ago

By killing the characters I like? Don't do that! If you have to kill anyone, kill Saix! And fair war.. read more

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