Chapter 55- Drake Lightheart

Chapter 55- Drake Lightheart

A Chapter by Cynical_Art

Chapter 55


Drake Lightheart



            Drake took another chug of his wine while Sky pleasured him down below with her mouth. The combination helped him escape reality, the only way he knew how to. In this fantasy he was always in control. No one to question him. No one to defy him. All of the world’s greatest pleasures only a reach away.

            Drake was almost at the peak of climax when his tent curtain was opened, ending his fantasy prematurely. Sky lifted her head but Drake caught her by her hair and pushed her back down. “Don’t stop. I’m not finished yet.”

Henry looked at him with disgust. “You should be ashamed of yourself. The men brand you a hero yet again and this is how you make an example.” The furious General stepped all the way inside. “Leave us, wench!”

            As soon as Sky lifted her head once more, Drake grabbed it and pushed it back down, again. “I said finish! And you, I never gave you permission to enter my tent!”

            Henry marched and grabbed Sky by her hair and yanked her off Drake’s fully erected c**k. “I said, leave us!” Sky picked up some sheets to cover herself and left running. Henry looked down at Drake, fuming. “You’re a vile man. What happened to the man I fought beside during the Crimson War? You were always vain but at least you were a good leader back then. Now you make me wonder why we gave you command-”

            The mere mention of the word command set off Drake’s drunken mind. “Give me command? We both know that’s bullshit! As usual, all I am is a place warmer until someone with some real command comes and takes it! I’m nothing. The same as you and the rest of the s***s I’m stuck with in this Godforsaken ring.”

As Drake took another chug of his wine, Henry snatched the bottle. “We’re soldiers of Judicium’s Light. Citizens of Judicium. We do what we’re told. You have been a General much longer than me, Drake. You of all people should know that.”

            Drake spit on the floor. “Which is why I’m done with this. I’ve been here long enough to know this is as far up as I’ll ever make it. Even the Fuhrer’s c**t daughter died, they’d just find someone else other than me to fill the spot. I’m tired of showing my dedicated service for it to not be acknowledged. I…me alone…am the best General and soldier Judicium’s Light has ever seen. But no one but me could ever see that. Instead they always cheered for Charles or Edgar. Never me. I never married a traitor Queen, yet when they say who won the war they cheer his name…when he was the sole reason we almost lost.”

            “Judicium cannot shame its icons. We can never look weak, you know that.”

            Drake pointed at himself. “Then they should’ve picked the soldier who wasn’t…”

            “You’re a grown man, Drake. I won’t argue this any further. You know what you signed up for when you put on that white coat.”

            Drake shrugged it off. “That was during a time when life made sense. Just remember, there’s a city burning out there while we’re here with our dicks in our hand waiting for some c**t to do the same s**t we could’ve.”

            Henry shook his head. “The waiting is over. It’s why I came to make sure you weren’t causing yourself any more damage than you already have. She’s here.”

            Drake’s eyes opened wide. “F**k…”

            “Put some clothes on and clean yourself up. She’s called the audience of the remaining Generals. And I’d leave the word c**t out of your vocabulary before joining us. This is the Fuhrer’s daughter we’re talking about.”




            Drake’s head was spinning. It was a wonder he even got his uniform on right. Unfortunately there was nothing that could hide the bloodshot look in his eyes and stench of his breath. It was hardly the way for anyone to present themselves in front of the Fuhrer’s daughter. Fortunately, Drake was still beyond the point of giving a f**k.

            Around the meeting table, Henry and Talahad were already in assembly. At the end stood the divine daughter of Judicium’s Light, Cynthia Deus Starfall. Golden curly hair, thick lips, tits to die for, legs like a stallion standing tall and proud, all wrapped in the glorious white and gold uniform of a General of Judicium’s Light. Drake could think of more than ten ways to f**k her silly. Two more drinks and he might’ve even offered his services.

            Cynthia glared at Drake. “Good of you to join, General.”

            “I could say the same,” countered Drake. “City’s been burning for a while now.”

            “Drake!” scolded Henry. “This is our Glory’s daughter you’re speaking to.”

            “I’m well aware,” said Drake. “So, are you finally ready to get your hands bloodied in a real battle, General?”

            It was easy to taunt a woman like Cynthia. People as important as Cynthia Deus Starfall were born with bigger egos than most people could ever amount throughout a life of success. But when it came down to it, she had nothing to show for her title as General other than her convenient birth. Twelve years ago, by the end of the Crimson War, Cynthia was still practicing with a sword and learning how to aim right.

            Drake did not take into account however, her experience in the art of war when it came to words. “That’s hardly an insult coming from a drunken fool who has lived in other men’s shadows his whole life.”

            Henry saw the look in Drake’s eyes and mediated the clash before it escalated. “Generals, let us dwell on what’s really important at the moment. We’ve already waited too long to act as it stands. We need to decide what to do about Charles Veritas. The last message we got claimed the fires we’ve been seeing are coming from burning churches. I think I can speak for our Glory when I say this is a disaster. The whole purpose of the white ring was to weed the problem out without antagonizing the Church in the process.”

            “I’m just confused as to how it came to this,” said Talahad. “Just Kramer would never allow something like this. Not in a million years.”

            “Assuming no ill will has befallen him, I too find it difficult to believe. My guess is he has his hands full with the Azure Kingdom. If those are indeed churches on fire and if Charles is indeed behind it, I’m sure he would’ve manipulated the situation so no one could interfere. It would make sense, especially after we informed him of Edgar’s betrayal. With Judicium’s Light and Justice occupied or immobile, it’d be the perfect time to execute such a bold plan.”

            “But would Charles still do it? I’ve never had much love for the man but he’s never struck me as the type to disobey orders or act of his own volition to such an extreme.”

            “Why are we even arguing this,” complained Drake. “If not Charles, who? What we have to do is simple. Kill him. It’s been the only option from the start.”

            “On the contrary,” jumped in Cynthia. “We will not stop Charles. Not yet anyways.”

            “I’m sorry, did I just hear you say that we won’t stop Charles? I must be going crazy, I don’t think I drank that much.”

            “That is precisely what I said,” reassured Cynthia. “Do you need me to reiterate?”

            Drake slammed both his hands on the table. “Are you f*****g kidding me? Am I the only sane f*****g person in this camp? The lunatic is burning down churches! What the F**K do you mean we’re just going to stand and watch him do it?”

            Talahad supported Drake’s argument. “Drake has a point. Even if it’s not Charles, we can’t just watch this happen. What message would that send the people? The Church is still the pillar of our society’s moral values.”

            Even Henry sided with Drake. “They’re right, Cynthia. What are we here for if not a situation like this?”

            “Are you all finished?” asked Cynthia. “Charles burns every church, kills all our enemies, and takes the fall for it. Could we ask for a better blessing? I don’t know what caused Charles to go renegade or if this was his intention from the start but the damage is already done. We might as well capitalize on it.”

            Drake blew up. “Is this what we’ve become?! There are innocent people dying there as we speak! This is not what I went to war for all those years ago! We unified this world for everlasting peace and order. So our people can sleep at night knowing we’d always protect them. Now it’s us burning them! And you say it as if it weren’t even a loss?”

            “Drake, is right,” agreed Henry. “Sacrificing people for a victory is a Cruorian tactic. Our Glory is better than this. Give the order for Judicium’s Light to move and we can resolve this mess.”

            Cynthia wasn’t having any of it. “Would you rather sacrifice a couple thousand people now or millions later? We can prevent an all-out war if we just wait a little. Charles will get his justice. But let him do Judicium one last service first.”

            “All-out war has been at our doorstep,” argued Drake. “Let’s just cut the bullshit, we all see what’s going on here. We all know Judicium can’t attack the Church because the entire foundation of your legitimacy is based upon your supposed divine right. A fact our Glory has invested far too much into to abandon now. Just admit it, this was his plan from the start. Send an atheist to clean up his mess and take the fall for it.”

            “Careful with your words, General,” warned Cynthia. “My father is a man of God. And let it be known that these false assumptions are treason of the highest degree. I’ll forgive it on account of your drunken mind but let it be the last.”

            “F**K THAT! What are you going to do, kill me?”

            Cynthia gripped her rapier. “You’re treading on thin ice here, Drake Lightheart.”

            Drake laughed out loud. “Is that supposed to scare me? If you could kill me you would’ve already done it.” Drake slapped his chest proudly. “You can’t kill me, b***h! You can’t kill me because unlike you, I worked my way up to the top. If you kill me, it’ll raise more than just a couple eyebrows. Our soldiers love me. They respect me! I may be a drunken fool at times but I’ve bled with them. Something you never have, woman.”

            Cynthia’s lips cringed. “Talahad, show Drake back to his tent. Make sure he does not leave it until he sobers up…”

            Talahad tried to grab him but Drake snatched his arm away. “I can walk myself out.”

Talahad followed Drake all the way back to his tent. “What the f**k do you think you’re doing? You’re ruining everything we’ve done for you. What do you think she’s going to tell her father when she sees him now?”

Drake laughed bitterly. “Don’t be naïve, Talahad. The Fuhrer doesn’t plan on making me Sun. He never did. He never will.” Drake started gathering extra bullets, emergency bandages, and a canteen of water.

“What the hell are you doing now?”

“I won’t let those people die. I won’t let Charles do it. I won’t.”

            Talahad attempted to stop him. “What will it win us? The men may love you but they will not defy Cynthia. She is the Fuhrer’s daughter. If you go out there, you’d be walking into your own death. Alone.”

            “How can you just stand there and tell me that? We’re on the same side. Our Messiah is in that city…”

            “And you’ll be doing him no favors by throwing your life away. We need you in the Council of Seven. You’re the only one that can do it. Now sober up and apologize to Cynthia when you have your wits about you.”

            Drake shook his head. “No. I’m done serving people beneath me. I am an Archangel. I will not sit and wait while thousands of people die.”

            Drake tried to walk out his tent but Talahad blocked his way. “And what about our Messiah? Is he beneath you too?” Drake stood quiet. “Then stop acting a fool and stay in your tent,” commanded Talahad.”

            Drake squeezed his fists. “I apologize, I presented you with the wrong reason as to why I’m leaving this tent. I don’t give a f**k who is above or thinks they are above me. There is no one person whose worth outweighs that of thousands of people. Not even God. I wanna show you something.”

Drake led Talahad all the way to the crater left by the Red Sun. “This was the product of both Judicium and Caelum Infinitum.”

            “This was the product of Edgar gone mad,” argued Talahad.

            “No. If one party deserves all of the blame it’s us. Edgar was only the Archangel of Envy’s puppet.”

            “Judas was here?”

            “Does it matter who was here? That hole symbolizes that we are no different from Judicium. How many did we sacrifice for the sake of our cause? Is it so different than what Cynthia intends to do for her cause?”

            “Drake…this is war. This is what you wanted. Caelum Infinitum promised you a war and glory and you agreed to fight for them. I don’t know what you were expecting. We all had our own reasons for signing up but we all knew the cost. You’re the only one that has been in denial…”

            “Why did you sign up for this then, Talahad? If not to do the right thing.”

            “I’ve done a lot of things I’m not proud of in my life. I’d like to think that with this last act I might find a place in one of the heavens after all is said and done.”

            Drake chuckled. “I think we all lost that right long ago. But at least you know why you’re betraying your country.” Drake looked at the crater of corpses. “I thought war would help clear my mind,” he confessed. “I was wrong.”

            “There’s nothing to be conflicted about. You’ve already made your choice. Drake, I’ve known you a long time and I’ve always known you to be a simple man. A drink, a f**k, and a victory have been all you have ever needed. Stop trying to complicate things for yourself.”

            “It’s not that simple!”

            “We’re soldiers, Drake. We pick a side and we fight for it. That’s all we do. Just stick to the script and all the glory and respect you ever wanted will be yours.”

            “You don’t understand…Judicium, Caelum Infinitum, Cruor, they’re all the same. They’re just power hungry cults with no regard for human life. When I rode off into the Crimson War we for fought everlasting peace and order. Now we fight for power. This is not a war I want to be a part of.”

            Talahad snapped, “And when we did have peace, what did you do then? B***h, b***h, and b***h some more because there weren’t any people for you to kill. You can slap your morality all you want. War is war, and you’re living a lie.”

            “I’m not…” Drake cut himself off. “What the hell is that?”

            Talahad looked up at the sky. Three abnormal figures could be seen floating in the air. As they got closer, the images started to make more sense. “They’re…airships?”

            “Can’t be,” argued Drake. “There are three. And the Red Sun is parked here right beneath us. Unless…” Drake’s eyes opened wide with fear. “Holy s**t, he finished them. Maximillian Osgia, he actually succeeded.” Drake looked around the camp. Not a single soldier had a care in the world. “This war…it’s about to begin…and they don’t even know it’s coming.”

© 2013 Cynical_Art

Author's Note

Sorry it too a little longer than usual to post it, the next couple chapters should be up relatively quick though as things head to the finale of this book. Give me your thoughts on the chapter. How do you feel about Cynthia Deus Starfall in her brief appearance? What are your thoughts on Drake, his inner & outer conflict, and his way of coping with his issues?

P.S I posted the picture of Drake in my photos. Next chapter is Malus.

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Okay, I thought the beginning of the generals' meeting was funny with Drake and Cynthia argueing. XD I think Drake is really unsure what he wants right now. He knew what he once wanted, but now, I think uncertainty is beginning to sprout in his (drunken) mind. And I think he needs to find a better way to deal with his issues, lol. I can make sense of Cythia's argument in what they should do with Charles, however, I also sort of agree with Drake. Even though he was drunk, he had a point, but so did she. So I'm really interested to see who will be right in that. I'm also interested to see how this war is going to go. Not to mention I can't wait for Malus' chapter. XD I love this chapter, and can't wait for the next chapter! :)

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

Well who is in the right is an opinion of the reader. I only have control of how things play out :P .. read more
Dark Rider

7 Years Ago

I can't wait to see how everything will play out, and who will win this war. :)

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