Chapter 61- Caius Ashfall

Chapter 61- Caius Ashfall

A Chapter by Cynical_Art

Chapter 61


Caius Ashfall



            Caius fired two more shots at Raziel and missed. Had he been healthy he would’ve successfully killed Raziel three times by now. Alas, he had lost a lot of blood and still didn’t have the right flow of crylist coursing through his veins. Caius knew he had no chance against Raziel like this. But his hopes did not lie in his current ability to kill Raziel but rather the hubris and flawed nature of his adversary.

            “Who would’ve thought,” shouted Raziel. “A grand finale like this only happens in theater. Brother versus brother. One raised by the father, the other the mother.”

            “We have no parents,” Caius shouted back as he tried to focus his aim once more. “We’re Youths.”

            “But could not one say that Judicium was our father and the Church our mother? Two moral codes. Faith. Order.”

            Caius took the shot but missed again. “If that’s the case, I’d argue I was raised by both”

            “Oh please! You cannot deny that the only reason you ever prayed was because you were ordered to. Unlike the rest of us, you didn’t pray to make it through the night. You were always the perfect dog. The rest of us were just too damn emotional. No matter how hard we tried, we just couldn’t help but care about the little things in life.”

            “I cared too! I just didn’t let my emotions cloud my judgment. We saw what happened to the others that did.”

            “You arrogant s**t!” Raziel started sprinting around frantically shooting at the sky. “If not for my emotions you would be dead!”

            Caius shot and missed again. “What of it? I recall returning the exact same favor down the road.” One bullet left…

            Raziel ran inside an alley. “And it appears after all our efforts, God would have it no other way. Fortunate for you, I have tendency to do as I please.”

            Caius followed him into the alley. Far in the other end he could see Raziel’s silhouette running towards the exit. Caius tried his best to align his aim with Raziel’s head but it was simply too far of a shot for him in his current state. “And unfortunately for you…” Caius whispered to himself. “I have a tendency of following my orders.”

            Upon reaching the other end of the alley, Caius came upon an expansive area filled with cruelties. At the center was a guillotine constantly functioning through the cycling of ropes tied between two wells.  Circling the guillotine were six spiked towers interconnected by a ceiling of thorny vines. Some of the vines were hanging loosely with nooses tied. Scattered around the floor were also pits leading to more spikes, serving as graves for the countless of victims that had been executed here.

            Raziel stood by the guillotine. “Do you know what they call this place?”

“Of course I know. Judas’s Garden of Inquisition. It’s where Eden passes judgment on its most heinous criminals.”

            Raziel clapped. “It’s also where Judas was executed after his betrayal of God. They placed a web of vines in the ceiling just so he could not fly away. They hanged him near death, chopped his limbs off, and threw him in one of the pits to die.”

            “Is this supposed to be symbolic? You’re no Archangel, Raziel. You know that as well as I do.”

            “I thought the scenery would make this moment more special. But of course, I don’t intend for it to be a premonition of any sort. When this is all over, I will be flying away.”

            Caius stepped into the field of vines. “Why, Raziel? Why betray Judicium?”

            Raziel laughed. “Why? Are you f*****g kidding me? They threw us in hell, toyed with our lives, and stroked their c***s while they plotted how to make us kill each other! From the moment we were born, we were stripped of any choice we might’ve had. They said run, we ran. Jump, we jumped. Kill, we killed. It never mattered to them whether or not the person was someone we cherished. And after all that, they actually had the audacity to tell us to wear a coat and be proud. I never understood how you could so willingly follow the same people that took everything away from you. We deserve better. You deserve better!”

            “The world is not meant for everyone to be happy in it.”

            “That’s what they’ve manipulated you into believing.”

            “No. It’s the truth. I know well that Judicium does not value its individuals. But it is not in vain. It’s how we make the world a consistent order. If you value the individual you cannot accommodate the world. And that’s why I fight for Judicium. Because the lives of a few thousands are worth the prosperity of millions.”

            Raziel scowled and started cutting the nooses around him like a madman. “How can you say that? Are we not all human? Do we not all deserve an equal chance at life?”

            Caius unsheathed his rapier and idly kept his distance. “In a perfect world, perhaps. But equality is not a reality.”

            Raziel looked at Caius with utter disbelief. “I didn’t think it possible…but you’ve grown colder over the years.”

            “You’re right,” agreed Caius. “Two years ago I saw the world in three shades. Those meant to keep order, those who threatened order, and those meant to live in it. Charles showed me truth. As long as order is maintained, the sacrifice is always worth it. Sometimes the innocent must suffer, Raziel. That’s just life.”

            “How can you pray to God after what you just said?”

            “I don’t anymore. I don’t deserve God’s pity and I’m perfectly fine with that. I’ve chosen this world over the next.”

            Raziel burst out laughing. “Bullshit! Tell that to him when you hear him calling your name!” Raziel jumped over a pit and charged at Caius.

            Caius met him with equal ferocity. “How can you even pretend to be a saint? You’ve murdered countless for your mere sadistic amusement!”

            Raziel danced around Caius with his rapier, clearly toying with him. “It’s never been for my amusement. Everything I’ve done has been for Judicium. I want them to see what they did to us. Don’t hate me because I happen to enjoy it.”

            Caius felt his foot touch the edge of one of the pits. “Is that what you tell God when you pray to him at night?”

            “No. That’s what I tell people before I kill them!” Raziel kicked Caius back into the pit but grabbed his hand just before it was too late to save him. “But I confess, God has nothing to do with it. I’m simply doing this because I f*****g hate Judicium.” Raziel pulled Caius back up.

            Caius rolled into the ground and stood back up on one knee. “I don’t understand. If you’re not doing this for God, how did you ever become an Archangel?”

            Raziel cocked his head, perplexed. “I assumed Liana told you everything. You seemed informed enough about my true allegiance. Was I wrong in assuming you know all of the Archangel’s identities?”

            “No. I know them all. Just not the connection. All Liana said was some nonsense about the Son of God being the First Man.”

            Raziel smirked. “Nonsense? No. He is indeed the First Man. To my understanding, it’s what turned most of us into True Believers. For my case, it’s what made me believe that someone could step up to Judicium’s tyranny.”

            “And what made you so special?” asked Caius. “How did a Youth, slave to Judicium, get to see him? Why make you of all people an Archangel?”

            Raziel started walking in circles around Caius, dragging his rapier’s point against the ground. “Is it time for a story?! Ahh, how I love stories! Remember back when I used to wear a Black Coat? Probably not, we hardly did s**t in those days. Mostly we sat around all day stroking our c***s. But there was one good story amongst all the s**t. A story I’m sure you know well.

“It was during one of our outlaw cleansing expeditions. Normally Judicium’s Justice and Light operate privately within their own coat, but for outlaw expeditions, a handful of Black Coats always tag along with the Light to pass lawful judgment on the outlaws they come across. It’s a relatively straightforward job but as usual, I managed to make it complex. My curiosity has always led me to trouble, as I’m sure you recall.”

“How could I ever forget…?” muttered Caius.

“It was thanks to that curiosity,” continued Raziel, “that I had noticed that Drake Lightheart had sent us off in an entirely different course than our intended one. So when we were ambushed by a group of outlaws, I was already suspicious. The trap was so obvious and ludicrous that I knew something was amiss. Who would attack such a large group of White Coats? It had to be more than just chance. Sure enough, when I went to General Drake for answers, he was nowhere to be found. I did find him later however. Right beside the very men who attacked us. That’s when I saw him. The Son of God.”

“And instead of killing you, you expect me to believe they just decided to make you an Archangel?”

“Perhaps it was the look on my face that saved me. When I saw Jeshua, I thought I’d seen God himself. Drake wanted me dead for the sake of keeping his true allegiance a secret but Jeshua ordered them to spare me. After which they fabricated a story to keep us both out of suspicion.”

Caius laughed in disgust. “To think that whole incident with the religious cult was staged? Meaning your heroics in rescuing the great Drake Lightheart was nothing but a lie.”

            “A lie, yes,” agreed Raziel. “But it got the job done. With the right allies in place, I soon found myself in Judicium’s Shadow.”

            “They had high hopes for you if they thought you’d ever make Judicium’s Moon.”

“We’ve accomplished more hopeless goals.”

“Which beckons the question, if this is indeed your goal, why haven’t you killed me yet? Surely you know you will never become Judicium’s Moon for as long as I live.”

            Raziel shrugged. “I don’t know that I have the heart to kill my only brother.”

            “That’s all I needed to know.“ Caius attacked him, pushing him back towards a different pit.

            Right as they were nearing the edge, Raziel sidestepped out of the way. “Just give up! You know you can’t win. You’re on the wrong side, Caius!”

            Caius continued his fury of strikes. “How many times must we go over this? I serve Judicium!”

            Raziel whipped one of the hanging vines at Caius. “To what end? If all you want is to preserve order, why not do so on our side?”

            Caius cut the vine. “You know, Liana said the same thing right before I killed her.”

            Raziel laughed loudly. “So she’s dead?”

            “The Azure Prince as well. And soon to join them, Lucifer, the Prophet, the Son of God, and you!”

            “Have you taken a look to the skies at all? Perhaps you noticed the three unknown airships. Maybe it’s time you considered the alternatives, Caius. Judicium does not have everything as under control as they love to preach. It’s a crumbling order. We’ve exposed it for what it really is. The stage is already set for the new age.”

            “I’m tired of hearing about this new world of yours. Other than glorifying God, is it so different from the Fuhrer’s world?” Caius cut a different vine and flung it at Raziel.

            Raziel got lightly tangled but quickly unwrapped himself out of it. “Don’t ask me for the details. My only real goal is to f**k Judicium in the a*s so I can watch and laugh as it all burns to the ground.”

            “Is that what your Messiah wants as well?”

            “F**k no! Jeshua wanted to change this world as peacefully as possible. What you see now is a result of the work you and Charles did. Which I must admit, I’m grateful for. This spectacle is much more pleasing to the eyes.”

            Caius dropped his rapier and charged at Raziel. “Our work will put an end to this madness tonight!” Caius tackled Raziel all the way to the guillotine.

            Raziel managed to sway Caius just enough to hit the wooden frame instead of falling in the path of the merciless blade. “And if you don’t succeed?” asked Raziel. “What then? The Fuhrer cannot ignore what Charles has done.”

            Caius dug his feet into the ground, trying to push Raziel into the blade. “Our lives would be little to pay.”

            Raziel slipped his leg between Caius and slammed him down, landing on top. “Why is it that out of all the s**t you choose to love, you picked this Godforsaken order?”

            Caius grabbed Raziel’s face and started digging his fingers into his eyes. “You said it yourself! I am the perfect soldier.”

            Raziel grabbed Caius’s wrists and pressed them against the floor over his head. “If you’re so perfect then why didn’t you kill me back in the Youth?” shouted Raziel. “If your heart is truly so empty, why did you spare my life when you should’ve killed me?”

            “I don’t know, but I was a fool to let you live. I should’ve just killed you like the rest.”

            Raziel let him go, utterly appalled. “You don’t mean that…”

            Caius flipped him against the wooden frame. “Yes I do. You’re the reason my mind became clouded. It’s because of you I started questioning what I had to do. You made people to be more than just targets. Had I just killed you like the rest, I would’ve never had any regrets in my life.”

            Raziel smiled, though his eyes reflected pain. “But you did care…and I lived. Because I wasn’t the only one who saw you as a brother…”


            Raziel grimaced with pain from the gunshot wound. Ruthlessly, Caius dug his fingers inside the wound and started to lift him from the ground while choking him with his other hand, and pushing him closer and closer towards the chopping blade. “Doesn’t matter now,” said Caius. “Once you’re dead, and Charles is executed, I’ll be that same orphan from Judicium’s Youth who never hesitated. The one you feared. The one that made you keep your eyes open at night because you were so afraid.”

            Raziel’s face started to turn purple as he struggled to keep his balance and do his best to push Caius away. Suddenly, Caius felt his vision start to get faded. Damn it, I’ve lost too much blood. Raziel saw him wobble and twisted his body towards Caius’s weaker arm and both of their bodies collided.


            Caius watched as blood spilled from where his arm used to be. His left arm had slipped passed the metal blade right as it was descending, separating arm from body just above the elbow. Caius fell on his back, screaming in agony.

Raziel rushed immediately to his aid, shredding a piece of his frock coat to stop the blood. “You f*****g idiot! You’re not supposed to die! Our story is not over yet!”

            Caius tried to choke Raziel with his remaining hand. “No! It ends tonight!”

            Raziel slapped his arm away. “It doesn’t end, Caius. Not until you love something more than your corrupted order. Not until you love something so much…that when I snatch it away from you, you will cry a bloody fountain of tears! Until that day…our story will never come to an end.”

            Caius tried to choke him again but his body started to give out on him. He no longer had the strength to fight back or even keep his eyes open. His vision faded to black and slowly he started to lose track of all his senses. It was over, and he knew it. He had lost the battle.

I hope we made the right choice, Charles. If I ever open my eyes again, it better be to f*****g everlasting peace and order.

© 2014 Cynical_Art

Author's Note

Between Caius and Raziel, whose cause do you believe in more? Who were you rooting for? What did you think of the outcome? And as usual, what predictions do you have?

I'll be posting the remaining chapters for this book soon. As usual, tell me what you think :)

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You're enjoying giving me conflicting emotions about my favorite characters, aren't you? I still like Caius, and he better not die after this. At the same time, you've got me believing that Raziel had a better motive for what he is doing. However, I'm still not sure who is the most justified for their actions. Like you told me before, I can't figure out who is good and who is evil, since a) you said you were trying to make the story and it's characters like that, and b) I don't think anyone is truly fighting for a "good" cause. They might think they are, and they might actually have the best interests at heart, but it means nothing if they're going about it the wrong way.
As usual, I loved the chapter, and am both excited to read more and sad that this book will soon be ending. However, I'm really looking forward to starting the next book. :)

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

Lol well it's nice to know I'm having the right affect :) I want my characters to resonate different.. read more
Dark Rider

6 Years Ago

Well you're certainly doing a good job. XD I'll read the next one as soon as I can. :)

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