Chapter 7

Chapter 7

A Chapter by Cynical_Art

Chapter 7



            Lilith straddled him and rode him like a horse, only much more delicately. She swayed her hips from side to side like a stream of water while grinding on his erect c**k. She could feel him trembling below forcing himself to hold back, hardly able to contain himself inside the pleasures of Lilith’s c**t. It didn’t take her long to learn which motions enticed him the most and she wasn’t trying to make him last any longer for her own satisfaction. She had one goal. Make him cum as fast as possible.

            The man was attractive, but still young and naive to the whole reproduction order. His clear blue eyes still had the look of someone who considered this a privilege. His perfect lips the grin of a man who was enjoying this much more than he should. His muscular arms still caressing Lilith’s body as if any of this was for her own satisfaction. Lilith could do little but gaze condescendingly at this poor pitiful man as she brought him into climax and his eyes rolled above his head. His thick semen filled her insides like a gush of life. She could tell he’d been restrained from ejaculating any of it in possibly weeks. Either that or they drugged him until his sack was full.

            Once the man finished releasing his lively fluids Lilith didn’t wait a second to eject from his c**k. She rose in all her magnificence. Her clean-shaven body was flawless. Curves in the shape of an hourglass with tits the size of melons but firm as could be. A c**t so perfect it was a wonder how many vessels had come out of it. Thick luscious lips that could bring any men to climax in seconds. A risky talent given the importance of impregnation. Her dark eyes so mysterious and seductive it could bedazzle even married men. And with her long, beautiful, luscious dark hair, it was no wonder everyone wanted her to be the mother of his or her child’s vessel. She was perfect from head to toe and she knew it.

            Her spectator Zinc, a homunculus with a yellow-lined exoskeleton, clapped in amazement. “You get better by the day. How long was that? Two minutes. Pretty soon if I blink I won’t even get to watch you finish them off.”

            Lilith walked towards him in her naked wonder. “I only aim to please. I can’t help but laugh at these pitiful men though. They forget their place.”

            Zinc looked at the shamed man naked on the floor still recovering from Lilith’s talent. “Indeed. But who wouldn’t get their hopes up after being personally picked by the Goddess of Beauty herself?”

            “He had a pretty face and a c**k the size of a horse. Isn’t that what all Ark citizens want their children to look like?”

            “His beauty fades in comparison to your own. It’s your beauty every Ark citizen wants.”

            Lilith smiled conceitedly. “Then help cleanse this beauty of this man’s filth and prepare a bath for me.”

            “Right away.”

             Lilith watched Zinc as he scurried away to prepare her bath. Her gaze turned to the pitiful man shortly after. Just a couple years ago she wasn’t so different. Left like a ragged doll after being fucked only to get fucked by another minutes later. Back then she couldn’t even tell you who the fathers of her vessels were. Now she had power though, however little that may be, but it gave her a life of choice, even as a prisoner within Sector Five. That was more than any of the other slaves of Sector Five could say for themselves.

            A couple minutes went by before two guards came into the reproduction room and dragged the pitiful man out. I wonder who he’ll be f*****g next? The thought passed Lilith but not for long. It didn’t matter who he’d f**k next, Lilith would only see him until he successfully planted her with a vessel worthy of the Ark’s praise. The other vessels he planted were of no concern to her.

            Seconds later Zinc returned and said, “Follow me.”

            Lilith followed, still naked. She didn’t care. Every authority with worth had already laid eyes upon her nude magnificence for the past ten years. She followed Zinc through the white halls of Sector Five. It was amazing how clean they managed to keep the orgy prison. The walls and floor were so spotless you could see your own reflection. The halls were empty though and could use a serious decorative touch. Few rooms had furniture. The reproduction rooms were some of the few, and only for the comfort of their better subjects, those who produced good vessels. The experimental rooms where they drugged you were filled with machinery and other things you could only hope weren’t there to kill you. Then there was also Lilith’s room. A room worthy of a queen. Somehow Lilith negotiated her overall well-being and happiness to the president of Sector Five as the reason she almost became infertile when she was fifteen. Afterwards she received the best service in the Sector. Lilith didn’t know what any of her vessels currently looked like but it was apparent the president got a good bargain on all of them.

            Automated doors opened leading to Lilith’s room. The living room was massive. In the center were three enormous leather couches that could fit at least fifteen people between all of them. It was rather useless considering Lilith wasn’t allowed visit, and authorities only came in numbers of one to five generally, but it felt good to have them anyways. The room was highly decorated with glass tables and vases and an array of pictures of scenery of the Ark, which Lilith personally requested. A gold chandelier hung over the ceiling but built-in lights that were part of the ceiling lighted the room. The living room led to a large bedroom with a king-sized bed just for her and an automated machine from which she could order any food or services she wanted. She also had a closet with the latest Ark fashion most of which she never wore, more than half could hardly be called clothes. Her bathroom was equally impressive with a tub and shower only the richest people could afford and a variety of every washing product one could think of. It was nothing short of envy, and Lilith loved it all.

            Zinc led her to her tub, which was already bubbling and just the right temperature to relax the body. “Would you like me to call workers to help you wash yourself?” Zinc suggested.

            Lilith tested the temperature with her toe before diving into the tub. “No, that’ll be fine for now. Thank you, Zinc.”

            Zinc smiled and left. Lilith let out a sigh of relief. Finally some time to think to myself. It was hard to feel alone in Sector Five. When you’re not f*****g you’re being pampered for your next f**k. When you’re pregnant they do all kinds of things to you and make sure the baby is growing the way they want it to grow. After you give birth they make sure to give you all the treatment needed so you can get back to work as soon as possible. Lilith, thanks to her privileges, had some leeway on certain scheduling. For example, she’d f**k a partner of her choosing daily until they saw a result instead of hourly. Since she finished her pick so fast she almost always had the entire day to herself. Her picks probably didn’t have the same luxury though.  Soon as they could go at it again it was likely they would be put to work with another.

            Lilith thought back to her pick. It was clear he’d just been transferred to Sector Five and Lilith was probably his first. Anybody whether they be female or male didn’t smile anymore by the second day of work. The men especially had it bad. They were drugged with all sorts of things to continuously get erections and produce sperm at a faster rate. It came to no surprise that most men died after working for about three years in Sector Five. The pretty man would probably be no different.

            Lilith tried to think of other things that did not relate to Sector Five but there was nothing. The past ten years all she knew was Sector Five. Cut off from the outside world. Unable to love or befriend. No matter how many people you met and fucked in a day you were always alone in Sector Five. Her closest thing to a friend was Zinc and he was only a spectator who’d seem to grow some admiration for her. What the world was outside of Sector Five was a mystery to her. Aside from Zinc’s stories she had nothing to go on but at least he served to make her fairly knowledgeable about how the outside world functioned. She knew enough to know that she was in the shittiest Sector possible but she thanked them for it. Anywhere else she would be the same as any other slave. The same as she was before the president granted her special privileges. There was nothing worse than the before. But before that there was something that didn’t seem so bad, but looking back now it doesn’t seem so different from the Sectors. Trapped in a basement was the same as being trapped in a Sector. No freedom and blocked from the outside world. The thought triggered the remembrance of the people she once called family. But that was all a lie as well. She had no real family, only herself.

            Once she finished bathing she rose from the tub and dressed herself in a silk blouse showing lots of cleavage and black tights with leather heel boots, which she loved. For what little purpose it served she enjoyed dressing fancy, it made her feel important. After she was done admiring her image she ordered a healthy vegetarian meal. Lilith had the option of meat but knew better than to eat anything that would harm her body. Beauty was the only power she had. After she finished eating she called Zinc over to tell her more about the Ark society. Even though she would never be a part of it she liked the option of learning. It seemed her whole life she was denied knowledge of the outside world. Learning by simply asking was a privilege she wouldn’t let go to waste. After Zinc left she roamed around her massive room with nothing to do for hours. The empty hours were the worst and longest hours of the day. It almost made her want to f**k, but she would never allow herself to view f*****g as a privilege. Even if it paved the way towards her superior lifestyle, she would never allow herself to enjoy f*****g.

            While lying on the couch Lilith suddenly heard the automated doors open. She didn’t normally get visitors on a f*****g day until the next day when she would be put to work again. She quickly sat up to see who it was. She quickly recognized the silver eyes of President Mercury. His matching slick silver hair and lining on his exoskeleton shimmered with authority. His exoskeleton was divided across his forearms, chest, and outer thighs. He dressed himself in an open white frock coat and jodhpurs. His abs fully exposed in full glory that mirrored his flawless face. His parents must’ve been wealthy to buy him such a beautiful vessel.

            Lilith nervously greeted, “Hello, President…”

            Mercury grinned, “Why so nervous? I’m only here to talk. If you remember correctly, last we talked it was rather beneficial to you.” He opened his arms wide referencing the massive establishment. “So please, do not be so alarmed.”

            Lilith couldn’t do anything but feel alarmed. In the ten years she’d been in Sector Five she’d only met Mercury twice. The first, when she was first transferred. He wasn’t so kind then, but somehow managed to keep the same classy smirk as if he were proudly sending a ten year-old child back into their mother’s arms. The second was when Lilith bargained her worth. He still had the same young face of someone in his twenties and the same demeanor from when she first met him, but his gaze when looking at her changed. When he looked into her eyes on their second meeting it was like he was staring at an invaluable treasure. All Lilith could see was a man so greedy he’d sell his own mother for the right price. Men like him never visited just to talk.

            He sat across from Lilith with his legs crossed and smiled his perfect smile. “How have the past two years treated you?” he asked.

            “I’ve seen fewer partners and hopefully better results in my vessels,” Lilith answered.

            “Indeed, your vessels are the cutest things I’ve ever laid eyes upon. The people seem to agree as well. They’re not even teenagers yet and the biddings are exponentially higher than all the other vessels.”

            “That’s good to hear.”

            His smile deteriorated into a menacing smirk. “Do you ever miss them, Lilith?”

            Lilith’s eyes shot wide. “President?”

            He gazed deep into Lilith’s eyes searching for truth. “Your babies, do you ever miss them?”

The thought had never really crossed Lilith’s mind before. Her entire time in Sector Five she only ever thought about herself. Her babies were little more than currency from which she paid for her life. She never once thought of them as family, just another life for the Ark to do with as they pleased. Family was born from the time spent together and the unbreakable bond built between two people. That was the Ark way and the only way homunculi could ever attain a family. Lilith had no unbreakable bonds in her life. She had no family.

            Lilith broke contact between their eyes. “They’re not my babies, they’re your vessels. Their only purpose is to serve the Ark the same as me.”

            President Mercury laughed. “If all humans turned out like you and your brother we wouldn’t have a need to enslave humans anymore.”

            The word froze Lilith’s world. “My brother…?” Brother? I have no brothers. The life I had before was nothing but a lie.

            “Yes. The poster boy for the Reapers. Solius. I’m sure your remember his name.”

            The name opened a wound long since healed. “I have no brother…” she said quietly.

            The President was taken aback. “What ever do you mean?” he said sarcastically.

            “In the Ark, a family is born when one forms an unbreakable bond with another and uptakes their emblem. There is no one in this world whom I share that with,” Lilith explained.

            Mercury grinned, “You really are a peculiar human, just like your brother. But the world of humans is different from homunculi. Your family is determined by blood, not bonds and emblems.”

            “And what if it is? What would you have me do? Cry for my brother and beg to meet the family that wasn’t there for me the past ten years of my life. No one has helped me get where I am today except for myself. No one has cried for me each time I’ve been raped. I have no family!” Lilith quickly remembered whom she was speaking with. “I’m sorry, President. I got a little carried away.”

            Mercury continued smiling. “Don’t worry, we all lose sight of our place in the world when discussing touchy subjects.” He clapped his hands. “But enough with the melodramatics. That is not why I have come here today.” Here it comes. “Someone of significant importance has taken an interest in you. Someone with a lot of power and remarkable wealth. Be ready to leave to the Ark in an hour.”

            “The Ark!” Lilith gasped. All else in the world seemed meaningless. “But I’m a human.”

            “Seems more and more are finding a place in the Ark these days.”

            For some reason Lilith was thrilled to be visiting the Ark. She’d never held any love for the homunculi but their world always intrigued her, at least from the way Zinc described. The thoughts of skyscrapers and trains tingled her nerves with excitement. What w***e from Sector Five ever had the privilege of stepping foot in the Ark?

© 2012 Cynical_Art

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I like Lilith now! Lol when she was little I just thought she was dumb, but I like how the Ark has changed her. Topaz so far is cool. I can't wait to see how much all the other children have changed. Can't wait for more chapters.

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