Chapter 9

Chapter 9

A Chapter by Cynical_Art

Chapter 9



            Topaz was flipping from side to side on the bed anxiously, unable to sleep. Atom had offered her refuge until they decided on a game plan in their search for Adam and Eve. More than anything though, she wanted to tell Dustin all the good news. Solius and Lilith were alive and doing well. The news about Gem was disheartening, but considering he was expecting his whole family to be annihilated, the fact any were alive was a blessing.

            Topaz hugged the pillow and finally decided she wanted some fresh air. She got up from her bed, which she contemplated for a while because it was the most comfortable thing she had ever laid on. The room was a simple guest room. The room had a bed and a bathroom, with a large window facing the city. Topaz stepped out through the automated doors and started walking down the long dark hall. As she crossed another automated door into the central room of the floor she noticed two guards beside it. Security was never dull in the North Tower. Guards were stationed in front of every door in pairs with armed cameras located all over the vicinity.

            There was a large balcony at the end of the room. Topaz figured she probably shouldn’t leave the building and decided that was about as much fresh air as she was going to get. As she stepped into the balcony she ignored the guards stationed right at the door. The air was breezy and cool under the night sky. As she breathed in the fresh air she remembered that she wasn’t outside at all. The entire city was inside of a huge container that was the Ark. She wondered if the air was as artificial as the night sky.

            “A pretty girl like you shouldn’t wander around alone,” a familiar unpleasant sly voice called out.

            Topaz turned around and met Ash’s only visible blood-red eye. “I needed some fresh air,” she explained.

            “I see you’ve found it in yourself to finally trust us.”

            “No. I trust my brother. He wouldn’t send me to a place where I could be harmed.”

            Ash walked beside her and leaned against the balcony staring into the large city. “Brother, huh. I always wondered what it is about family that makes us closer than friends. It’s not like we’re related by blood like humans.”

            Topaz joined him in gazing at the blue city. “It’s the bond we make. That’s what makes us family.”

            “And what bond have you made with the family you haven’t met?”

            Topaz played with her fingers searching for an answer. “Unlike friends, we don’t choose our family. We just are.” She shut her eyes in shame of her weak argument.

            Ash grinned. “Funny, because homunculi buy their family.”

            Topaz took offense to the implication. “Well my family aren’t homunculi.”

            Ash leaned in staring deep into her blue eyes. “You’re right. Three are humans and two are messiahs. None of them are purchased, related by blood, and you only share a bond with one of them. So please humor me, how are they your family?”

            Topaz glared into his crimson eye before turning her back to him. Without as much as a word she marched to the other side of the balcony. She wanted to express her discomfort but truth was she just didn’t want to give him an answer. Not because of any sense of privacy but simply because truth was she had no answer and the last thing she wanted to do was admit that he was right. If he was right, then what was all this for?

            “You don’t have to put up a front with me. I’m not your brother,” enlightened Ash. “I know the only reason you want to find the rest of your so-called family is because of him. After all, how can you hold any real affection towards people you haven’t even met?”

            “Stop acting like you know me!” shouted Topaz. He was reading her better than she could read herself and she hated every second of it.

            “I can help you know them, if you want. Would you like me to show you your brother and sister?”

            Topaz turned around hesitantly. “How? I thought they were all beyond our reach right now.”

            Ash walked towards her and offered his hand. “I can’t show you Adam and Eve but I can show you Lilith and Solius. They are celebrities after all.”

            Topaz looked at his offering hand. It reminded her of when Atom reached out for her to hold his. What harm can it do? She placed her hand on his and let him guide her. He took her to the elevator into the eighty-seventh floor from the sixtieth. The elevator opened to a massive theater room. There were enough chairs for a stadium. He sat her somewhere around the middle and told her to wait. He left for a couple seconds and a large screen descended where the stage was located. In an instant the lights went off and the screen on.

            Topaz watched the screen go through a series of company and brand names. Sector Five, followed by Reproductive Division, then Glamour Idol. The image changed to what looked like dark strands of hair. As the image zoomed out, more and more luscious hair was exposed. Then the screen went dark and the words ‘MOST BEAUTIFUL HUMAN ON THE PLANET’ came up. When the screen faded in again it was zoomed inside of a dark pupil. As it zoomed out the creamy brown hazel iris was exposed. Then it cut to the image of glossy, smooth, thick, luscious lips with the hint of a smile at the corner. The screen went dark again and the words ‘MOTHER TO THE MOST BEAUTIFUL VESSELS THE ARK HAS EVER SEEN’ came up. The image cut to seven children progressively getting older, the oldest looking no older than seven. The children were all gorgeous, each unique in their own respect for the exception of two, which looked almost identical. All had a similar charm though. Just looking at them made you want to steal one for yourself. The screen went black once more and the words ‘THE GODDESS OF BEAUTY” popped up. When the screen faded in again it was to a beauty envied by all who gazed upon her. She was naked but gracefully covered in other ways so she wouldn’t expose anything that would be considered graphic. She was lying down with her leg hugging the other one while leaning on one elbow and the other placed gracefully on her waist while her silky strands of hair covered her n*****s. Her skin was flawless in the shimmering light and her face worthy of the title of goddess. Finally the name Lilith showed up on the screen. This is my sister.

            All sorts of feelings started gushing through Topaz. For some reason, she felt a connection with this projection of the woman Dustin called sister. She couldn’t sort out exactly what the feelings were but she couldn’t stop looking. She wanted to meet this woman and hug her and bring her back to her family where she belonged.

After a couple seconds the screen went entirely black and new words were popping up. ‘CREATED BY THE WOMAN WHO WAS ONCE PRESIDENT OF BOTH SECTOR THREE AND FOUR’, ‘JUSTICE WILL FINALLY BE SERVED’, ‘A NEW BREED OF HUMANS, ‘LOYAL TO OUR CAUSE’, ‘REAPERS.’ The image showed a human man with no limbs having arms and legs constructed on the spot. It never once showed the man’s face, and something about the construction seemed, not believable. It was probably special effects done for the commercial. After the arms and legs were constructed it cut to a close up of mechanical legs running at an amazing speed. The words ‘NOT RUNNING ON CRYSTAL FUEL’ came up. Then it showed the man in his entirety. He looked about average height, stern in a black suit. His hair dark, reminiscent of Lilith’s hair along with his hazel eyes. The features in his face were soft but weathered. The screen started cutting from scene to scene of the man doing various stunts and performances from target practice to jumping across buildings and giving out orders in flashy fashion with similar people executing them. Finally the words ‘THE DEATH GOD’, “SOLIUS THE REAPER’, ‘JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED’ presented itself gloriously.

The lights went on and Ash started clapping as he approached Topaz once more. “Quite the pillars in society wouldn’t you say? To be compared to gods. A power our people don’t even believe in,” said Ash. “It does have a nice ring to it though. Makes them seem…larger than life. Good for propaganda.”

            “Why?” Topaz asked.

            “Why what?”

            “Why glorify humans when they enslave them?”

            Ash pointed both hands at Topaz. “Because people invest in the things they like.” He sat next to her and stared at the now empty screen. “We may think little of humans but the truth is we need them. Without them our population would die out. But we need to protect ourselves from them at the same time. No one ever likes being on the s**t end of things but the sad reality of the matter is someone always has to be there.”

            Topaz hugged herself. “Is there no way for humans and homunculi to live together?” she asked.

            “There might be,” he said. “But it’ll take risking everything we have. Atom seeks to build a world where homunculi and humans can coexist but for that we need you and your family.”

            “Then use me. Do whatever you have to so that I can live together with my family in peace,” she urged.

            Ash hugged her close to him. “We intend to…”



            Atom gazed at the city lights. They looked like stars from the top of the North Tower only they were below him. He found it a fitting stature to his magnificence. Only a man of his grace deserved to stand above the stars. He was the sun and moon that watched the world. There was nothing he couldn’t see or control if he so desired it.

            He heard the doors to his office open and turned around. Ash entered with a grin on his face. “I see you’ve taken a rather peculiar interest to our little Topaz,” said Atom to remind Ash that he could never escape his gaze.

            “I wanted to know what kind of person she was. Young and naive is what she is. She’s already ours. We won’t need to do anything drastic,” informed Ash.

            “I knew that already. Her cooperation will come willingly. The unfortunate part is my fears were true.”

            “So my sister wasn’t bluffing? We’ll need her after all.”

            Atom nodded in disappointment. “Yes. But we will have to work with what we have. It seems we’re not the only ones planning big things.”

            “The assassination of the Bishop’s daughter. Who do you think was behind it?” asked Ash.

            “Someone outside of my light and shadow. Everyone is pointing fingers to the Red Eclipse. It’ll be hard to move around now that the Imperator is cautious. We may need to settle with half the support we originally intended and hope to get the other half along the way.”

            “What will you have me do?”

            “I want you to travel with Topaz and Dustin in their search for Adam and Eve. When you pass by Sector Five talk to your sister. Do whatever you must to convince her to give us the formula now. Don’t let Dustin and Topaz know you’re doing this though. The last thing I need is emotions complicating things.”

            “Why not just tell them the truth?” suggested Ash. “They would cooperate much easier if we did. Supporting us is in their best interest. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

            “I can’t trust your sister anymore. She already betrayed me once,” Atom reminded. “Until I have what I want this time, she will remain a corpse.”

            Ash nodded glumly. “I understand, my Red Moon.”

            Ash turned to leave. “One more thing!” shouted Atom. “Don’t get too close to the girl. If your sister refuses to cooperate we may just have to take her apart.”

            “As you wish…”

© 2012 Cynical_Art

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