A Poem by Gomer LePoet

suffer the consequences of angering a woman



it's been another bad day I'm shakin like a leaf

my house collapsed and I'm looking for relief

the walls rumbled and rattled until it finally fell

I can still see the flames like I'm livin in hell

yes I told my woman I think I needed a break

thought she'd understand boy what a mistake

she seemed bored with me more than I with her

but when I made this comment I could see her fur

the hair bristled up on the back of her neck

her eyes fired daggers so I hit the deck

I bobbed and I weaved dodging her slurs

I could feel my shorts being filled with burrs

seems it's ok for the woman to be restless and bored

but you better not say this to her or you'll get gored

with those barbed missles attached to her tongue

you'll be picking thorns out of you bung

yes the walls shook loudly from the aftershock

I think this is gonna cost me my head's on the block

I begged for forgiveness but it was to no avail

I handed her the hammer and a 2 penny nail

so I've been kissin her butt now for over a week

still lookin for a paddle to get out of s**t creek

bought her a nice big diamond to ease my pain

it didn't work still carying the ball and chain

so I shake my head and wonder why I'm so dumb

as I sit in the corner sucking on my thumb

don't stir the pot leave the lid on the crock

or you better be prepared for the aftershock

Gomer LePoet...

© 2011 Gomer LePoet

Author's Note

Gomer LePoet
This is the 4th piece in a collection of concepts provided by virtuoso guitarist Steve Morse of the Steve Morse Band, Dixie Dreggs, Kansas. The title is one of his songs, but the words are my interpetation of that conceptual title.

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I like this poem. I received many aftershocks in my time. Today I'm wise. I say only good things. I'm too fat for the doghouse. A very good story. Us marry men know the fury of a woman. A outstanding poem.

Posted 10 Years Ago

It was humorous and had me cracking.
With a very easy flow of words, this is a good one.

Posted 10 Years Ago

I was just thinking this would make good lyrics as well as poetry.
I liked that this was entertaining and did not have any assaults, restraining orders,
death curses, or pornography.
Nice job, Gomer.
( I have to laugh when I say that....
I used to be a boss in the Sawmills, and whenever there was a guy who couldn't get the knack of what he was doing, and ultimately stopped production or created some kind of material catastrophe,
I would use those

Posted 10 Years Ago

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your on a role, this is great
What imagination, and the discriptions, wow
Im seeing it now running through my head. lol
Thanks for sharing, lub it

Posted 10 Years Ago

..don't stir the pot leave the lid on the crock
or you better be prepared for the aftershock .. lol loved it very funny

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on January 12, 2011
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Gomer LePoet
Gomer LePoet

Tampa, FL

I am a former IT Manager/Consultant working for many Fortune 500 companies, mainly in the Banking, Telecommunications industry. I am also a part time musician, playing guitars and keyboards and writ.. more..


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