Because I now know

Because I now know

A Story by Gone

She takes his hand in hers, his hands are cold and skinny, compared to hers. His nails are nicely shaped and clean while hers have dirt smudges at the ends, but she smiles.

Because I now know

He’s never been in love but he’s heard it’s painful, beautiful, and above all, the best feeling ever. He knows that love is different from simple crushes, he’s had crushes before, but they’ve never made him felt this way. To where his stomach bubbles up, his heart feels like it’s suffocating, and he’s stuttering words he’s always been so wise with.

This feeling is right, he thinks.

“Rima,” she says, smiling at him in her white sundress, twirling bare-footed on the soft green grass. Her hair is brown, softly curled at the ends, and her eyes are shaped like crescent moons when she smiles widely. Her skin is fair, and he notices when he actually wears his glasses, that she has dimples.

“I’m Lee Kyung,” he tells her with a straight face, clearly not amused. He’s always been this way as far as he can remember, small and fragile for a boy, delicately pretty like many had told him.

“Okay,” she replies back before grabbing his hand in a tight grip, and his hand is barely bigger than hers, but somehow, the feeling is kind of right. If he thinks about it, it fits.

She runs and runs, still gripping onto him and he’s glad that he’s wearing his sneakers.

When he’s home, on his bed, he spends the night thinking of Rima Rima Rima Rima Rima until he falls asleep.

His reflection is cold, he knows when he wakes up to brush his teeth, what he sees is pale, pale skin and dark eyes. He is stick thin, barely any muscles, and his face is sharp and androgynous.

He decides to cut his hair later before he sees Rima on their date at the park.

Kyung tells himself that it’s because his mother nagged about him and his too long hair, and that since it’s summer, it’s a great time for a hair cut.

And then she says it.

“I think I love you,” she tells him with a straight face and Kyung decides not to tell her that she has a smudge of dirt on her cheek. Instead he opens his mouth and instead, nothing comes out.

She continues, hands on his shoulders, and Kyung realizes that he’s merely two inches taller than her.

“I really, really like you that it becomes love. I don’t know why, exactly, but maybe it’s because it just feels right.” She says, a bit confused at her own words.

“Okay,” Kyung says before closing his eyes and throwing her hands off his shoulders. Okay.

“Oh,” she whispers to herself, “oh.”

This must be the feeling of rejection.

She can already feel the tears stream down her cheeks and she thinks ugly ugly ugly because Kyung is beautiful with his thin frame, piano fingers, long lashes over and under dark eyes, and pretty hair. She knows she is not perfect or gorgeous like him and that he doesn’t need a person like her in his life. But she tries and tries, because Kyung is just Kyung. Wonderful, beautiful, lovely, kind, blunt, adorable Kyung, she just loves him. I think.

Kyung feels a bit stiff but he wraps his too thin arms around her and pulls her close, and he tells her very softly, that the world cannot hear, he tells her that, “I just might love you, too.”

It's near fall when she watches Kyung’s pretty, long, piano fingers tap against the keys. He uses these fingers to make something wonderful, he uses his eyes to read the music notes that she cannot understand, and he uses his voice to sing. His voice is gorgeous, not exactly deep as it’s supposed to be, but it’s oddly suave and charming. It’s perfect because he’s perfect, she knows.

She decides to show him her secret hideout. No one but us.

“Why are we out here,” He says, eyebrow raised, “at night. In the woods, where it’s really, really creepy?”

She tugs on his wrist.

“I’m going to show you my hideout.”

Kyung blinks.

“Right,” he sighs, “okay, I guess we can go into the woods.”

At night, he tells himself. In the dark.

They’re later surrounded by trees, and Kyung wonders if they’re lost but then she stops.

Kyung stares before asking.


She grins sheepishly and points up towards the night sky, and Kyung looks up.

“Oh,” he is breathless. “Oh.”

The stars fill the sky, reflecting onto the world, wonderful and enchanting, and Kyung’s pretty sure he’s never seen anything like this unless it involved the internet. She tugs on him again and he finds himself laying on the ground with her, dirt and all.

Ew, he thinks, but okay, if it’s for her, okay.

“Tell me your first impression of me when you saw me,” she murmurs, looking up, and Kyung can see her face clearly from the light reflecting from the moon.

There’s a cookie crumb on her cheek, he notices.

“Well,” he starts, “I thought you were really girly because you wore a dress?”

She snorts at him, “That’s not a compliment, it’s just an indirect insult.”

He frowns at her.

“What’s your first impression of me, then?” He asks, sitting up and running his fingers through his hair, trying to feel around to see if any dirt had found it’s way there.

She grins, “I thought of you like you were a doll.”

“A doll?” He questions, confused. But I'm a boy?

“Well, yeah.”

“How so?”

“Uhm, you’re like, really pale and skinny. I mean, your figure is kind of like a model’s. You smell nice too, like lavender or something flowery,” she explains with exaggerating hand motions, “and you’re always so perfect. You play the piano, sing, look pretty, and you’re small.” Did I mention perfect?

“You’re smaller than me,” he shoots back, “and I’m not perfect. Sometimes I miss the keys and my voice cracks at parts, and I’m a walking stick man with barely any muscles, and I doubt pretty is a compliment for a man.” I'm twenty-one, remember? Pretty isn't in a dictionary to describe men.

“You’re so stupid,” she shoots back. “I’m complimenting you and you’re insulting yourself.”

“Maybe I’m just like that? I think you’re gorgeous.” He says with a straight expression.

“You’re still stupid.”

“So I am, but you think you love me for it.”

She takes his hand in hers, his hands are cold and skinny, compared to hers. His nails are nicely shaped and clean while hers have dirt smudges at the ends, but she smiles, anyways.

“I don’t have to think,” she says, pressing her lips against his. “I already know.”

It's a bit cold, but it feels just right.

Her lips are slightly chapped and a bit too dry, but he smiles against the kiss.

“What if I know so too?” He whispers, “what if I just love you.”

“Then it’s perfect.”

© 2010 Gone

Author's Note

Short, one-shot. I am somewhat proud of myself?

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Waaa Ren!! Beautiful~! I love the ending *-*

Posted 10 Years Ago

this is very cute in a flashy way. The fact that we only know one small part of these people's lives together sort of makes it more special that we're reading it...

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Winder, GA

I'm thirteen years old, still struggling with writing and what not, but I love it. I usually spend my time thinking about story plots that involve K-pop idols, and no, they're not stories that involve.. more..

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